Best Sales Automation Tools in 2023 to Fasttrack Your Sales

We’ve been tirelessly figuring out the best tools for a completely automated sales workflow. There are thousands of tools claiming to be the best – so we tried and tested the best sales automation tools for all kinds of businesses. 

In this blog post, we bring you the best sales automation tools with detailed reviews. Stick to the end to learn how you can automate your sales flow and generate maximum revenue to your organization. 

Let’s get started. 

What Does Sales Automation Mean in 2023? 

Sales automation is the process of using software and tools to eliminate redundant, predictive, and manual tasks and automate them to streamline your workflow so your sales team can focus on building meaningful relationships with customers and closing more sales.

Earlier, sales tools used to perform only tedious, repetitive tasks such as scheduling meetings, lead follow ups, and contact management. But with the advent of AI-powered sales automation platforms, you can: 

  • Research outbound and inbound leads
  • Nurture leads and follow-ups
  • Team management
  • Schedule meetings
  • Train sales reps
  • Access sales metrics

Why Do You Need Sales Automation Platforms? 

The answer is quite simple: any business that sells any product/service requires a sales automation tool. These tools have become indispensable like phones and calendars for all kinds of businesses. 

To thrive in the competitive market and fast-paced economy, sales leaders, B2B marketers, and digital marketers need the finest sales tools that align the workflow of your pre-existing tools, sales representatives, and team efforts. 

Benefits of Sales Automation Tools

  • Sales automation tools give you deeper insights and personalized data of your prospective clients so you can create well-crafted sales strategies to improve your sales team’s performance. 
  • These tools streamline all your sales efforts so there’s more efficiency in the sales pipeline. 
  • You can get back to your client with automated follow ups and tailored answers to their queries in no time, making the sales process easier and faster. 
  • With the redundant works automated, sales reps can focus on selling and increasing revenue for their organizations.
  • You can access accurate and on-time sales data and your sales team's performance. It will help you create even better sales strategies in future. 

Drawbacks of Sales Automation Tools

Use of technological tools is welcome (rather inevitable) in a modern-day business. But when it comes to clients they prefer human connection over everything in their journey through the efficient sales cycle. 

If your clients feel like being targeted by automated sales bots, they will lose interest and it will hurt your brand’s goodwill. 

For example, a poorly personalized automated email campaign can do more harm than good for your business. In worst case scenarios, these things can lead you to get marked as spam and drastically reduce your credibility. 

Also, sales reps require a considerable amount of time to understand and get used to the tools they are using. It slows down the entire sales flow. 

Blend of Human-Expertise and Automation

The secret to a strong,responsive, and successful sales team is the perfect blend of automation sales tools and human talent. Hiring tech-savvy and well-trained sales reps for client interaction and implementing the right tools to automate manual tasks can help your business reach a new height. 

These tools are designed to improve the capabilities of sales reps and sales effectiveness. 

For example, you can derive prospect data from your email marketing tool but add a personal touch on your cold emails and automate follow-ups to generate maximum responses in a lower response time. 

What Should You Expect from Your Sales Automation Tool? 

Since there are a plethora of sales automation tools out there, it’s hard (and confusing) to choose the right tool for your business. Here are the things you should expect from your sales automation technology:

  • Streamlined workflow so you can focus on high-impact tasks.
  • Consistent customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent lead nurturing for more conversions. 
  • Centralized database
  • Predictive analytic and on-time data
  • Increased meeting bookings
  • All-in-one dashboard/plugin for easy data access
  • Faster deal closing with reduced email response time

Best Sales Automation Tools in 2023 to Fasttrack Your Sales 

CRM Tools

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is the most essential sales tool and one of the fundamentals of sales automation for businesses. A solid, all-inclusive sales CRM tool can organize all your sales efforts in one dashboard and helps you manage and track everything from one place. 

Although the primary task of a CRM tool is to manage and keep track of data and sales status, the right tool can do wonders for your business with smart automation. 

1. HubSpot

The industry-leader for more than two decades, HubSpot has got it all figured out. Besides sales automation, HubSpot offers Marketing Hub and CMS Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub - all in one place.

You can sync customer/prospect data, log activity, and manage sales pipeline from its easy-to-use dashboard. Moreover, it offers a custom workflow solution for your existing sales stack and streamlines other default activities. 

HubSpot is suitable for businesses looking for all-in-one sales and marketing automation software. Its wide range of pricing plans start at $450 per 5-user per month, which makes it an affordable solution for small and medium scale businesses.  

