How to Create an Email Sequence Template That Converts

The sequence is a great opportunity for the business but you might have a question about the right & wrong ways of doing it. Sequences are a great approach to boost sales and improve the conversion rate but need to be done in the right way. For example, as with anything scalable, a sequence isn't just a bunch of messages thrown together. Instead, you'll need to plan it out in advance. 


Email marketing is proven to be the safest and most effective marketing channel used by more than 3.9 billion people worldwide. The effective sequences rock your marketing & sales. Your business can greatly impact the results with your effort alone with the email marketing channel. 

If email marketing is the most preferred channel for your business, then you've planned a few well-formed messages. For instance, you have to create hyper-personalized sequences upfront. In this article, we will look into the types of email sequences and provide you with some sequence email template examples that have been proven successful.

What Is A Cold Email Sequence?

But having an effective sequence in the outreach process will take you to the next level. You might wonder how to create the best sequences. Based on the purpose of the outreach, you can create different sequences that gain more results. 

When building your campaign, it's important to know your target audience and what they need. For example, email sequences are great ways to re-engage with your lost customer or remind your potential buyer of the first email on the drip campaign. So start creating a drip email campaign and make the sequence message relevant. 

Smartlead email sequences

How To Build an Effective Email Sequence

The right automation tools create a reminder email sequence that can be processed. Here are some guidelines on how to create an effective campaign.

Identify Your Goal

The first step is creating an effective email sequence campaign goal for your outreach campaign.  Once you know the desired outcome of this type of marketing, it can be easier to get started with planning out how best to achieve that specific result! 

Test Your Email Sequence

Make sure your email is perfect before sending it! If you find any mistakes, correct them and hit send. This will help ensure that the tone of voice comes across as professional. Also, review the sequence before sending it to identify typos or formatting errors. This will give you the chance to change anything.

Write Personalized Sequence

One of the most important steps for you is writing an outreach message. Once you know your target customer base and how many emails you will send, you can draft a sequence of messages. While having a standard template can be helpful, you may also want to customize it to be more personal for the customer. Creating emails that are personalized messages will make the recipient feel they're valued.

Write Personalized Sequence with Smartwriter

Determine The Duration of Email Sequence

As mentioned previously, there's no set timeframe or number of sequence messages. You'll need to get strategic about the required touchpoints and the frequency at which those can take place for your campaign plan to succeed. For example, if I know your average sales cycle is 30 days with twice-weekly email contact, then 8 total would be appropriate. However, suppose it’s only once every two weeks. In that case, we may want to go down as low as 4-weekly so your prospect has enough time without feeling overwhelmed by too many messages coming through simultaneously (especially on their inboxes).

While having an effective follow up email template can be helpful, you may also want to customize it for the customer. Creating personalized messages will make the recipient feel valued. One of the most important steps in writing an outreach message. Once you know your target customer base and how many emails you will send, you can draft a sequence of messages.

Email Sequences Types & Templates 

Here, we will break down the various sequences you can use on your next campaigns. The goal of reintroducing your company after the initial outreach message is to build a relationship with the potential buyer & convert them into paying customers. Therefore, the sequence is categorized based on the customer's stage in the buyer's journey. The primary types of sequences include onboarding, nurture, engagement, conversion, and abandoned cart recovery. As you will see, each of them is tied to different parts of the customer journey. Most businesses use at least 3-4 of these simultaneously.

The first email you send out is crucial to getting your message across. The right email sequences can guide users through their customer journey and provide personalized content-specific information/values for them with a sense of humor or warmth that makes everyone feel connected with what they're doing on the site. 

Onboarding Email Sequence

Welcome emails or onboarding are the most important emails in the Customer Journey. Businesses can achieve 51% more revenue by sending a series of welcome emails that yields an average of more than a single onboarding email. You need to help your audience understand how your product or service works and how it will benefit them. 

Keeping your targeted audience happy is the key to growing an email list with many returning customers. This email sequence aims to help your new customers understand how your product works and satisfy them with further perks. 

How you will do it: By providing a clear explanation of what your offerings do, why they should be used, and how it works. Don't just give them a link to your website, provide them with something specific to go back to after they've read about your app. For example, if you're writing an ebook, offer to sign up for their newsletter or provide a special discount code.

Onboarding Email Sequence Templates

Hey {First Name}

I'm {First Name} a co-founder of {Product Name}. 

Thank you for using our {{Product name}} - we're always happy to get feedback.

