Best GetResponse Alternatives for Email Marketing

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August 23, 2022

Did you know that email is 40× more effective than social media platforms for generating successful leads for your business? Yup, you've read it right.

Well, focusing on email marketing is a great (I would say wise as well) way to generate more revenue for your organization. I would have said nothing if you were doing email marketing campaigns with GetResponse back in 2000.

But in today's scenario, multiple GetResponse alternative tools offer seamless automation and AI-powered bulk email generation and tracking tools. They also provide a CRM all-in-one suite and live support that can eliminate the need for multiple platforms to operate your business.

Folks, search no more, for I have brought you the seven best GetResponse alternatives for email marketing (with detailed reviews and price points) to choose from the best.

Without any further ado, let's get started.

What is GetResponse, BTW?

GetResponse, one of the earliest email marketing platforms, helps you create pages, send cold copies, and automate marketing campaigns. It offers various features for increasing sales figures, automating content generation and driving organic traffic.

This tool has been in the market for a long and offers some amazing features such as CRM, landing page builder, integrated email marketing, etc. It provides free, basic, plus, and professional plans for all users, from small businesses to big corporations.

Why Should You Look for GetResponse Substitutes?

1. Limited Resources

Although GetResponse has been around for a while, it doesn't offer many variations regarding advanced features. For instance, you can't access email marketing services with the basic plan it offers.

GetResponse templates are not that lucrative (honestly, they look outdated). Also, the landing page creation forms are less responsive than Getresponse alternatives.

2. No Calling Support

The first inconvenience is still manageable (somewhat), but the actual red flag is the lack of a help desk and LiveChat feature. You can only access this feature if you are a Max² plan subscriber (well, it doesn't get easy on your pocket).

3. Outdated Split Testing

Most of the GetResponse alternatives offer split testing using sender and send time. Sadly, the split tasting feature of GetResponse is only limited to content and subject lines.

Also, the website builder needs improvement (honestly, GetResponse, you can do better), and you can't do the landing pages in a GDPR-compliant way.

GetResponse Home

7 Best GetResponse Alternatives for Email Marketing

1.  Smartlead

Smartlead is undoubtedly the first choice for GetResponse alternatives. As a business owner, whether you run a small company or a big corporation, Smartlead is the perfect choice for all your email marketing needs.

It is equipped with powerful features such as unlimited emails, email marketing integration, landing page development, AI-warmup for email writing, and many more. Unlike GetResponse, Smartlead helps you write sales copies that matter and generate more revenue through email marketing.

AI Email Automation Tool | SmartLead

Standout Features

1.    Smartlead ensures that your campaign lands where they matter the most - your leads' inboxes. It offers unlimited sender accounts (psyched? Me too!), AI personalization, and email warmups.

2.    Also, it relieves you from the hassle of checking all your email inboxes separately by offering you a master inbox for all your email accounts.

3.    It ensures that your campaigns don't mark as spam by providing high delivery IP servers.

4.    You can create custom conditional email triggers with the help of this tool to generate natural and personalized content. Also, the integrated AI thrives on improving your sender’s reputation and maintaining it.

5.    Smartlead offers you a seamless dashboard for all your email marketing needs. So, you can focus only on lead (and, of course, revenue) generation. You can scale your outreach across various platforms such as LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

6. This platform offers a smart email warmup feature that will help you personalize your cold outreach campaigns and generate more success. The high-deliverability servers ensure that your emails reach directly to your prospects’ inboxes. 

7. Smartlead ensures you don’t miss a lead by providing you with real-time updates about outreach and social media campaigns. You can stay up-to-date about the metrics and take necessary actions. 

Email Campaign Performance Track with SmartLead


  • Basic Plan: $29/month for 2000 active leads
  • Popular Plan: $49/month for 10,000 active leads
  • Pro Plan: $94/month for 30,000 active leads
  • Custom Plan: As the name suggests; customizable

2. ActiveCampaign

The talk of the B-town, ActiveCampaign is an excellent GetResponse alternative as an automation tool to perform email marketing. It also includes CRM for a seamless experience.

ActiveCampaign Home

You can create AI-powered email content, automate the campaign, and track your sales email records and stats in a single dashboard. Moreover, the machine learning feature can predict your prospects' preferences and send out campaigns in time to generate more responses and customers.

Standout Features

1.    ActiveCampaign doesn't just rely on marketing. It allows you to send out SMS to your potential customers for personalized interactions. Also, you can target the Facebook audience with its messaging feature.

