SmartLead vs Outreach io

Firstly, our credits to Outreach io, who've put in a commendable effort. However, if you want all your emails to land in prospects' inboxes, read through our Outreach io review & claim free trial credits.
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Selecting an effective lead marketing platform for the business can be the wisest solution to increase your reach. However, there are many platforms available in the market providing different solutions. and are top-rated lead marketing platforms that promise business growth. 

Let's look at the differences between and so it becomes easier for you to select between them.

Send emails that get attention with Smartlead

Only potential cold emails will get the client's attention to your business. is a lead management company that allows you to generate intelligent and engaging cold emails.
Scale with unlimited email accounts and warmups without paying per account. And never miss a lead using the unified inbox. The product helps you scale without hurting your email sender's reputation and pocket.

Pipeline generation and sales execution using Outreach

The primary objective of the platform is to fill the sales execution gap and generate revenue. To promote business and profit generation, the organization should work on improving sales execution. It can be achieved using state-of-the-art technology. not only helps the business recognize its sales potential but also allows it to achieve them. The platform develops actionable leads to drive sales. Detailed Insights:

1.       Unlimited email rotation: You can send 10,000 emails without worrying about the limit. Also, there is no extra charge per account. So, the task of sending out bulk emails is convenient with

2.       Manages Email Campaign: is equipped with a campaign management tool to optimize the reach and create successful outcomes. While creating cold emails, it is necessary that your email looks insightful and contains valuable information. 

You get insights on enhancing the structure of cold emails with powerful strategies. Send bulk emails to the clients using the email campaign manager. In addition to analyzing performance, the tool provides real-time data.

3.       Unlimited email warmup: To grab the client's attention to your cold emails, leads should land at the top of the inbox. increases deliverability and ensures that your emails are seen at the top of your client's inboxes.

4. Personalization: Personalize the emails and select whether to use merge tags or CSV imports. Detailed Insights:

1.       Pipeline generation:  An impactful email can help you build and expand relationships with your clients. enables faster reach and converts your leads into customers.

2.       Deals management: Sellers can engage their buyers with reliable sales execution. Manage the complete sales cycle at

3. Revenue forecasting: Outreach predicts the outcomes of the models you present to clients. Therefore, it demonstrates the tactics that can help you win clients.

Detailed pricing comparison:

Smartlead ai

  • The basic plan costs around $29 per month. 
  • The popular plan runs $49 per month.
  • The Pro plan is an update of the basic and popular plan and costs $94 monthly.
  • Free trial available.

Outreach io

  • 20 seats cost around $130 per month, and users need to sign an annual agreement. The pricing also varies depending on requirements from $1,000 to $8,000.
  • Free trial is not available. 

Why do people consistently choose SmartLead?

Due diligence is critical before investing into an AI cold email, so we've done the research & collected feedback comparing all the good and bad of Outreach io.



Outreach io

Unlimited rotating emails

Outreach allows you to send 5000 emails

No extra cost per account


Unlimited email warm-up accounts


Reply handle from master inbox


AB testing


Full API Access

Agency View & White labeling


Inbuilt CRM

Tracks complete lifecycle of leads


Improve the deliverability

Makes emails look more informative

Multi-channel outreach

Email deliverability insights

Track the complete lifecycle of leads

Images in HTML


Bounce detection


Rich text editor

Email writing assistant

Spam checker

Unsubscribe links


Domain tracking

Send Fresh Ip's


Personalize merge tags and CSV

Opens and link track

Email Verification & Sender Reputation


Sales engagement

Engages the clients with your content


Share data with favorite apps



Webhooks for real-time campaign

Add leads to the existing campaigns

Adding teams

Global blocklist

Eliminates the waste emails


Landing pages and video prospecting

Audience segmentation


Individual Data Research

We'll find Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Medium blogs and 42 more data sources to create wallet opening intro lines.

LinkedIn Personalization

Only product in the market to find recent activity, commonality with leads, and generate >25 first lines.

Deep Researched Emails

We use your prospects' case studies, awards, news articles or blogs to eye grabbing emails.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, Smartlead allows unlimited email rotation, customized CRM options, email warmups, email campaign management, and Spintax at affordable pricing. No need to pay separately for each account as you can link multiple accounts. Smartlead AI predicts sales and bets on strategies to increase sales. On the other hand, Outreach forecasts revenue and effective lead generation. 

Lead marketing through emails is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing today. Every business should invest resources, money, and time into it. can help you grow your business and establish a reputation with your emails.

General Questions

Do I have to pay per email account?

No, you get access to unlimited email accounts and warmup accounts without having to pay per account. This will let you scale your email outbound and without paying a penny more.

How does email rotation work?

If you upload 1000 leads to a campaign and select 10 email accounts, our system smart allocates those leads across all the accounts using each email accounts reputation - optimising you for high deliverability.

How is your mail warm different from all the others out there?

Our pool is very wide from 16 year old emails to 2 year old spanning Outlook, Zoho, Gmail, Yahoo and more.

In addition your emails have spam rescue automatically enabled, this will manually remove an email, and mark it as important - signalling email providers that your account is valid.

How long do I warm up my account?

Our general recommendation is a 2 week long warm up cycle with ramp up turned on for new accounts. After which you should see your account doing well and achieving good deliverability.


What is the difference between a lead & email credit?

A lead credit refers to a unique email address (or lead) uploaded to your account.

An email credit refers to an email sent out using SmartLead across any campaign in your account.

Do the credits refresh every month?

Yes email credits are refreshed every month.

Lead credits represent total active leads in your account. If you delete a lead, it is added back to your credits.

For e.g, you can run a campaign with 10k leads and 2 email sequence for 1 week.

At the end of the week, you will have spent:
- 10k lead credits
- 20k email credits

However, if you delete the campaign, you will get back 10k lead credits.

Making the lead credits "recyclable"

Billing Questions

Can I top up my credits?

You can upgrade your plan at any time and you'll be charged only the pro-rated

If I upgrade my plan am I charged the full amount or the difference?

You are charged the difference.