2. Zoho CRM

Offering a 360°-customer relationship management and sales lifecycle management tool, Zoho CRM is one of the best and inexpensive CRM tools for big corporations and SMBs. 

In its integrated dashboard, you get fully-automated contact management, AI-powered conversation assistance, sales funnel, workflow management, inventory management, and a few other administrative tasks.  

Zoho CRM tool is capable of the most popular integration (500+) so you can connect all your pre-existing sales and marketing tools to it. It also offers a free edition so you can check if it suits your business needs. 

With Zoho CRM tool, you can reach your leads faster, close more deals with a clear visibility of your clients’ journey through the sales funnel. 

3. EngageBay

EngageBay is another excellent customer relationship management tool that offers complete sales automation for SMBs and B2B businesses. It helps you nurture leads so you can build trust and maintain regular communication with your prospective clients and collaborations between employees.  

You can streamline inbound and outbound lead generation and the entire follow-up process with complete transparency.

EngageBay is especially effective for businesses in a very competitive market with very limited resources. 

This sales and marketing CRM tool helps you target website visitors, capture leads, and nurture them to turn into long term customers. 

4. Pipedrive

Much like HubSpot and Zoho CRM, Pipedrive offers unnumbered useful tool integrations so you can connect all your pre-existing tools to automate the sales workflow. Pipedrive helps you automate the sales follow-ups, and nurture acquired leads. 

It can create a new deal automatically whenever a new contact is added to the sales pipeline. You can create and send personalized emails based on prospect data available on the same dashboard. 

Pipedrive allows sales professionals to focus on communicating with clients and selling by automating their mundane day-to-day job and repetitive activities. 

Data Prospecting Tools

Even if you have an excellent CRM tool, data prospecting is the key to your success. As personalization is the key to selling, companies during prospecting need a solid data tool to fuel their strategy with valid prospect data. 

Here are the best tools for prospecting data in 2023: 

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the most reliable sales data prospecting tools, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers you relevant leads and customer data for data prospecting. The feature that makes it stand apart from its competitors is InMail. 

Using this, you can send emails to your potential customers directly from LinkedIn. Moreover, it automatically saves all your researched data in the integrated CRM. 

In short, as LinkedIn is majorly a social media platform for professionals, the InMail feature turns the entire platform into a full-fledged sales tool. 

7. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is praised by markets and sales reps from all over the world for its extensive B2B database of prospective clients, including their email address and LinkedIn data. ZoomInfo offers conversion intelligence so you can close deals faster. 

It also offers insight-driven phone call and email automation that helps you reach a wider audience in no time. This amazing data prospecting tool claims to 5x your employee productivity and 3x demos/meetings scheduled. 

However, ZoomInfo is relatively costier than its competitors, so it might not be a good choice for businesses with a small budget. But if cold calling is an important part of your sales process, thai tool is the right one for you. 

8. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a search engine for qualified leads. ‘Fuzebot’ - the web crawler variant of LeadFuze searches for new leads everyday, verifies them, and presents them to you. 

You can customize your search with different criterias such as company name, industry, job title, etc. 

Not only email addresses, but LeadFuze also reveals their phone numbers, social media profiles, and LinkedIn ids so you can reach them on a more personal level. 

Email Finder Tools

Manual prospect research might be good for local businesses and SMBs. And there’s no doubt that this method will give you the most relevant and accurate data, but this method is not viable for big organizations. 

It will take up most of your time and slow down the sales process. That’s why a reliable email finder is what you need to fasttrack the entire sales flow.  

9. Hunter

With a 4.5 star out of 5 in G2, Hunter stands out from any other email finder platforms. Hunter stands out from other platforms with its company specific (domain based) email address search.

 So, even if you can’t find a specific email, you can take a wild guess from the common pattern of the company’s other email addresses. 

For example, if the email addresses are written like ‘first name.last name@domain’ and you are searching for the email address for Steve Martin from, it might be 

Hunter offers 25 searches per month for free and it also offers various paid plans based on your search numbers. 

10. ContactOut

ContactOut offers a Google Extension to reveal contact details of your prospect. You will get the email address of your prospect right on their LinkedIn profile. 

Unlike Hunter and other email finder tools, ContactOut offers personal email address, phone number, and their social media accounts. This feature makes it a must have for HR and PR agencies and recruiters.
ContactOut claims to have 75% of the Western business world’s  email ids. So if your target audience is from that part of the world, this tool is a must have in your sales automation workflow. 

11. Snov

Snov, another amazing email finder tool, claims to have found 500 Million valid email addresses for their clients. With Snov, you can find email addresses based on domain names and company names. 

