The Best Cold Outreach Tools to Help You Get More Leads

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July 6, 2022

Cold campaigns are the most effective methodology to gain quality leads for the business and improve sales. 

Identifying the right marketing automation will enable the professional sales rep to create an effortless sales outreach process.  After trying them all, here’s a list of cold emailing tools we’ve ranked to help you connect with your ideal customers, ultimately winning you more business by boosting your response rate. 

To begin, Let's look at cold outreach, how you should consider using automated cold outreach tools for sales, and some best practices to follow.

What is Cold Emailing?

It is an outbound message sent to someone you've never met. It doesn't mean you're sending spam. You're targeting the right person. You need to understand your targeted prospects and why they should buy from you (give them a reason). If you're trying to sell them something, you need to give them a reason to buy from you.

If you're just asking for feedback, you need to show them why they should care about your product. Sometimes, cold email works because you're giving away something valuable for free. People will appreciate you for it.

Cold emailing can be tedious as you’d have to do endless copying and pasting. That's where a sales engagement platform will come in handy. You can use it to automate repetitive tasks and save time. There are different kinds of cold email marketing software available today. Some are designed to help you create personalized messages, while others focus on automating the sending process. SmartLead is one of the email automation software solutions available today.  Using AI warmups and unlimited email accounts, the core engine is designed to help you scale without worrying about landing in the spam filter or doing manual workarounds.

Personalize Your Cold Emails Outreach

Make your emails basic personalization and interesting for recipients by including dynamic content that can be updated with their recipient name or company name. A good trick is identifying a mutual connection and then mention it in the message. When choosing the sales engagement platform, make sure that you can use dynamic content. You can set up a  custom email template for your emails to look personalized with your first name, company, and other details. The more personalized the email looks, the better. A useful trick is mentioning a point of interest with the recipient or their company and showing how you understand them.

SmartLead helps the sales department to deliver better outreach content with hyper-personalization. This software offers more flexibility than similar tools today, giving you ultimate control over your messages. It also offers unlimited sender accounts, spam trigger checking (To avoid outreach messages landing on spam folders), warm-up, custom CRM, email validation, and more. Using image personalization, your outreach can stand out from the rest of your competition in the receiver's inbox. The software also provides an interface with popular apps to make your work more seamless.

Features to Look For In Marketing Automation Software

1. Email Scheduling & Automatic Follow Up

Email scheduling & automatic follow-up are the most vital functions of any outreach email tool. While many have severely limited campaign options and scheduling capabilities. The most important feature to ensure before choosing is whether the cold outreach software offers various scheduling and customizing campaign features. Cold email can be time-consuming. That's why the software is designed to have these key functions:

  • Ensure you can easily add or remove the prospect on the email list
  • Customization of the sales sequence with custom interval time & content 
  • Customize the outreach steps you want. 
  • Find unlimited auto-rotating email accounts for marketing campaigns.
  • Post sending on a predefined schedule drip campaign or time-zone based sending, and utilize deliverability features to ensure your messages land in the customer's primary inbox.
  • Email deliverability guarantees ensure your outreach message always lands in the receiver's primary inbox. 
  • When finding the cold outreach email software, you need to look for the features mentioned above. 

2. Easy Powerful Email Personalization

When it comes to cold email marketing, you'll want to show your prospects that you understand their pain points and needs before sending any messages. Cold outreach tools need to have snippets adding a feature to personalize the emails. You can personalize the content by inserting unique prospect detail such as first name, company name,  unique introductory sentence or catchy first line, compelling penalized subject line, etc. 

Personalizing emails for every user is a breeze with SmartWriter & SmartLead. The system automatically segments your recipients by their mailing addresses. It then sends them tailored messages. We allow you to use as a basis an automated cold outreach template that is highly configurable and includes dynamic personalization, so every outreach message you send is unique.

