What is the SPF Record Generator for?

The Smartlead SPF Generator helps you easily create an SPF record for your domain. Just enter your domain name, and our tool guides you through defining which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on your behalf.

The generated SPF record can then be stored as a TXT resource in your name server's zone. Protect your domain and improve email deliverability with ease!

Create a Valid SPF Record Immediately

Smartlead's SPF Generator is your go-to online tool for quickly creating a valid SPF record. Protect your domain from email spoofing with just a few clicks. Simply enter your domain, click "Generate," and let our tool do the rest.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our tool is designed to be user-friendly. Start your email authentication journey today and move one step closer to DMARC compliance with Smartlead's SPF Generator.

How Do I Use the SPF Generator?




Time to live (TTL)





Using the Smartlead SPF Generator is simple. Enter your domain name in the provided field, and our tool will guide you through the process of defining the IP addresses authorized to send emails for your domain. Once complete, you'll receive a valid SPF record that can be added to your DNS as a TXT record.

  • www is the subdomain and is an identifier of the record.

  • CNAME is the DNS record type.

  • com is the value of the record. That means www will resolve to the IP address of the domain abc.com.

  • 3600 is TTL (time to live) is the expiry time of the CNAME record. It's expressed in seconds. Here 3600 means that the records will be updated after each hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is An SPF Record and Why Is It Important?

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An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is a type of DNS record that specifies which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain. It helps prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks by verifying the sender's IP address, thus improving your email deliverability and protecting your domain's reputation.

Can I Use the SPF Generator If I'm Not Tech-Savvy?

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Absolutely! The Smartlead SPF Generator is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our step-by-step guide ensures you can easily create and implement an SPF record for your domain.

What Should I Do After Generating My SPF Record?

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After generating your SPF record, you'll need to add it as a TXT record in your domain's DNS settings. This process varies depending on your DNS provider, but typically involves logging into your DNS management console and adding a new TXT record with the provided SPF information. This will help ensure your emails are authenticated and secure.