How to Create an Email Nurture Campaign That Converts (+Infographic)

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June 25, 2022
Email Nurture Campaign

Email nurturing campaigns are integral to any successful business's inbound marketing strategy. These campaigns aim to expand a potential client's knowledge about your product and demonstrate. This is done through educating, creating awareness of your product /service, and building relationships with prospective customers. 

A nurturing campaign aims to establish relationships and make them beneficial for brands and consumers through personalized email campaigns. 67% of email marketers invest more time creating personalized email campaigns. To retain loyal audiences, marketers need to make these connections, which often come at some point via tailored emails. 

If you want to learn about lead nurturing and how to create successful campaigns. This blog post shares a complete guide on lead nurturing in general, and the most effective channel for your lead nurturing is through emails.

What Does Lead Nurturing Mean?

Lead nurturing isn’t just about creating any email campaign. It’s mainly about generating interest within your audience. Unfortunately, many companies think lead nurturing is just about sending emails. But it’s actually about educating and engaging your audience. That means you must create content that educates your customers and helps them understand who you are and what you do. 

You need to give them something that compels them to act. That might mean giving them a freebie or even a discount. But whatever you do, keep the conversation going. If you stop talking to your audience, they’ll forget you.

Content marketers create digital content to educate and enlighten customers about products and services. Content marketers also create content that convinces potential customers to become leads and converts.

The Importance Of Email Nurturing Campaigns 

Lead generation should not be ignored. Without it, your business may lose out on valuable customers. Many businesses think they can just throw money at advertising or social media and get results. Taking an analytical approach is a good way to achieve success. You need to focus on the right channels and the time spent developing relationships with your audience will be worth it in the end. 

Email nurturing campaigns are the most effective channel for generating leads. It also provides an excellent ROI. The average cost per lead generated through email provides exceptional ROI around 4400%. It is the most reasonable channel to get in touch with your audience through email, nurturing those who have signed up for your campaign. On top of that, email marketing generates 4 times more revenue than other forms of marketing.  

Inbound Marketing's primary focus is to attract visitors to your website through relevant messaging. It increases the chances of a customer engaging with you via social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. These strategies help businesses attract prospective customers while also increasing conversions and revenue.

What Should Go Into An Email Nurture Campaign?

Email nurturing is an initiative that engages with audiences organically. Nurturing emails are built from lists created through consumer research. These messages help educate, enlighten and encourage customers along their buyer journeys. When the two overlap, they become email nurture campaigns. These are built on past customer behavior. This behavior includes previous email signups, website visits, and search history. Emails also answer questions and provide users with content that helps them on the buying journey. When marketing agencies create nurture campaigns, they are often called email nurture campaigns.

How To Create An Effective Email Nurture Campaign

The lead nurturing campaign is also similar to the drip email campaign. It also requires personalized content, email list segmentation, and an email's unique call to action (CTA). Using workflow automation software like SmartLead, you can schedule the campaign for your nurturing email. Understand your prospective buyer's interests and pain points and customize your email to the right people.

It's vital to remember that the same approaches apply, no matter what style of email campaign you're running. Providing value and relevance will always help your messages stand out from other emails in prospect's inboxes. Personalized content is key to keeping people interested enough so they'll open it instead of wasting valuable time reading something without interest or pleasure.

Businesses use these principles when crafting nurturing campaigns or marketing campaigns. Nurture email involves lots of efforts to build relationships between brands & potential buyers over extended periods. This approach has been helping build long-lasting. 

How To Create An Effective Email Nurture Campaign

1. Identify The Goal Of The Campaign

Before reaching out to your targeted audience, make sure what is the goal of the email sequence and then identify the prospective buyer's pain points, industry, and interests and ensure you have segmented them to boost your conversion rate. 

Campaign goal ensures you are reaching out to the right people. You must segment your email list for email marketing and tailor your message specifically for prospective buyers. Narrow down the goals based on what pain points or industries they have difficulty with and/or target someone who would be an ideal client in this situation, an individual whose purchase could easily lead them to become your loyal customers.

2. Find Your Target Audience

The most important step is identifying your target audience or market. For a successful campaign, it is important to understand the buyer personas. When you determine this, it's easier to identify how your product will appeal to them.

To be effective in your campaign strategies, you'll have to identify what you're selling and who it will be for. Once you know your buyer's pain points, you can craft an effective cold email campaign message that will demand and show how your business cares for them.

3. Map Out Your Customer Journey 

The customer journey or buyers journey comprises three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision-making. 

Awareness stage: 

Consider how potential buyers would describe their problem and how they would deal with it. Then, ask yourselves how they would overcome the pain point using your product/ service offerings. In this stage, the customer will find solutions that match those needs. So your business needs education through resources like ebooks, webinars, videos, etc. Educate them on how your offer will benefit them well. 

Consideration stage: 

In this stage, the buyer will know the benefits of your offerings, compile a list of solutions to their problem, and choose the right one for their business. We want to know what categories of solutions your buyer would consider and how they decide.

Decision-making stage: 

A buyer's decision to purchase is made at this stage. Focus on your buyers' criteria to eliminate and select the best offer for them. 

4. Choose Right Channel 

Email outreach is the most convincing channel for nurturing your potential leads. First, find the right channel and content format. For instance, it can be an e-book, workbook, forms, etc. So choose the channel, whether it's an email, retargeting ads, or landing pages. 

Keep in mind that email is the most successful one for lead nurturing, and it might be worth your time to spend some time on it. One way you can do this is to optimize for mobile devices, which will help them see your message. In addition, there are endless ways to format and communicate your message, so it might be worth testing out a few different options.

5. Automate Your Campaign 

The email marketing campaign first step is ensuring a smooth and effortless journey for customers throughout your funnel. A strategy for accomplishing this is by employing automation or workflows. For example, you can set up a preference center that helps you segment your mailing lists and determine your subscribers' frequency and interest in the content. 

In addition, your email marketing automation software should be compatible with other systems like your CRM, as data points will be shared often and cross-referenced to guide your campaigns. Using Smartwriter & SmartLead you can automate your entire lead nurturing workflow in an automated way.

email marketing automation software

When You Need To Utilize A Nurture Campaign

Nurture campaigns, which typically have a longer-term goal in mind and require more planning, are stronger than email drip campaigns, which are often one-time or only periodic emails. To make the most of your nurture campaign, you might want to engage in email campaigns that provide an ebook after someone fills out the form on your site, a webinar, and a complimentary consultation for those who attended the webinar.

Some businesses have the resources to create a nurturing campaign, monitoring and nurturing the behavior of their leads. Drip and nurture campaigns to promote your business online. However, email is only one part of an effective lead nurturing strategy and not the only or the most important aspect.


Email nurturing is an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy. Creating a well-crafted email nurture campaign can keep your leads warm and drive them towards conversion. The tips we’ve shared should help you get started on building your own successful email nurture campaign. It is one of the most compelling ways to improve sales and keep customers engaged. So create an email nurture campaign today that will help you reach your business goals.

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