3. Built-In Deliverability 

Email deliverability features make it easy to ensure your emails are not spammy. Using a productivity tool, you can choose between different send delays and enable a powerful email tracking feature. So you know when the recipient opened them or unread messages. Maintaining a healthy sender score when emailing for business purposes is important. The best technique is choosing a cold outreach solution with a free warm-up tool and other features to boost deliverability.

4. Collaboration Or Native Integration Features

If you have more than one team member working on your sales campaigns, you’ll need collaboration features in your outreach tools. While choosing the software, you need to look for features such as a shared dashboard for the cold email campaigns, inbox rotation, and advanced analytics to track the overall performance of the outreaches. App integrations - native integration happens by linking applications and allowing data to flow between them. Once you've set up the inter-departmental integration, your employees will have access to the information in both apps.  

Best Cold Email Software for Getting Replies

Are you seeking the best marketing automation to gain more leads? The best way to scale your cold outreach is with these powerful tools that will help you with automated follow-up processes. This innovative software has features like automation and personalization, making it easy for anyone in any industry or company. Let's dive into the list. 

1. SmartLead

Cold emailing has never been easier thanks to SmartLead, which gives you access and control of unlimited mailboxes from a single inbox. With our AI-optimized sending system that rotates through different messages every time. This automation tool offers unlimited auto-rotation features and unlimited campaigns.  You can access all your leads in one inbox, so there is never to lose another conversation. 

SmartLead connects your accounts, has duplicate detection on the contact list, send mass email, and scales your outreach without worrying about daily limits or reputation. Using the SmartLead cold outreach tool, you can automate your Follow-up sequences and create and maintain drip sequences more naturally for all your lead nurturing in a centralized master inbox. AI Warmups  SmartLead offers how to use AI to interact with your emails to ensure that you stay out of spam.

SmartLead automation tool

SmartLead Advantage

  • SmartLead offers an email-sending service with several innovative features that improve your sending reputation. 
  • These include unlimited rotating emails, a built-in deliverability tool, dynamic IP addresses per campaign, spintax,  google sheet support and a centralized master inbox. 
  • You can also choose to be automatically removed from any prospect list at any time. The software also offers a variety of additional features, including personalization, API access for automating your campaign from the dedicated campaign dashboard, and much more.
  • Track and reply to everything from a single inbox: stop worrying about your leads and let our system manage them all. It offers to manage over 20+ mailboxes together.  
  • Get in touch with your prospects across multi-channels by reaching them through: Email, Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Text message over Whatsapp, and more. 
  • SmartLead's separate user-friendly interface for live-feed reports gives a deeper insight into the dedicated dashboard for tracking open, click,  response rate, conversion rate,  and tracking of bounce rate. Detailed reports help you to optimize every cold outreach campaign.

SmartLead Pricing 

Start your 14-day free trial today. SmartLead offers affordable rates plans that are more suitable for small and large business owners, so there won't be any surprises at the time of payment.

Smartlead offers 3 plans starting with $29/m upto 94/m, which offers 30k active leads and 150k emails with infinite email accounts and unlimited warm-up. 

Smartlead is categorically cheaper with its unique, essential features at affordable prices compared with other tools in the market. We've got something perfect just waiting around each corner. 

Smartlead Pricing

2. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is the ideal tool for b2b business, and you can reach your potential prospects through email verification, automation, and personalized emails. The tool is specifically designed for cold email outreaches and follow-ups. Using this software, you can send emails to form the email provider such as Office 365, Gmail, or Exchange accounts.

Woodpecker email outreach software

Woodpeckers Pro’s 

  • Woodpeckers offer many advanced features, including A/B testing, multi-stream campaigns, manual tasks to include other actions besides emails, snippet-based conditions for easier customizations and personalization, and continuous improvement and updates. 
  • One benefit of using Woodpeckers is that they're constantly improving and updating their software, allowing you to pay only for what you utilize.
  • The software integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, and many other business tools for easy workflow. 
  • It is a great alternative for sales teams who need to collaborate, share a contact list, and list domains. 