I know you'll love it when you see how simple it is to create a powerful automated email.

If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you answer one quick question. 

I'm asking this because we need to ensure we deliver what our customers want.  

Just hit reply on this email. If we want, we can schedule a 5 min call (Click here to book a demo)

Kind regards 


Nurture Sequence

An email in a nurture email sequence can be any kind of message sent to an individual. This outreach can range from welcome messages to educational ones. For instance, when visitors sign up for your offerings (product/service) from your landing page, they go through a sequence of steps before reaching the endpoint (sales/conversion) in the sales funnel. 

These steps can go anywhere from creating an account to purchasing something. Some of these steps may require information to be provided. For example, if someone wants to sign up to receive emails about a new product, they may need to enter their name, email address, phone number, etc.

Once all those pieces of information have been entered correctly, the user is ready to start receiving your message. These messages come in different formats. One format might be a welcome email telling users what they can expect when signing up for a service. Another format might be an email informing the user about a sale. Yet another format might be an educational email explaining why the user should purchase a certain product. As long as the email is relevant to the user, it can be considered nurturing.

Nurture Sequence Template: Capture Leads Using Lead Magnet

Hey, {{FirstName}},

I'm [YOUR NAME], a {1-2 sentences describing what you do}

Thank you for downloading [eBook Name]!

I hope you enjoy reading the {EBOOK TITLE}.

Click the button below to get your eBook, or simply click below.

With these simple steps from the eBook you can begin executing right now, not tomorrow.

[The easiest and first step a reader of the lead magnet needs to complete to receive value is demonstrated by your product.]

I'd be glad if you could reply to this email about how much the e-book helps execute the step today.


[Your Name]

Engagement Sequences

Engagement sequences are designed to get readers interested in what you're offering. For example, you might send an email at the beginning of a  b2b sales process when someone signs up to your mailing list. These engagement sequence needs are short and sweet, and try to entertain your audience.

These sequences are a great way to make your email stand out from the crowd. They can be used before or after conversions, but in general, it's best practice for them, not just near-conversion time as this might seem like "spam" and turn people off completely. Instead, try using an engagement sequence when they have already shown interest by signing up or subscribing vs. sending promotions via social media channels, etc. An entertaining tone will always keep readers interested enough so long as you include relevant content within each message which helps drive to your website amazing new features/tips. 

Engagement Sequences Template:  Making Customers To Adoption For Premium Features

Dear {{First Name}

We know your inbox can get a little crowded, but we hope you'll make room for us. 

In my last email, I provided some information about the benefits of [pro-plan feature 1] in my last email.

In today's email, We're going to show you how [you can achieve a very high level of benefit] using the newest premium feature, which is available now!

The [premium plan] enables you extra features that are available. Hit the  Button now to access premium features. 



Conversion Email Sequence

You nurtured your audience, engaged them, and now you're ready for the home run to convert them. Make sure you figure out the problems that are most relevant to your audience and use marketing material such as case studies, ebooks, etc., to close the sale.

You've nurtured your audience, and you're about to hit them out of the park with high-quality marketing materials. Like a pro player, you must focus on what the audience needs and demonstrate that you care for them by providing them with resources they can use. It might take a little time and effort, but It's worth doing!

Dear [Name],

I am excited to meet you at [Location]. 

I've enjoyed getting acquainted with your company and know that our services will be an excellent match for what you need.

 Let me know when it would be a convenient date & time to connect for us both!

Please feel free to reply at a time that works for you!



Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

If your potential buyer is almost completed a purchase, but something went wrong. In order to help you continue your purchase, we need to send an email sequence called the abandoned cart sequence. By sending these outreach, you can improve your customer's experience with the product. You can successfully go through this process by using sales automation software like Smartlead to send a series of emails to those who abandon their shopping cart.

Hey {Name}

Your basket wasn't empty when you left {{Website}}, So we've saved the contents.

If you would like to confirm your order, please follow the link below.


I want to check in and ensure all your questions are answered and that you're not having any problems with the checkout process.




Email sequences can be an extremely effective way to convert leads into customers. Using the right tone and providing valuable content can create a sequence that helps your potential customers move through the buying process. Above follow up email templates can help you increase your email conversion & boost sales. They allow you to create a series of well-thought-out and planned emails, which can improve the customer experience. Not only will this help keep your clients happy, but it will also encourage them to return in the future. So start creating a sequence to increase your conversion rate.

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