How to Create a webinar invitation that Boosts Webinar ROI

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July 29, 2022

If you're business owners and marketers who struggle to generate a decent return on investment (ROI) from webinar campaigns, you're not alone. A webinar email sequence is an effective way to acquire new leads and increase marketing ROI. Inviting people to attend your upcoming webinar is a great way to ensure the event's success. But, if you want to get the most out of your event campaign, you need to create an invitation that entices people to attend.  

In this blog post, we'll discuss top tips for creating an engaging event invitation that can help boost ROI and 5 easy steps that triple the event attendance to increase the conversion rate.


What is a webinar invitation?

It is an email invite that encourages people to join your event. The powerful CTA in the email is a stand-alone marketing piece to capture qualified leads or drive massive registrations. Sending out a stellar invitation is crucial as it will set the tone for the upcoming event and determine whether participants continue through registration to launch. Also, the best way to increase revenues is by offering top-notch content in conjunction with an engaging invitation sent out at least one week in advance. 

Tips to Create a Webinar Invitation that Boosts ROI

Regarding your online marketing efforts, there's no way around an effective event invitation. When sending an email to your mailing lists or prospects, you need a compelling subject line and an engaging tone if you expect people who don't know you to view or register for your online event. 

Here are some must-have key features of Webinar invitations to boost campaign performance:

Webinar invitation subject lines: 

Webinars are the best way to connect with your audience, but only if they're worth the time of those who attend. Make sure you have an interesting webinar subject line that will capture their attention and make them want more. Here are some samples of great webinar email subject lines that you can use as inspiration for your next event.



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Engaging Webinar Title:

It's tough for B2b companies to convince people to pop in their contact information and spend time attending your event. But the effective event titles capture attendees' attention at first glance and increase your click-through rates. So it is recommended to keep the event title short, relevant, and as engaging as possible.

Genuine Introduction:

If you are planning to host a live event, there is no better way to boost open rates on your emails than by offering something of value to entice recipients to join. But how you effectively use the opening lines of your email invitation plays a key role. Create a simple introduction in your webinar invite to create trust. For example, share an introduction about you, your company, and the webinar host details.

Prospect's Pain Points: 

Knowing about the problem and pain points is a great way to hook the audience and a highly recommended lead generation strategy. To outshine the crowd, you must provide value by understanding the problem of potential attendees, the issues in the field, and far more.

Provide Solutions in the email copy:

Discussing problems is not enough to retain the email recipient's attention. The webinar copy must provide how the event will help solve issues with expert suggestions. It builds a good rapport between the audience and the event presenter.

Webinar Topic and Learning opportunities:

A great way to attract more registration to your event is by highlighting the trending topics and goals of the event. The attendees can identify the most important takeaways from this webinar by reading about it in your email copy. However, it is important to structure your content copy with what they will learn through the online event is must to increase the average attendance rate.


Personalized Images:


Adding creative and personalized images is a great idea to attract email recipients instantly. The banner image will help with social proof and act like clickbait in the invite. Adding the speakers' and host images at applicable places add more value to your email invite.


Link Details to register:

In your initial email, it is mandatory to provide a "how to register" section via action buttons or links to increase the registration. The spot registration button or link will act as a magnet point to collect the potential webinar attendees' details before the event.

Call to action to increase user engagement:  

User engagement is an important aspect of every webinar, online presentation, or live event as it directly reflects an organization's sales objectives. Without a clear call-to-action (CTA), users will not be aware of the next steps. And how to find out more information or move them towards the goal of taking their desired action. A webinar invite must convey what will occur during the event, taking the user through a series of CTAs with engaging design, crisp messaging, and timely content delivery. 

Here are some webinar invitation examples:

Creating an event invitation message is very important to attract a potential audience. So you must create an extraordinary invitation to flood the audience. If you are considering hosting a webinar? If so, make sure to include these key features in your invitation. Doing so will ensure that potential attendees are excited about the prospect of joining your event. Here are some webinar invitation message samples or templates to get you started.