Woodpeckers Con’s

  • Woodpecker limits the number of follow-ups or email sequences. It sends only 7 follow-ups. It can be costly for a small business, and add-ons are a given.


Woodpecker offers a 30-day free trial, and The pricing plan starts at $39 a user per month, where you can take up to 1500 new people.

3. SmartReach is a  cold emailing tool designed for every size agency and company. Smaller businesses might not require all the features available in, while larger companies will appreciate the ability to scale up quickly when needed. As mentioned, there are numerous different email services, each with its strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, Gmail tends to be the most reliable option for sending emails, but it does not offer many options for managing your mailing lists. On the other hand, Office 365 provides a lot of flexibility, but it can be very expensive if you send a large number of emails per month to individual users per month. allows you to choose the right email client and SMTP server to fit your needs.

SmartReact cold emailing tool


  • The software supports the most popular email service providers, including Mailgun, GSuite, Office365, Outlook, and SendGrid.  
  • Using SmartReact, you can send personalized campaigns and account-based sales. It supports numerous clients and has powerful integration features. 


  • Some users feel the internal inbox requires work. A successful cold email marketing campaign requires some personalized content and a list of prospects. 
  • SmartReach is similar to all other outreach tools. It doesn't have many other powerful features, but the support team works fast.


SmartReact base plan subscription at $24, and the ultimate plan cost is nearly $59. Here are the complete pricing plan details. The software offers 14 Day Free Trial.

SmartReact tool pricing

4. Snov

Snov is another great option for people interested in automated campaigns. can save you a lot of time and features an intuitive interface. It has a sales prospecting tool where you can also find someone’s email address on a webpage with the help of the Snov Chrome extension.

Snov Pros 

  • To make your email more effective, you can set triggers that will tell you when someone opens your email. 
  • You can also set automated actions to send follow-ups if they open your email but don't reply. 
  • With the domain search tool, you'll be able to find an email address that is attached to a certain domain name.
  • comprises features including an email verifier, an email drip campaign, and an easy interface.

Snov Cons 

  • The tool doesn't have the feature to include an Unsubscribe Link in your cold emailing campaign.
  • The interface doesn't list the most used email addresses for contact if they have multiple email addresses.


Snov pricing basic subscription starts from $39/mo, which is perfect for startups and solopreneurs, and the price upto 738$ is suitable for agencies & enterprises.

5. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is another leading marketing automation to send personalized cold emails to your leads. Our software does this by following a human-like approach, which helps to ensure you'll never be blocked for spamming, and delivers successfully to the receiver's inbox. 

You can easily create up to 49 personalized, segmented follow-up sequences using a sales handy dashboard. Each sequence includes a summary of how many emails you will send and the percentage of open rates per segment.

Saleshandy will take care of your email deliverability by sending messages one at a time to make it seem as if you have been sending them manually. Also, the software will pause a sequence if it is likely that your emails are going to get returned.

SalesHandy marketing automation tool

SalesHandy Advantage

  • Saleshandy has various advantages, including automating your cold email campaign. Get an AI writing assistant to improve your open rates. 
  • A/B tests different formats to know what works the best. Find hot leads using Saleshandy connect (A LinkedIn email finding tool).  
  • Sales handy outreach solution will maximize your efforts by providing you with the necessary native integration with the popular to achieve your targets.


You can try SalesHandly for 14 days free with the basic plan beginning at $25/month/user. Find more about packages and pricing plans. 

SalesHandy pricing plans

6. Mailshake

Mailshake is suitable for any business, large or small. It's perfect for cold-calling and meaningful connection LinkedIn connections, and it's also easy to set up at a company as it grows. We do not doubt that you'll love Mailshake. It is a very popular tool for marketing outreach, especially when you're looking to cold email someone or call their attention. It's also useful for connecting with a potential client on LinkedIn and other social media channels like Facebook. 

