Best Mailshake Alternatives for Email Marketing in 2023

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September 2, 2022

Imagine living in the 21st century without the internet. How does it sound? Not good, right?

Well, it seems to be the case that you’re still using Mailshake for marketing in 2023. Starting quite a while ago (2015), Mailshake didn't (sadly) cope with the changing needs of businesses.

You have arrived at the correct address if you are looking for a Mailshake alternative for a seamless marketing experience.

Folks, without further ado, let's look (with detailed reviews and pricing plans) at the five best alternatives to Mailshake for mail marketing in 2023.

A Quick Overview: Mailshake

Founded in 2015, Mailshake is one of the leading marketing tools for businesses. Mailshake offers AI-powered writing software to write individual opening lines for your leads. It helps you generate more leads through multi-channel research.

In short, it is an automation tool to make your outreach campaigns succeed. This cold email software is easy-to-use, and the interface is efficient and intuitive.

Why Should You Look for an Alternative?

1. High Prices

Businesses, be they small or large, run on a stringent budget. Mailshake pricing plans are pretty much higher than most competitors. So, this platform would be a bit costly for large sales teams.

2. Low Deliverability Rates

Mailshake competitors like Smartlead or Outreach perform end-to-end research to generate valid leads for every niche. And it makes sure that all the messages are from whitelisted IP addresses.

This process ensures high deliverability and success rate. Mailshake is incapable of doing this, resulting in low deliverability of your outreach campaigns. Also, the email verification feature is not up to modern standards.

3. Lack of Advanced Features

Although Mailshake offers AI writing services, it isn't up to the standard. The lack of personalization tools and robust features makes campaigns dull and low-converting.

Also, the signup form and landing page templates it offers are outdated and limited to a few choices. Mailshake doesn't provide text customization with GIFs, templates, and images, making your outreach campaigns look dull.

Mailshake doesn't offer powerful outreach features such as drip campaigns, custom fields, integration of social media profiles, collaborations, or follow-up reminders.

4. Poor Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team is a must for any online service provider. Sadly, this sales outreach tool fails to cater to its priority customers' immediate needs and queries. The after-sales onboarding is almost non-existent, and you will have to wait for hours (literally) to troubleshoot something.

On the other hand, Mailshake alternatives like Outreach, Smartlead, Klenty, etc., offer seamless onboarding support for first-time users and 24x7 customer support.

Best Mailshake Alternatives to Improve Campaign Performance:

1. SmartLead

I have picked Smartlead as the first Mailshake alternative for a reason (Oh, actually, there are numerous reasons). This excellent email marketing & cold outreach tool provides end-to-end support for cold outreach campaigns. Smartlead is fit for organizations of any size with its scalable interface (and pricing plans) for small and large corporations.

Cold Email Outreach Tool | SmartLead

Power-packed with features like email marketing integration, pipeline building, and AI  email warmup for creating marketing copies and landing pages, Smartlead offers automation for your sales outreach campaigns. Unlike Mailshake, this sales tool helps you skyrocket conversions and generate more revenue for the business. You can compare mailshake features with its competitors.

The powerful outreach features offer a wide range of email threads and filters, a dedicated sales dashboard, and a library of email templates. You can track prospect engagements (stages of prospecting) with the detection of campaign replies.

Email Track with SmartLead

What Makes It Stand Apart?

1. Sending out campaigns from blacklisted IP addresses will lead you nowhere. Smartlead takes care of it by ensuring whitelisted IP addresses. This cold email outreach manager offers high email deliverability (irrespective of your email provider) through engaging content, unlimited email addresses, and consistent replies.

2. The great thing about Smartlead is it makes your job easier by bringing all your mailboxes under a master inbox (Yay! No separate inboxes anymore). You can check all your mails faster and get back to your clients with replies sooner.

3. Smartlead allows you to create custom email triggers with email warmup features to ensure high email deliverability and success. You can also create exciting landing pages with unlimited templates and signup pages for maximum conversion. This tool helps you create mailing lists, campaign warmups, and schedule meetings.

4. The AI-integrated platform generates leads from different social media profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, SMS, etc. It also performs in-depth research on each prospect's social media activities and writes personalized icebreakers.

5. Smartlead brings you a seamless dashboard for all your cold marketing needs. You can focus on contextual and timely replies with a 360 view of all your clients' messages. You can also automate all your reminders to never miss a chance to interact with your leads.

6. Email marketing on a tight budget is not a problem with Smartlead integration. It offers unlimited email accounts (I hear unlimited opportunity) with all its plans. You can also opt for the 14-day trial for a quick overview of this email marketing tool.

7. This AI marketing automation tool always keeps you up-to-date about your lead's activities, so you don't miss any of the sales opportunity to convert them into customers. You can research profitable (and successful) niches and create a campaign pipeline for a streamlined marketing experience and improved response rates.

