8 Great Email List Building Tools for 8x Conversions

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November 25, 2022

Want to try something other than cold emails in your email marketing strategy?

It’s time to narrow down your target audience by capturing a list of email addresses of your website’s visitors.

Xerox, a business in document technology, has seen 540% growth in its email list by using AddThis. Looks lucrative, right?

Take a look at the 8 most amazing list building tools for 8x conversions in no time. 

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1. SleekNote


  • Starts from $49 per month
  • Mobile-friendly pop-ups builder
  • Follows Google’s interstitials policy
  • Website visitors guide
  • A/B Testing


Sleeknote is the best email collecting tool out there for e-commerce. It collects emails from your targeted customers through discounts, giveaways, and newsletter pop-ups. 

Probably that’s why it’s popular as an outstanding pop-ups generator. You name the trigger or a page, and you will have the best personalized pop-ups based on the visitor’s activity. Not to forget, you can choose (drag and drop) from 110+ pop-up templates in multiple positions.  

It’s recommended for e-commerce.

Keeping in mind the mobile-friendly email marketing trend of 2023, Sleeknote has modified all features to be mobile-friendly. 

Leonardo, a Sleeknote customer, says on softwareadvice.com, “Pricy but such a solid tool”.


✅ Best popup tool

✅ Drag & drop feature

✅ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

✅ Personalization

✅ Real-Time Analytics


❌ Expensive

❌ No free trial

2. OptinMonster


  • Starts from $9 per month billed annually
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • 400+ readymade templates
  • A/B Testing


In comparison to Sleeknote, Optinmonster is an affordable tool. It was created by the founders of WordPress–Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin. 

Like Smartlead.ai, it is best known as lead generation software. The website showcases a wide range of features divided industry-wise–e-commerce, publishers, and agencies. So, one can shop accordingly. It collects emails from your target visitors through advanced targeting and behavior automation. 

Unlike Sleeknote, Optinmonster focuses only on newsletter popups but excels in them. You can also create full-screen takeovers, slide-ins, lightboxes, inline forms, and spin-the-wheel popups. The best part is the option to choose from 400+ pop-up templates.

It claims to improve leads by 600%.

Christian Pure, an Optinmonster customer, says on apps.shopify.com, “My recommendation is to buy from them during Black Friday when they are usually 30% off”.


✅ Affordable basic plan

✅ Best newsletter pop-ups

✅ Page-level Targeting

✅ Built-in Conversion Analytics

✅ 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days


❌ Lengthy signing-up process

❌ No free trial

3. GetSiteControl


  • Starts from $9 per month
  • Credit card free signup (for trial)
  • Mobile-optimized forms
  • Multiple targeting options 
  • 1000+ software integrations
  • A/B Testing


GetSiteControl is an important tool in the list-building market. It provides targeted popups, floating bars, and slide-ins to collect the contact details of your targeted customers.  

Unlike its competitors, GetSiteControl shines with both pop-ups and surveys. They claim surveys can increase sales by 170%. 

The best feature of this software is that it’s super easy to get started with. For non-tech founders and businesspeople, it’s one of the best options out there. With 1000+ software integrations and live-chat support, it’s smooth sailing for users. One can easily contact the support team 24x7.

Every plan includes all features, integrations, and beautiful templates.

The pricing increases depending on how many sites you’re using this software. So, if you’re looking for a conversion-boosting popup builder, try GetSiteControl. It’s one of the easiest ways to create stylish pop-ups to increase email subscribers, sales, customers, or survey responses

A GetSiteControl user says on g2.com, “GetSiteControl makes creating pop-ups and widgets pain-free”.


✅ Easy signing-up process

✅ Easy-to-use

✅ Affordable

✅ Custom Build Widgets


❌ Monthly payment option only

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4. MailMunch


  • Free plan
  • Starts from $9 per month
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Versatile features


The highlight of subscribing to MailMunch is its “free plan”. It is best for solopreneurs and bloggers. The free plan covers 1 site but provides unlimited opt-in forms, advanced targeting features, and integrations. 

MailMunch Free Plan is recommended for solopreneurs and bloggers.

The only downside is the MailMunch logo inscribed on the forms. In that case, one can always go with their premium plan for just $13 per month. From Email Automation to Advanced Analytics & Reporting, it includes almost everything.

Suppose $13 per month sounds too pricey to you; just check out their Black Friday sale. They offer a whopping 50% discount on everything. 

