What is a Domain Checker?

A Domain Checker is an essential tool for anyone serious about email deliverability and domain security. It thoroughly examines your domain's status and health, identifying any potential issues that could affect your email campaigns. With Smartlead's Domain Checker, you can:

1. Secure your domain and prevent illegal use and unauthorized access.
2. Solve delivery and spam problems; land in primary inbox. 
3. Guard against spoofing attacks that can damage your reputation.

How Does the Domain Checker Work? 

Smartlead's Domain Checker simplifies the process of maintaining your domain's health and security. First, you enter your domain name into the tool. It then performs a comprehensive scan, checking for vulnerabilities, spam issues, and potential spoofing threats. You will receive an in-depth report highlighting any problems along with actionable steps to resolve them.

Email Bounce Rate Formula:

Calculate the percentage of undelivered emails easily.

Email Bounce Rate = (Total Bounced Emails ÷ Total Attempted Emails) x 100

What does it mean?

Total Bounced Emails: The number of emails that were not accepted by recipients' inboxes. Bounces can happen for various reasons, such as full inboxes or invalid email addresses.

Total Attempted Emails: The total number of email addresses you tried to send emails to, including those that bounced. This is also known as "Sent Emails" in some email platforms.




Time to live (TTL)





  • www is the subdomain and is an identifier of the record.

  • CNAME is the DNS record type.

  • com is the value of the record. That means www will resolve to the IP address of the domain abc.com.

  • 3600 is TTL (time to live) is the expiry time of the CNAME record. It's expressed in seconds. Here 3600 means that the records will be updated after each hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How Does the Domain Checker Protect My Domain?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

The Domain Checker protects your domain by performing a comprehensive scan for vulnerabilities, spam issues, and potential spoofing threats. It provides a detailed report with actionable steps to resolve any detected problems, ensuring your domain remains secure.

How Often Should I Use the Domain Checker?  

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

It's recommended to use the Domain Checker regularly to maintain optimal domain health. Setting up periodic checks ensures continuous monitoring and protection against new threats.

Can the Domain Checker Help With Email Deliverability Issues?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Yes, the Domain Checker can help identify and resolve issues that affect email deliverability, such as spam problems and domain reputation issues, ensuring your emails land in the primary inbox.

    Is The Domain Checker Suitable For All Types Of Domains?

    Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

    Yes, the Domain Checker is suitable for all types of domains, whether for personal use, small businesses, or large enterprises. It provides comprehensive protection and optimization for any domain.