Email Campaign Manager: To Create & send Effective Emails

Are you looking for a way to improve your campaign performance? If so, consider using a campaign management tool. It can help create and send effective marketing messages to reach our target audience. In addition, it can also help us track the success of our outreach campaigns so that we can optimize them for better results.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some features we should look for in an email campaign manager and tips for creating and sending effective sales outreach messages for a high conversion rate. Let's get started!

What is email campaign management?

It is an important part of creating cold campaigns. It consists of various tools and processes necessary to develop high-quality campaigns. The method includes valuable content, sales copy, and newsletters, automates our marketing campaign, tracks the performance of our marketing messages, and gives us powerful analytics to plan new strategies and expand the contacts database. Email marketing automation also allows us to go beyond one-on-one interactions with subscribers as it greatly contributes to the target achievement and cost savings.

Why is an email campaign manager important?

With so many online marketers using email marketing strategies as their major tool for connecting with potential customers, finding a way to mass-communicate with large groups of potential buyers at once is essential. The key responsibilities of email management software are to help create our campaign and manage our customer base throughout the marketing process. It will save hours and help our business become more productive. 

Benefits of a cold campaign manager:

  • It allows us to create outreach campaigns and send unlimited cold mails. Sending messages to a large list is tedious, but the campaign manager software helps us send bulk mails to the target audience.
  • Cold campaign managers allow us to target potential clients by setting up multiple nurturing campaigns to increase sales chances. It also sends automated reminders and timely follow-up messages to boost customer acquisition.
  • The campaign monitor allows us to track email performance and gives us actionable analytics to plan the campaigns' success. But It helps to manage the real-time data of our lead lists and increase the sales pipeline.
  • Automating the outbound process saves time and improves productivity. It allows us to widen our outreach process with minimal time and gets us maximum results.
  • It helps land in prospective clients' inboxes instead of a spam folder. The features of the tool help us to improve the sender's reputation.
  • A proven track record allows us to engage the ideal prospects with relevant content in customer journeys.

Must-have features to look for in an email campaign manager software:

The right campaign manager will have some must-have features for any business. Here are just some examples: nurture and engage subscribers with automated messages, Send on sale offers or other special promotions, track who opened an attachment using click tracking services, get real-time details on open rates, and far more.

Features of Marketing Automation Tool | SmartLead

Here is a list of features we should look for in a campaign manager. These include factors like 

  • The ability to send triggered messages means we can kick off our campaign for bulk email lists once it is set.
  • Scheduling messages, so they're sent at productive times such as during working hours.
  • These campaign monitors must have a master inbox to manage all replies from a single hub.
  • Image personalization to make sales emails stand out from usual promotional messages.
  • Email validation to verify the lead list to help us land in our potential customers' inboxes and avoid bounce rates.
  • It must have unlimited sending options without any limits to increase our sales opportunity.
  • Custom CRM manager to effortless track of leads and replies.
  • Email deliverability to raise sender reputation and help us reach our target audience.
  • Spam filter checks to increase the high reply rates and far more.

Tips for creating successful email campaigns and sending bulk emails:

Setting up an email program and sending bulk messages to promote the products or services on a large scale is an effective marketing strategy. Many email marketers prefer campaign managers to send bulk outreach messages to reach potential buyers.

To make the cold campaign a success, ensure we deliver relevant and actual email content, proper email delivery, timely follow-ups, and strategy after the initial campaign performance. Let us share top-notch points to create a winning cold campaign.


It helps us to know our buyer's persona by collecting basic contact details (name, email addresses, and contact number) and then purchasing media space from online marketing channels and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Knowing customer preferences, interests, and requirements before communicating helps build strong customer relationships.

Email personalization

Personalizing our emails makes them feel less like it is not just normal promotional messages but more like individualized communication. We must include information about ourselves and why we're contacting them. The tailored message copies help us to stand out from billions of emails and are likely to get a more open rate.


Converting Subject lines

The subject line is the initial thing the reader sees before opening our message. Make sure it's specific enough to catch the reader's attention. We all know that a good subject line is half of our cold messages' success. The catchy, intriguing subject helps people open and read the content we're trying to reach them. It will help the sales teams to get more deals close.  

Create Converting Subject lines with Smartwriter

Use Personalized Image

Use images in our email design. Images are the most effective way to get people interested in your offer. They work better than text alone, and when combined with a compelling headline, they can boost response rates. Use images sparingly, though. Otherwise, it may seem too spammy.

Keep it short and relevant

People hate reading long messages. It is recommended to keep our message copy under 500 words. If you want to write longer, break it into several shorter messages.

Provide offering

We should make our offering clear to the recipient. A sales copy describes the product or service we propose that addresses our readers' needs and pain points. It helps us to convert visitors into regular buyers.

Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation helps us to group the target audience based on their interests and behavior. According to a study, with advanced list segmentation, we can target only qualified leads and increase the revenue to 760%. Email nurturing is made easy with marketing automation tools.

Automate campaign

We can automate elements of our marketing campaign process by using the cold outreach software. It is a great way to save time and ensure that our marketing emails are complete and accurate. It helps to send effective emails with minimal time and increases our campaign efficiency.

Choose the perfect time to set the campaign

Outreach is a powerful way to connect with potential clients and stay in touch with customers, especially when we include personalized emails which target them directly. However, we can't do this by randomly sending messages that may end up in the spam folder. According to a case study, the best time to set up effective email campaigns is usually on working days, and the perfect time is 9 AM to 5 PM. With email marketing tools, we can land in customers' inboxes with a button click.

Frequent Update of email strategy 

Avoid sending the same message copies over and over again. Instead, try coming up with new ideas now and then. We can do this by researching similar products or services and see if there's anything else we can add to our product.

Take a away tool suggestion to scale up revenue:


SmartLead is the ultimate marketing automation tool for sending bulk emails. With advanced features like unlimited rotating messages, Dynamic IP addresses per campaign to avoid spam folders, and a Centralized master inbox. The sales engagement platform makes it easy to send targeted promotional content with just one click. Its powerful features allow us to easily set up multiple campaigns while avoiding spam folders or having your messages lost across various platforms.

SmartLead an Email Automation Tool

Wrapping up:

Campaign management is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It allows us to target our customers with relevant, personalized content and increase their chances of taking the desired action. Using a cold email campaign manager can improve our open and conversion rates while reducing the spent time and effort it takes to create successful outreach campaigns. Make sure to look for software with these essential features and follow our tips to create irresistible cold campaigns that get results.

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