2.    By allowing syncing your email addresses with Gmail, ActiveCampaign makes it easier to create, manage, and keep track of your marketing campaigns.

3.    Focusing on email marketing, ActiveCampaign has introduced features like campaign scheduling, funnel automation, email broadcasting, and auto-responding.

4.    Integrated AI and machine learning can make your campaigns more personalized for every prospect. It also increases the chances of boosting link clicks and reduces bounce rate.


  • Lite Plan: $9/month (billed annually) for 500 contacts
  • Plus Plan: $49/month (billed annually) for 500 contacts
  • Professional Plan: $149/month (billed annually) for 500 contacts
  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable


3.  AWeber

Simple things can be extraordinary, and that's what AWeber abides by. This is one of the most effective email marketing software you will get today.

AWeber Home

This tool completely focuses on email marketing as well as landing pages, so you won't get a complete suite within this platform. You can create unlimited landing pages at AWeber. It also offers free stock images and lets you create interesting sign-up forms quickly with a collection of pre-installed templates.

Standout Features

1.    The best thing about AWeber is that it offers a comprehensive list of third-party plugins and integrations (500+). You can optimize a CRM, social media, videos, and e-commerce. Not only email marketing, but you can perform all your business needs through AWeber.

2.    AWeber provides you with A/B testing so that you can split-test your live marketing data before sending it out to our potential customers. It enables you to pick the best version of your email, increasing the overall conversion rate.

3.    This platform allows you to personalize your content for each lead for better conversion rates. Also, you can use the built-in listing and segmentation feature.

4.    AWeber offers you a free migration service so that you can migrate all your existing contacts without any hassle. Moreover, you can build email lists, create and publish newsletters, send out cold outreach campaigns, and create amazing landing pages through this tool.


  • Free Plan: 500 email subscribers
  • Pro Plan: $16.15/month (billed annually) for 0-500 subscribers

4. ConstantContact

Be it a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, ConstantContact is an excellent email marketing tool for businesses of all capacities. If you are looking for a GetResponse alternative to grow your business through email marketing, ConstantContact is a perfect option.

ConstantContact Home

With affordable pricing plans, this tool offers a better alternative and doesn't burden your pocket. You can also generate social media copies and ads through this tool.

Standout Features

1.    You don't need to spend hours of your precious time understanding this platform. ConstantContact is easy to operate and keep track of your email, social media, and outreach campaigns.

2.    You can create customized landing pages with free and abundant templates. ConstantContact also offers you sign-up forms and detailed insights on online surveys.

3.    Unlike GetResponse, this tool offers live reports on sent, read, replies, and conversions, making it a suitable GetResponse alternative.

4.    The AI-based automation feature guides you in personalizing your email copies, social media posts, and ads. You can control and keep an eye on your cold email and social media ad campaigns.

5.    This tool makes sure that the domain is trusted and your campaign reaches where your leads go every day: to their inboxes. It also offers browser push notifications and mobile push notifications.


  • Core Plan: $9.99/month for 0-500 subscribers
  • Plus Plan: $45/month for 0-500 subscribers

5. EngageBay

The next tool on our list for GetResponse alternatives is EngageBay. Although this venture started way later than GetResponse, its practical marketing feature has made it one of the most popular ones in the market.

engagebay Home

EngageBay is especially useful for small businesses and startups for its customizable and affordable pricing plan. You can build, manage, and keep track of all your email marketing campaigns from this AI-integrated platform.

Standout Features

1.    Besides email marketing, this versatile tool offers SMS marketing services for you. This helps in personalization. You can set your automated email campaigns, send follow-ups & SMS, and even call your prospective customers through this tool.

2.    The appointment scheduling tool helps your sales team to track their activities efficiently, and all your clients get the freedom to choose their suitable meeting time.

3.    What makes it stand out from the crowd is the LiveChat feature. You can answer your customers' queries and solve their issues efficiently.

4.    This platform offers numerous templates for creating creative (engaging) landing pages and sign-up forms. You can also create video thumbnails and GIFs to send out attractive cold campaigns to your prospects.


  • Free Plan: $0/user/month for 500 contacts
  • Basic Plan: $11.99/user/month for 1000 contacts
  • Growth Plan: $39.99/user/month for 10,000 contacts
  • Pro Plan: $79.99/user/month for unlimited contacts

6. ConvertKit

ConertKit is the best email marketing and cold email tracking service for online creators. With the advanced automation tool and engaging interface, this tool boasts increased lead generation, better customer engagement, and higher conversion rates.

