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How the Affiliate Program Works?

Get a unique link

Once you sign up as a partner, you'll be given an unique link which will track all your customers and purchases

Promote and share

Recommend and share Smartlead to your clients, followers and friends who will get a 500 bonus leads if they use your link

Get paid

Each time your referral renews their
subscription you'll get a 15% recurring

Why it's worth sharing SmartLead - Benefits

Customers Are Everywhere
15% commission on each customer
Smartlead makes customers more money
It pays for itself in 5x-10x multiples
Its perfect for anyone who wants to grow their business
With unlimited mailboxes and AI warmup in one. It's a wallet throwing offer.

Start making passive income whenever someone signs up to Smartlead

Whenever a customer signs up with your affiliate link, you get a 15% monthly commission for life.
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How much money can I make as an Affiliate Partner?
68% of users go for the yearly popular plan

5 referrals = $370
10 referrals = $740
25 referrals = $1900
100 referrals = $7400

So if you recommend users who send loads of emails, i.e they upgrade to the higher tiered plans, you'll see your earnings really start to soar

Because our system is intertwined with email verification and sending emails, the potential to compound your revenue is extremely high
How much does Smartlead cost
The latest pricing plan can be found here
When do I get paid out?
Pay outs are made via paypal using our affiliate system. There is no minimum for pay outs. Even if you make $7 or $600 you will get paid out each month to your Paypal account

So if a customer subscribes to a paid plan on the 14th of January, you get paid out on the 1st week of February

You get paid at the first week of each month
Can I sign Up with my own referral link?
No sorry. Self referrals are not permitted. The goal of the program is to incentivise our affiliate partners to refer others customers, friends and colleague, not to get discounts for your own account
Any marketing restrictions?
Genuine recommendations, case studies and reviews to an audience that follows or knows you is the best kind of affiliate marketing.

For paid ads, you cannot bit on our branded keyword like Smartlead, Smart Lead or anything with our name in it. The rest is okay!

You cannot impersonate us or try convince people that you are Smartlead, this is against our policy and will get you banned from our partner program
How long does the referral cookie last for?
Our referral cookie lasts for 60 days. That means if someone visits our site through your affiliate link and converts to a paid user within 60 days, you will a 15% commission for as long as the user stays subscribed to our product. If a user purchases anytime after 60 days, the conversion won't be tracked

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