8. It also helps you create cold email sequences for bulk emails and automate the process for your leads. Its supercharged customer support offers seamless onboarding for all its customers.

9. This cold email outreach tool is excellent for sales teams and email marketers for its follow-up reminders, drip campaign support, custom fields, meeting scheduler, real-time notifications, bounce monitor, email filters and other advanced customization features.

SmartLead Pricing to Plan Your Campaign

SmartLead Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $29/month for 2000 active leads
  • Popular Plan: $49/month for 10,000 active leads
  • Pro Plan: $94/month for 30,000 active leads
  • Custom Plan: As the name suggests; custom pricing schemes

Major Clients

  • Akamai
  • Uber
  • Airtable
  • Oracle
  • Stripe


The second pick for the Mailshake alternative is Outreach. With its pipeline creation and email automation features, Outreach is specifically helpful for enterprises. You can generate more leads and close deals with fewer efforts.

Outreach email marketing support helps you create intelligent cold outreach campaigns and execute more sales with a lower risk of getting spammed or blacklisted. Its AI-powered outreach tools enable you to create personalized outreach content.

What Makes It Stand Apart?

1. Unlike Mailshake, Outreach offers email sequencing and categorization of your leads for high-impact marketing. You can win highly competitive deals with Outreach's AI-generated insights and metrics.

2. Outreach guides you through the entire process, from content generation to successfully converting your prospects into customers. You get to access real-time open rate data, link clicks, and campaign metrics.

3. This platform offers unlimited tool integrations so that you can connect plugins for sales automation. Outreach enables you to create custom email copies personalized for each of your leads.

4. Outreach provides intuitive suggestions on whether you need to send follow-up emails, text your prospects, or give them a call. On that note, you can call your prospects through the in-app calling feature.

5. You can automate your marketing workflow and pipeline generation with Outreach. Optimizing email content is easier with custom icebreakers and first lines to impress your leads.

6. Outreach offers automatic follow-ups, team collaboration features, scheduling meetings with prospects, email scheduling, sales reports, task reminders, and a mail merge tool. It also helps you create personalized drip marketing campaigns.

Outreach io Pricing

  • Fully customizable according to your marketing needs

Major Clients

  • SAP
  • Siemens
  • Zoom
  • McKesson

3. Klenty

Gone are the days of creating unique content for all your customers because Klenty makes marketing easier with seamless sales pipeline creation and automation of the outreach process. So you can deploy cold email campaigns more efficiently. 

This Mailshake alternative is suitable because it offers customization over email campaigns for big and small businesses. Also, Klenty offers detailed email analytics and reports on lead conversion techniques and a better-performing cadence to improve your cold outreach campaigns.

Some of its most important features are time email tracking, unlimited email campaigns, unlimited email templates, sales calls, sales reports, prospect meetings, and in-depth reviews.

What Makes It Stand Apart?

1. Klenty makes multi-channel outreach campaigns easier. You can develop personalized email content for all your prospective leads & automated drip campaigns and the entire follow-up process.

2. Its A/B testing helps you test your email campaign within teams to determine its credibility. Also, the delivery window, mail merge, bounce and autoreply detection, and multiple medium senders feature will help you create automated sales campaigns.

3. You can optimize Klenty with Google Sheets, CSV files, and CRM import to make email marketing easier. Also, you can connect multiple plugins with the optimized CRM for better workflow.

4. The liquid customizable email templates will help you create eye-catching landing pages and signup forms. You can make personalized (data-driven) email copies for each of your leads to improve sales.

5. Klenty offers live feed and prospect activity features for you to track all your campaigns minutely all the time. You will also get performance reviews and cadence reports from time to time. And this platform doesn't hurt from the pricing point.

6. Sales professionals can benefit from email warmup, syncing of Google Calendar, meeting scheduler, email list verification, real-time notifications, advanced customization, and email finder features.

Klenty Pricing

  • Startup Plan: $35 per month per user; billed annually
  • Growth Plan: $60/per month per user; billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan: $100/per month per user; billed annually

Major Clients

  • Oracle
  • Fitbit
  • Gartner
  • Chargebee

4. Lemlist

The 4th selection on my list, Lemlist, is a popular Mailshake alternative for HR and sales reps. It offers an extensive range of features, such as schedule meetings, the email editor feature, email follow-ups, cold email sequences, unlimited email tracking, a LinkedIn sales navigator, and reports on sales activities.

Its personalized mass email writing feature can create impressive cold outreach copies for your target audience.

The follow-up email automation helps you save the time and effort of your marketing and sales team. Lemlist also allows you to create a pipeline for all your email marketing campaigns.

What Makes It Stand Apart?

1. Claiming it as an all-in-one outbound solution, Lemlist offers personalized content copies that convert your prospects into customers. You can write custom intro lines & engaging CTAs with the help of this tool.

2. To make your outreach campaigns more interesting, you can add custom images, screenshots, company logos, and custom fonts for stylizing your content. It will garner lots of attention to your content and lead to higher reply rates.