ConvertKit Home

The GetResponse alternative tool offers subscriber management, tagging, and multiple fonts to make your campaigns effective.

Standout Features

1.    ConvertKit allows you to categorize your customers and prospective leads into categories and create marketing campaigns separately. The sequence and broadcast feature help you target your detached customers through tool automation.

2.    Just like ActiveCampaign, you can use numerous third-party plugins and integrations to help you make your marketing campaigns effective and better.

3.    ConvertKit gives you real-time updates about replies and conversions. It also helps you generate follow-ups and send out replies to your potential leads.

4.    Creating high-personalized campaigns is easier with ConvertKit because it offers tagging-based subscription plans and personalized campaigns at all the stages of a deployed campaign.


  • Free Plan: $0/month for 1000 subscribers
  • Creator Plan: $25/month for 1000 subscribers
  • Creator Pro Plan: $50/month for 1000 subscribers

7. Drip

Now that we've almost come to the end of this guide, let's take a look at the last pick for the GetResponse alternative. The USP of Drip is that it's easy to use and brings all your marketing needs to one platform.

Drip Home

It allows you to connect your Facebook ad leads to the CRM and monitor and send social media copies to convert your leads into customers. Drip offers excellent guidance to improve your email deliverability and tracking feature to monitor campaigns' performance.

Standout Features

1.    Unlike GetResponse, the UX/UI design is pretty easy to navigate and offers an integrated dashboard for seamless tracking of your campaigns. On that note, Drip keeps you updated with detailed performance reports daily.

2.    You can connect all your social media handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with Drip to create email and sales copies, monitor your leads, and send timely follow-ups.

3.    Just like many other Getresponse alternatives, Drip also offers many integrations and plugins (Shopify, WooCommerce, magneto, etc.).

4.    Drip is especially beneficial for e-commerce businesses because it offers advanced reporting and tracking mechanisms powered by advanced AI. Also, you get to choose from a plethora of pre-written email templates to make your campaigns effective.


  • Free Plan: 14-day free trial
  • Paid Plan: $39/month for 500 contacts

Wrapping Up

Well, we've reached the end of this informative guide. I hope you have found a better GetResponse alternative for email marketing.

Not all the tools are fit or all. However, if I were allowed to share my opinion, I would have chosen Smarlead over all other options. Smarlead offers an all-in-one seamless marketing experience, and it also has an AI warmup feature that helps you generate relevant and attractive cold copies.

I suggest you research and pick the one that serves all your marketing needs. I wish you all the best with your marketing boost.

Till then, see you!


1. Why do you need a substitute for email marketing automation?

GetResponse is one of the oldest email marketing tools out there. However, with changing times and needs of businesses, its interfaces and the services it offers are not helpful for lead generation.

AI-powered email automation tools simplify your job by offering templates, writing assistance, automated follow-ups, and CRM for all your business needs. You can control and monitor your sales email marketing campaigns from one platform.

These are the reasons why you should look for an alternative for email marketing automation.

2. What key features to look for in GetResponse alternatives?

You should look for an automation tool that can serve all your business needs altogether. It should have custom templates for dedicated landing pages and sign-up forms. You may also look for AI-powered writing assistance for generating better cold copies.

Also, you should check whether the tool offers a detailed report and analysis of your campaigns or not. Lastly, the platform you choose should be easy-to-use and fulfill all your business needs.

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Do you offer guides and articles on succeeding with cold emails?

Absolutely, one of our most popular guides can be found right here. It's been used by a large percentage of users to go from zero to cold emailing experts. Covering all topics from email infrastructure to copywriting and lead sourcing.

Is another tool needed for warmups?

No, Smartlead has over 200,000 highly reputed mailboxes connected. The advantage you get along with naturalized AI conversations is access to aged domains you will never find in any warmup tool.

What is the API commonly used for?

It is used popularly by agencies to automate their entire lead generation process as well as to connect Smartlead to external tools to push and pull data from. You can also connect to 1000s of apps using Zapier.

What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

Anyone that can close deals from demos will succeed with Smartlead. It works for Sales companies, Marketing agencies, SaaS businesses, Recruitment, and offline companies (like construction).

Do you provide me with lead sources?

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Do you integrate with any CRMs?

We're building native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive, and many more. The best part, due to our open API and Webhook infrastructure, you can connect to any CRM in the world without an issue.

How many team members can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of team members, as well as assign them roles and authority access.

Do you have custom plans beyond the Pro plan?

Yes, it's common for many people to move to Custom plans after a few weeks. You can view all the options for up to 10M leads on the subscription page once you sign up for free.

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