How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients: Conquer Email Outreach

There can be several reasons for people to send emails to multiple receivers without letting them know who else is being reached out to. Salespeople, marketers, business organizations, and recruiters send emails to multiple recipients for outreach purposes. 

The main reason for sending bulk or mass emails (without revealing other recipients) is to save time and effort and provide a sense of individual connection. Sending an email to multiple recipients where everyone can see the list of recipients looks spammy and unprofessional. 

Today, let's discuss how you can send emails to multiple recipients without revealing the list of contacts with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook in the step-by-step guides. 

If you already know how to do it, read why "Email Marketing Tools are Better Than ESPs." 

What Are "Cc" and "Bcc" in ESPs?

First, let's take a look at what 'Cc' and 'Bcc' mean. 

"Cc" stands for carbon copy. It is used to send copies of business emails or professional emails to several recipients where recipients can see who else has received it. 

"Bcc" stands for blind carbon copy. It is fundamentally the same as "Cc," but here, the recipients of the email copy can't see who else has received it.

Both of these features are available in ESPs – Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo.

How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients in Gmail

Sending Bcc emails (undisclosed recipients) in Gmail is relatively easier than in Outlook. It takes just three steps to send "Bcc" marked emails.

  • First, open your Gmail id and click on the "Compose" button. 
  • Once the "New Message" dialogue box opens, write '"Undisclosed recipients" in the "To" field and enter your email address (for example, followed by a space.


  • Next, click on the "Bcc" button on the upper right and enter your recipients' addresses.
  • Once it's done, compose the email message and hit the "Send" button. 

That's it, done. Your recipients will not be able to check who else has received the email. 

How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients in Outlook

Let's check out how you can do this in Microsoft Outlook. 

  • Once you open the Outlook inbox, click on the "New Message" button.


  • Now click on the "Bcc" button on the upper right side of the "new messages" dialog box (and if you want your recipients to know all the recipients, click on the "Cc" field).


  • Add the email addresses of your recipients, separated by commas. 
  • Now compose the message and hit "Send." 

The "Bcc" field is suitable for email communication only when you are sending infrequent messages or communicating with a small number of people or your internal team. However, it's best to use a mass email service if you are reaching out to your prospects or customers. 

Drawbacks of Using "Bcc" and Why You Should Stay Away

1. Whether you are using Gmail or Outlook, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) often consider these emails as spam. So there's a high chance of your emails reaching the recipients' spam folders instead of the primary inbox. 

2. Email service providers (ESPs) usually restrict the number of email addresses to prevent suspicious activities (spamming, phishing, etc.) from the sender. 

3. There's no place for personalization in Bcc'd emails. You can only send a generic email to every recipient. This increases the risk of poor customer engagement and lower click-through rates and conversions. 

Email Marketing Tools are Better Than ESPs

Using Gmail, Outlook, or any other ESPs for internal communication is fine (as long as you have a small team), but we'd recommend using an email marketing tool for your business outreach (promotion, marketing, and sales). 

Here are some of the best email marketing tools you can choose from: 

If you are wondering how to use these tools to your benefit, read how to send bulk emails and the best B2B email marketing practices

Benefits of Email Marketing Tools

1. Gmail or Outlook don't offer email tracking so that you will be left with no information about your email marketing campaigns. On the other hand, email marketing tools deliver timely reports and predictive insights. These tools will inform you about your email campaign's delivered, sent, and read status. 

2. Email marketing tools will ensure your emails reach your prospects' inboxes instead of the spam folder. 

3. These tools will offer relevant statistics such as customers' interests, best practices, delivery times, etc. 

4. Email marketing offers full customization of email messages within a campaign. You can send customized emails to your prospects for better click-through rates and increased conversions

5. You don't need to "Bcc" your recipients; your email list remains hidden from the recipients by default. 

Besides these, you can segment your contact list, send push notifications and newsletters, and make the emails mobile-friendly. 


Sending Bcc'd emails to employees or colleagues is fine, but if you are running a business, it's best to use a dedicated email marketing solution to send marketing emails to your prospects. 

This way, you can personalize your messages, create email strategies and better control your campaigns. So, choose the smart way to send personalized emails and rock your email outreach efforts. 

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