MailMuch provides:

➡️ Interesting exit popups

➡️ Scroll Boxes

➡️ Full-screen covered pop-ups

➡️ Top Bar

➡️ Contact Forms that you can embed

Alex V., CEO of a small business, says on g2.com, “MailMunch was useful and cost-effective to me”.


✅ Awesome pop-ups

✅ Spin-to-win wheel

✅ Page-level Targeting

✅ Built-in Conversion Analytics


❌ Limited library of templates in the free plan

5. OptiMonk


  • Free plan up to 15000 page views 
  • Paid plans start from $39 per month
  • Personalized pop-ups 
  • A/B Testing
  • SMS phone number marketing list
  • 300+ customizable templates


If you have just started your business and are still tight in your pocket, I recommend signing up for OptiMonk. Its free plan is even better than MailMunch’s. It covers 1 domain with unlimited campaigns. 

The only limitation of using the free version is that it’s limited to 15000 pageviews.

OptiMonk Free Plan provides unlimited campaigns.

If your business includes 2 or more domains, go with the paid plans. Here’s a quick view with the plans, maximum domain numbers and pageviews.

Essential Plan ➡️ 2 domains, 30,000 pageviews 

   Growth Plan ➡️ 4 domains, 100,000 pageviews 

 Premium Plan ➡️ 10 domains, 500,000 pageviews 

In addition to growing your email list, OptiMonk also has a strong onsite targeting engine. It also provides segmentation options to improve user experience. 

With its 300+ templates, this is one of the best software to reduce card abandonment, guide casual visitors to purchase things and increase revenue quickly. 

Anik P., an OptiMonk user, says on getapp.com, “All in all, the user interface is really good. The customer support team is a real champion - very responsive, helpful, and lightning quick”.


✅ Affordable 

✅ Unlimited campaigns

✅ Built-in Conversion Analytics

✅ Provides a personalized shopping experience


❌ Insufficient pricing options

❌ Not suitable for right-to-left languages like Arabic

6. AddThis


  • Free
  • Bold pop-ups 
  • Customizable
  • Built-in Detailed Analytics


Want an email list building tool for free? Then try AddThis. It is one of the best email-capturing tools for building pop-ups, banners, and sliders. It captures emails of your targeting clients through subtle, floating banners at the top or bottom of your page. 

If you envision clear call-to-actions that don't disturb the visitors, AddThis is for you. It’s absolutely free.   

It’s FREE for everyone.

You can easily make customized banners and popups that match your branding with the help of this Oracle product. And all this is without any developer’s help. 

Amber L., a small business owner, writes about AddThis on g2.com, “Easy tools for your website”.


✅ Free 

✅ Unlimited campaigns

✅ Can track analytics

✅ Provides a personalized shopping experience


❌ Syncing issues

❌ Takes time to set up

[List Building Tools for WordPress ]

7. Ninja Pop-Ups


  • Starts from $24 
  • Scroll Triggers
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Spit & A/B Testing
  • Drag and Drop Editor


Ninja Pop-Ups is one of the best user-friendly WordPress list-building plug-ins. It provides lightbox pop-ups, page-level targeting, and scroll triggers to collect the email address of your targeted customers.  

Best list-building tool for WordPress users.

It doesn’t have as many templates as the above products in the list, but it’s easy to use and convenient for WordPress users. 


✅ Easy signing-up process

✅ Easy-to-use

✅ Affordable


❌ Dated products

❌ Limited templates

8. ConvertPro


  • Starts from $87 per year
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Spit & A/B Testing
  • Drag and Drop Editor


ConvertPro isn’t one of the best-in-biz products compared to the above products. On top of that, it doesn’t have monthly billing or free trial options. So, if you’re new to using list-capturing software, I recommend you try something from the above products. 

But if you’re comfortable paying annual pricing and using WordPress, I think ConvertPro is a good option. It provides a drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful pop-ups by yourself. Their brand-matching pop-ups are good at capturing email addresses both on desktop and mobile devices.


✅ Easy-to-use

✅ Great templates

✅ Setting-up is fast


❌ Doesn’t have a spin-to-win wheel

❌ No free trial

❌ No monthly basis pricing option


Creating a list of addresses of visitors who want to receive your emails is as important as having a fixed deposit in life. 

Those customers have already visited your website, and your products interest them. So, even if they don’t purchase anything on their first visit, you have the chance to convert them in the future. 

All the best for the holiday sales! 

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