3. The USP of this cold emailing platform is it allows you to add customized landing pages and custom-made videos to your campaign. On that note, This outreach tool offers a plethora of templates to create signup forms and landing pages.

4. Even if you miss responding to a lead's query, the Lemlist follow-up emails automation feature makes sure it's done. So, you don't need to think about losing any prospective clients.

5. Lemlist dashboard offers live tracking of all your cold email sending campaigns. You can check out at which stage a lead is on and move forward strategically. Also, Lemlist offers detailed insights and reports on your campaigns' performance.

6. This amazing tool improves deliverability with whitelisted IP addresses and keeps your campaigns out of the spam folder. Lemlist lets you set custom reminders for all your campaigns as well.

Lemlist Pricing

  • Email Outreach Plan: $50/per month per user; billed annually
  • Sales Engagement Plan: $83/per month per user; billed annually
  • Agency Plan: Fully Customizable-with more affordable pricing
  • Lemwarm Plan: -$29/lemwarm per lemlist seat per month

Major Clients

  • Uber
  • Zendesk
  • Comet
  • Sumo

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the last pick for Mailshake alternative with its fantastic marketing and automation tools. It offers marketing and sales outreach pipeline building to ensure greater ROI for your organization.

Mailchimp is beneficial for large organizations and eCommerce businesses. Unlike Mailshake, the pricing plans are affordable, and the up-to-date features claim 4x more success than your previous campaigns.

What Makes It Stand Out?

1. The pre-built automation system allows you to reconnect with your dormant customers and cross-sale your products or services. Mailchimp offers you 4x more clients and conversions than traditional bulk emails. Unlike other competitors, Mailchimp offers customizable pricing plans for businesses.

2. Mailchimp's Customer Lifetime Value program (customer support team) helps businesses predict their outreach campaigns. Much like A/B testing, this predictive feature enables you to create content and marketing campaigns based on your prospects' interests.

3. This cold outreach software helps you write click-worthy copies that increase response rate and sales generation (and make your sales team happy). With the drag-and-drop feature, you can add exciting templates, GIFs, custom images, and thumbnails to your campaign mails that reach your prospecting client's inbox.

4. You can create a sales funnel and automate the follow-up mails (reminders) to help you focus only on connecting with your prospecting leads. Mailchimp offers multi-platform lead generation, Gmail integrations, and the leads authentication feature to give your marketing campaign the much-needed boost.

5. The pre-saved email templates help you generate an exciting range of custom emails. This sales automation tool can also keep track of potential prospects and generate successful link-building campaigns.

Mailchimp Pricing

  • Free Plan: $0/1500 contacts per month
  • Essentials Plan: $19/1500 contacts per month
  • Standard Plan: $48/1500 contacts per month
  • Premium Plan: $287/1500 contacts per month

Major Clients

  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Vimeo
  • TED


Phew, who thought choosing an alternative to Mailshake could be this confusing? I hope this informative article has guided you in finding the perfect marketing tool for bulk emails.

On that note, some honorable mentions that couldn't make it to the list: Zapier, Saleshandy, Hubspot,, and Drip.

I am guilty of biases, but I have already chosen my favourite tools (I know you have also made up your mind) for sales outreach campaigns from this list. Well, I think Smartlead seems to be the ideal fit for cold emailing campaigns for businesses of all kinds.

With its smart AI writer, you can create sales funnel templates, automated follow-up emails, master inbox, and many other features and integrations, I guess you have found it a great fit as well.

However, do your own research and choose the one that suits your marketing needs and generates ROI.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I will be back with more informative write-ups.

Till then, take care. Goodbye!


1. What is the best Mailshake alternative?

Smartead is hands down the best Mailshake alternative out there. It ensures your cold outreach campaigns do not go in vain and land in spam folders.

Unlike Mailshake, Smartlead offers control of your social media profiles and cold outreach campaigns from a single platform. You can generate 1000s of creative (and personalized) icebreakers for cold email campaigns.

You can set up custom spam triggers to increase deliverability rates. On that note, Smartlead makes your outreach campaigns directly reach your prospects' inboxes with unlimited email addresses and CAN-SPAM-compliant IP addresses.

2. How do you choose a Mailshake alternative?

Here are some key features you must check while looking for a Mailshake alternative:

  • Marketing automation capability and popular integrations
  • Ability to create a pipeline for future campaigns and sales funnel
  • Scalability to grow your business
  • Timely reporting and analytical service
  • Lead generation from various platforms
  • AI-powered writing guide
  • Drag-and-drop sales pipeline editor feature
  • Auto Follow-ups integration
  • Video integrations


What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

  • dfbvrsg
  • svsv

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

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What is the API commonly used for?

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What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

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Do you provide me with lead sources?

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How many team members can I add?

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Do you have custom plans beyond the Pro plan?

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