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    Social Media Efficiency Boost

    Improve your research efficiency using Social Media automation.

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    Auto-Scale Omni-Channel Campaigns

    Scale safely by auto-rotating multiple Social accounts per campaign.

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    Pipeline Management

    Manage your entire revenue pipeline within Smartlead from lead to deal.

Smartlead has added immense value to our business by prioritizing email deliverability and customer needs. I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

Lucas Maliczak
Outbound Lead & Partner at Peakora

Streamline Your Recruitment Workflow with Smartlead's AI-powered Solutions

Automate and streamline your recruitment process with Smartlead's powerful AI-powered tools. Scale your outreach, manage all customer intents, & track data for better conversions - all from one centralised platform.

Scale Your Outreach Using Multiple Social Media Accounts in 1 Campaign

Connect a limitless number of Social Media accounts to each campaign & safely scale your outreach to 1000s of leads.

  • Manage all your accounts in one single platform.
  • Auto-rotate through the Social accounts per campaign.
  • Reply to all your connects from one master inbox.
  • No hacks needed to defeat Automation limits.

Intelligently React To Your Leads Behaviour With Different Flows

Automatically send leads through different paths based on their behavior using subsequences.

  • Create smart follow-up reminders so you never miss a lead.
  • Build follow-up sequences based on lead behavior &automate your outreach.
  • Listen and react to your lead's replies automatically.
  • Build sequences to auto-handle any lead response.

Track & Reply To Everything From A Master Inbox

Never miss a lead and stop worrying about managing 20+ mailboxes, instead reply to all your leads from one master inbox.

  • Focus on closing deals instead of logging into different mailboxes to search for replies.
  • One central place to manage and reply to all your leads.
  • Get a 360 view of all your customer messages so you always maintain context.

Track Relevant Data And Improve Conversions

Measure what works and easily doubledown on the best email sequence.

  • Find out which A/B test or sequence yields the best results.
  • Track open, reply and click-through email rates.
  • Access in-depth analytics to focus on profitable niches and improve messaging.

Manage All Your Customer Intents With Categories

Categorize and manage all your leads using AI or manually. Create custom categories too.

  • Never miss revenue with automatic Out Of Office re-engagement.
  • Push leads to subsequences in 1 click.
  • Resume leads, add them to your global block list, change categories all in 1 place

Customer Success Stories

Discover real-world examples of how Smartlead helped businesses like yours.


Smartlead has been extremely helpful with seamlessly onboarding clients, warming up their accounts, and prepping campaigns to send at high volumes while maintaining high deliverability. There are multiple features that allow me to track performance over time and understand when it is time for me to make adjustments, and Vaibhav is constantly making improvements/upgrades to the platform which gives me all the more faith in the future of this great tool.

Dino Knezovic

Founder, Office Optim


The best outbound email marketing software. Customer support - they are so responsive and helpful Features - you can add multiple email domains to the same account.

Bojan Najdov



Intuitive. Game-Changing. POWERFUL. Analytics, spintax, A/B testing, quick personalization. This is a game changer if you send cold email. Grateful to this team for building a product that has changed our day to day. 🚀

David Borman

Senior Account Executive, Key Outreach


Hands down the best cold email software. Smartlead is amazing, this is the best tool if you want to cold email at scale and land in the inbox. The team is super responsive with great support. While there is a learning curve to cold email, they really built a great foundation to make it as simple as possible. I am sending over 2k emails a day!!! absolute game changer for my business.

Eden Einav

Account Executive, B.I.G. Charity Law Group Professional Corporation


Innovative, reliable, and Suitable For Technical and Non-Technical Users. SmartLead's ability to help me land in the primary inbox and automate the laborious parts of my workflow is brilliant. The customer support is incredibly good, I've had some great feedback on my campaigns

Ryane Tully

Co-founder, Pitchlane


Smartlead is an absolute game-changer! With its exceptional features and support from the Smartlead team, I've experienced remarkable success. The customizable platform and cost-effective pricing have revolutionized our cold emailing game. I would rate it 10 out of 10 for satisfaction. A must-have tool for any B2B agency!

Romain Osman

Co-Founder, Five Element


Smartlead is an innovative cold email platform that helps me reach out to potential clients. There are easy-to-use templates, powerful automation tools, and intuitive analytics for email warming and campaign analytics. It provides me with everything I need to maximize my cold email campaigns.

Reggie B.

Sales Director - Financial Institution Solutions Saggezza, Inc.


I've personally built a sales engagement platform similar to Smartlead, and I am genuinely blown away by the scalability, functionality and more. We're a B2B Lead Gen Agency, and we primarily use cold email to generate leads for our clients. We're on track to double our best month in terms of client results.

Nick A.



I can upload hundreds of email accounts, send thousands of emails per day, and still have an organized master inbox. This is unseen with any other tool on the market today. I looked...


CEO, Yell Cut



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