Even if you don’t know your prospect’s company, you can search by names to find the right email address. Another great thing about Snov is that it offers Boolean search and filters besides searching based upon location, position, and skills. 

Data Verification and Enrichment Tools

For obvious reasons, you need to verify your prospect data dn email addresses before launching any email marketing campaigns. This will reduce your bounce rates, improve email deliverability rates, and increase percentage of sales. 

Information holds the real power in sales and that’s why it is very important to verify your information and make it stronger.

12. ZeroBounce

One of the best email address verification tools, ZeroBounce, verifies email addresses to weed out fake, dormant, and personal email addresses. It helps you reach the right audience. 

All you need to do is upload your bulk email address list and integrate the tool with your pre-existing CRM to only genre valid email addresses. It also helps you identify active subscribers. 

13. PredictLeads

PredictLeads is one of the best potential lead finder tools. This software searches through websites, job postings, news articles, blog articles, and social media platforms to generate relevant and timely insights of your prospective clients. 

Its in-house data verification team and the artificial intelligence tool distills information to bring out only reliable information, which is beneficial for B2B businesses. 

14. ClearoutPhone

If your business heavily relies on cold calling and phone call outreach, then this tool is a must have in your sales workflow.

ClearoutPhone is a mobile number verification tool that improves any sales teams’ productivity by removing invalid contacts from lead lists. You can integrate it with HubSpot CRM to authenticate auto dialers and SMS messaging and it offers private messaging features. 

Sales Engagement Tools

Now that you have gathered useful data of your prospects, the sales process now begins. You will now need software that will help you reach out to your prospects. This can be done easily with a reliable sales engagement tool. 

15. Smartlead

When it comes to sales engagement tools, Smartlead stands out from the crowd. Recently ranked as the best performer in 2023 in G2’s ranking, Smartlead ensures your emails always land on your prospects’ inboxes with unlimited email warmups and unlimited sender accounts. 

It also offers auto-rotating email accounts that improve deliverability rates and sender reputation. You can ensure your emails land in prospects’ primary inboxes with high-delivery IP addresses.

Set up custom conditional email triggers to send automated follow-up messages and personalize your emails to scale. Moreover, you get a master inbox for all your email addresses with a 360 view of all your customer messages. 

Besides booking meetings with clients, you can automate retweets and send connection requests on LinkedIn. Smartlead is undoubtedly the best sales engagement cold emailing tool for SMBs and corporations. 

16. is another excellent web-based sales force engagement software. It's made to ease the challenges sales reps face everyday. 

Much like Smartlead, it offers custom email signatures. You can send automated follow-ups, call, create tasks for your team, and send personal emails. 

The best thing about is that it offers entire email outreach automation. Moreover, you will get multiple sales channels which allows you to access phone calls, social media platforms, send SMS, and even access WhatsApp. 

Plus, you get a wide range of tool integration so you can focus on selling rather than doing layman tasks. 

17. HubSpot Sales Hub

With its wide range of pricing models and free trial, HubSpot Sales Hub is an excellent sales engagement tool for both local & small businesses and big corporations. 

The best thing is that you can integrate your HubSpot CRM tool with the Sales Hub to automate your entire sales flow. 

It offers pre-saved email templates so you can personalize to scale your business. Besides that, this tool offers email tracking, call tracking, conversation intelligence, accurate sales forecast, and data management. 

You can automate the entire sales process with this tool and sales reps can focus on closing more deals. 

Sales Calling Tools

Sales calling is an integral part of the sales process. Especially if you are in consulting and finance, it's important to call your prospects from time to time to make sales. Calling each prospect individually is a lot of work. That’s why sales teams integrate sales calling tools in their workflow to improve sales call performance and offer customer satisfaction. 

18. JustCall

This platform is by far the best sales calling tool for B2B and B2C businesses. It is capable of running cold calling campaigns and sending bulk SMS. 

JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that offers numerous (more than 100) useful app integrations. The best thing is that you can integrate it with your pre-existing CRM software. 

This tool automatically logs your call records and offers an AI-powered calling intelligence, called JustCall IQ to offer you and your prospects a seamless calling support. 

19. Aircall

Businesses that heavily rely on phone calls as part of their sales funnel, Aircall is the perfect  solution for them. This VoIP calling system, along with its dialer function, is available in 100+ countries and it is capable of making local calls.

The most amazing thing about Aircall is that it offers a Call Whispering feature and activity logging, which lets sales leaders listen  to the calls silently and offer necessary feedback to their sales staff.