Sample Invitation 1: Event announcement email

Webinar announcement Email with SmartLead


Sample Invitation 2:  

Sample Webinar invitation

Hope these examples help you craft your webinar email templates. Now it is time to share how to create an email sequence to get maximum reach. 


How to create an ultimate webinar email sequence?

Email is a great event marketing tool for two reasons. It allows you to pre-qualify your audience so that you don't spend large amounts of money unsuccessfully targeting people who aren't interested in your topic. Also, the webinar invitation best practices make it much easier to personalize content as it's a scalable way of mass delivering static content. 

Webinar email sequence with SmartLead

Let's discuss how to set up an email campaign sequence to friendly nurture your audience to get maximum exposure.

Webinar announcement email sequence:

Sending out the event invitation emails is the first step of the campaign. Inviting your large list of email subscribers, customer base, and people who have already shown interest in your website makes a way to get the potential audience list. 

To make your event successful, make an announcement to the world with complete webinar details. According to statistics, on average, the attendance to registration rate has seen a massive improvement, up to 40-50%, with personalized messages and creative invite copy. So creating an enchanting invite including all the key features is a must, and set up an email campaign. 

And to do your job easily, automate your email campaign creation process with AI tools to help reach out to your attendees in a great way. To help further share a sample webinar invitation email template to increase your webinar registrations.

Webinar Confirmation Email:

It is a confirmation email confirming the date, time, location, and other pertinent details required to attend the event. It is sent out immediately after a webinar registrant has confirmed their attendance, whether they are an online registrant or in-person.

Webinar Confirmation Email

A follow-up email to keep the attendees in the loop:

Your attendees are guaranteed to make it in for your event with a simple webinar reminder email. The event follow-up messages work wonders in keeping the attendees in the loop and making the event successful with maximum attendance. A study states that follow-up emails triple the reply rate and improve campaign performance. So sending event reminders increases the attendance rate and makes your online webinar a big hit.

Follow up message for webinar

Following these best practices and sequencing will help you boost Webinar ROI. To improve your campaign performance, ensure you have a proper event email template, email sequences, and a tool to automate your email campaign.

When should we schedule a webinar invitation?

  • Event invitations are generally scheduled in advance. The best time to plan an event is 20 days before it's intended so that there has been enough lead time and you can confirm all details with your guests/ attendees, & partners, etc.
  • The date should then be set as close at hand but not too soon after this point due busy schedules of the prospects.
  • And the Confirmation email has to be sent the next moment they register for the event.
  • With the help of cold outreach tools, we can set the follow-up messages with recommended time delay. For example, The first follow-up is scheduled for 3 days after the confirmation mail. And the second reminder is set on the day before the event to increase attendance.
  • And the best time to send out your email invite is Tuesday, and follow-ups on the weekdays (Wednesday and Thursday).

The campaign setting process and tips inspire you all in your next campaign. Here are the steps involved in boosting the event attendance.

How to Triple Your Webinar Attendance with best practices:

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to hold an online event. In fact, with all the tools and technology, you can create events that can be accessed on any device and even via live streaming video content. Many people are choosing this to engage directly with network members who may otherwise never get access inside opportunities for learning about new products & services. 

To make sure you see your target audience tune in during your presentation, don't forget these top strategies: 

  • Create beautiful webinar invitation templates and virtually treat your audience. It will influence them to make a registration.
  • Select a perfect tool to automate your follow email sequences. It will help send the follow-up messages, which act as a reminder and help keep track of the prospects.
  • Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience before finalizing your email list. It will help you to pitch to qualified leads based on their interest and previous actions.
  • Highlight the key points to be discussed, Guestlist, and create a questionnaire session with the selected audience to acknowledge their presents.
  • Provide offline audio or video of the event to help the prospects in case they couldn't make it to the event. It will help you communicate further with leads and increase the webinar sales funnel.

Wrapping Up:

Are you looking for more ways to increase attendance at your webinars? If so, follow the best practices outlined in this blog post. Not only will they help you triple attendance, but they'll also help make your event more engaging and successful overall. Have you tried any of these ideas?  If not, try now to boost your ROI.

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