Cold emailing is an effective strategy for getting introductions. Most effective is sending personalized emails to your ideal prospect with dynamic fields. You can also set up follow-ups with this contact data on MailChimp, which will automatically stop once the potential customer replies.

Mailshake Tool


  • Mailshake focused on delivering emails with business-grade deliverability. You can create sequences with cold emails, cold calling, and social selling to improve your sales process. 
  • Mailchimp has the perfect solution if you're looking for a way to connect with your list of prospects.


  • No free trial is available, and they offer a free 30-day money-back guarantee.


Their Outreach Plan will help grow and engage their lists by sending targeted emails on your behalf. It's only $44/user for an annual subscription and costs around $59 per month. And the Sales Engagement is billed annually for $75  month per user. All the plans come with 30 days guarantees. 

Mailshake Pricing


The reply is a powerful sales outreach platform with innovative features like testing and tracking that allow you to optimize your marketing outreach. It has powerful reporting, which helps you see all the data and indicators for your campaigns, such as delivery rates, open rates, link clicks, and bounce rates. Using this software, you can exclude certain subscribers from your list of auto-generated emails and also send more targeted emails to specific users. Sales Outreach Platform


  • is a product with a lot of features. It's easy to use and has powerful automation features enabling you to set up a campaign. 
  • They have collaboration tools for marketing teams.


  • Many high-end features and a hefty price tag with the target audience. 
  • When you first start using the app, it can be difficult to organize contacts, and when targeting audiences with advanced or specific queries, you need the right know-how.


For the individual plan, it starts with 70$ mon/user with 1000 people month per user. You can set infinite sequences, CRM integration, and more. In the 90 $ mon/user, you can contact 3000 people monthly. You can go for a 120 mon/user plan for unlimited contacts per month. pricing

8. HubSpot

Hubspot is well known for its great email marketing and offers a powerful customer service tool. You can also track active customer engagement in sales efforts and marketing activities.

Hubspot Pros 

  • Hubspot's features are ideal for anyone who needs to bring together the customer lifecycle and the sales pipeline. 
  • This integration saves you from the inconvenience of importing data from anywhere else. It offers 14 days free trial for the user.

Hubspot email marketing tool

Hubspot Cons

  • Hubspot's Enterprise plan only includes advanced features,  detailed analytics, conversation intelligence, predictive lead scoring, and other valuable functionality.


Sales Hub Professional starts at $450/month for 5 users. You will not have access to the cold email tool without purchasing the Sales and Service Hub Professional. Find here for pricing details.

9. Outreach

Outreach is a comprehensive sales platform that increases efficiency. One of its best features is sending cold emails and making calls to other regions. They have an SMS integration feature that allows you to reach your prospective client via phone. 

Outreach sales platform

Outreach Pros

  • offers several advantages for both small and large teams.
  • This software includes great customer service, seamless integration, and many more useful features.
  • Using this software, you can ensure to keep your messages and phone schedules organized so nothing slips through the cracks. 
  • The software makes sure to give you the best experience possible. One way we do this is by automatically reminding you about emails.

Outreach Cons 

  • It has a long wait for the emails in bulk, and the integration with Salesforce and Gmail can be better.


Use the request for pricing within the website and sign up for free trial software. 


Cold emailing can be extremely powerful in getting new  active customer and growing business. Personalizing your outreach email can increase the likelihood of your message being read and responded to. And using a sales tool with features like automated follow-ups and a customized cold email template can make the cold emailing process easier and more efficient.

Marketing automation software makes it easy to personalize your message and increases your chances of getting a  reply rate. Using the right tool, you can focus on creating valuable content that stands out in the inbox and helps you connect with the cold emailing prospects. Using marketing automation to get more replies and expand your customer base, give cold emailing a try!

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What is the API commonly used for?

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