You can easily integrate this platform with your RM platform and it automatically saves all the calls for quality and research purposes. 

On that note, video conferencing tools are essential to turn leads into customers, especially for product demo calls and account-based sales. Some of the best video conferencing tools are Zoom, Google Meet, Jiminny, and Skype.

Lead Nurturing Tools

Even successfully generated inbound leads can go off without proper nurturing. That’s why lead nurturing tools or email marketing tools are very important for businesses of all sizes. 

20. Smartlead

Smartlead stands out from its competitors with its powerful email warmups and personalization features. You can auto rotate your email messages to maintain a healthy email sender reputation. 

Other than that, it offers you a high deliverability IP address, so you can ensure landing in your prospects’ inboxes. Lead nurturing is easier with Smartlead with its custom conditional email sending triggers. 

This feature ensures you never miss a lead and maintain healthy communication with your prospecting leads to increase the chances of conversions. 

Moreover, its 360-rotational email inbox & master mailbox, AI personalization, and timely follow-ups 8x the chances of booking successful meetings. 

21. GetResponse

Not only lead nurturing, GetResponse offers a complete suite of inbound marketing tools. You can personalize customer journeys at scale. This email marketing automation tool streamlines lead generation and lead nurturing with its pre-saved templates

You can drive organic traffic to your website and landing pages with effective lead magnets and highly-personalized email campaigns. This platform also offers on-time and prediction-based campaign analytics.

Email Content Generation Tools

Manually written emails are highly personalized but take up a lot of time. Most sales and marketing teams spend a significant time writing emails. But it's not viable for email marketing campaigns – as you can’t test email open rates, click-through rates, reply rates, and conversion rates

That’s where dynamic content generation tools come handy. 

22. Smartwriter

You must be tired of coming up with personalized and interesting email first lines. Thanks to Smartwriter’s artificial intelligence-powered email writing tool, you can generate hundreds of personalized email opening lines in no time. 

Besides personalized first lines, Smart writer offers LinkedIn personalization, backlink personalization, and helps you create contextual pitches and dynamic content. It also lets you generate personalized icebreakers for cold email campaigns. 

You can automate hours of manual research and send highly personalized cold emails to improve email reply rates

23. Drip Scripts

If AI-written emails aren’t your thing, you should definitely try Drip Scripts. You get to choose from thousands of pre-saved email templates and personalize them with prospect data. 

Once you choose a template, this platform sends you a zip file containing the whole email sequence. 

This platform is easy-to-use and free. You can integrate it with your existing email marketing tools and CRM platform. 

Social Selling Tools

Sales automation is incomplete without an efficient social selling tool. With the rise and dependance on social media platforms, it is undeniably one of the most important channels for businesses to focus on. 

24. Mention

Your business’s success directly depends on your image on social media. Although you can’t control people’s opinions, you can surely engage in the conversation to offer support. 

Mention monitors any conversation about your business on various social media platforms and makes you aware of it. 

25. TexAu

TextAu lets you build a sales automation workflow through various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. From data collection to automated prospect engagement, TextAu can help you reach out to a wider range of potential clients with maintaining relevance of content.  

Sales Productivity Tools

Sales representatives spend only 35% of their time selling on an average workday. The rest of their time is wasted on paperwork and repetitive tasks. Sales productivity tools help sales reps automate the entire workflow so they can actually focus on selling. 

26. Ambition

In the uprising of remote work all over the world, Ambition seems to be a great addition to any sales team. You can generate real-time employee data, track, benchmark, and broadcast employee engagement. 

You can also set and monitor KPIs and their likelihood of success through every sales funnel. This tool can be a great addition to virtual companies and organizations that want to increase their sales teams’ performance. 

27. Zapier

The simplest sales productivity tool, Zapier, is a bridge between all your sales software. Boasting over 3000 integrations, you can set up any task easily. You can also add contacts from your lead lists and track your sales team’s performance. 


Well, we’ve reached the end. This is our handpicked list of best sales automation tools in 2023. 

If you are still unsure about where to start or which tool to pick, I’d suggest you go for any of these tools from various categories and give them a go. 

Most of these tools have free trials. So, if the tool works out for you, then great. Otherwise, pick a different one that streamlines with your default sales framework and sales performance management tasks to run a successful sales organization. 

No matter which tool you use, the success of your sales team depends on sales strategies, proper coordination between tools and sales representatives (workplace chat applications), consistency in persuasion, and of course, customer satisfaction. 

That's it for today, see you next time! 

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