Smartlead vs. Folderly vs. Salesloft: Best Tool for Email Marketing 

Created On:
May 8, 2024
Updated On:
May 8, 2024
Smartlead vs. Folderly vs. Salesloft tool comparison

Email marketing is a gold mine, yielding an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. This staggering return underscores the pivotal role that email outreach plays in driving business growth and engagement.

Within this dynamic arena, tools like Smartlead, Folderly, and Salesloft emerge as essential allies. Each of these tools offer a unique array of features and benefits to enhance your email outreach strategy. 

  • Smartlead, for instance, has a 28% reply rate and a 19% positive response rate
  • It ensures that your messages don't just land in inboxes but also prompt action from your recipients.
  • Folderly, on the other hand, prides itself on a stellar email deliverability rate. 
  • Salesloft, meanwhile, promises to increase your sales productivity.

Now, each of these email outreach tools has the potential to boost your email outreach efforts and drive tangible results for your business.

But the challenge lies in selecting the best match for your business needs. 

  • Are you looking to boost response rates, improve deliverability, or drive sales productivity? 
  • How do you ensure that the tool's features align with your specific outreach needs?
  • How intuitive is the tool's user interface?
  • How might it impact your team's productivity and effectiveness?
  • Does each tool support A/B testing for email content and subject lines? 

That's where our comprehensive comparison comes in. By diving deep into the features of Smartlead, Folderly, and Salesloft, we aim to help you in elevating your email outreach strategy to new heights. Let's dive in and streamline your email outreach strategy.

Features and Capabilities Comparison: Smartlead Vs. Folderly Vs. SalesLoft

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, offering a high return on investment. To make the most of this strategy, choosing the right email marketing tool is crucial. Let's dive deeper into the features and capabilities of Smartlead, Folderly, and SalesLoft to decide which is the best fit for your email marketing needs.

Smartlead Overview

Smartlead is a cutting-edge platform that redefines traditional sales engagement tools. It offers a range of features and capabilities designed to help you convert cold emails into consistent revenue. All these aspects make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their email outreach efforts.

Smartlead Homepage

Key Features and Functionalities:

  1. Multi-Channel Infrastructure: Reach prospects across various channels, including Email, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.
  2. Automated Workflows: Streamline sales processes with automated workflows for connection requests, follow-up messages, and social media interactions.
  3. Personalized Outreach: Utilize custom-conditional email triggers and sub-sequences based on lead behavior to personalize your outreach.
  4. Centralized Master Inbox: Manage email marketing efforts effectively with a centralized master inbox, email tracking, mailbox rotation, and full whitelabel capabilities.
Smartlead AI warm up

Features to Boost Email Deliverability 

  • Unlimited Auto-Rotating Email Accounts: No daily limits or email reputation concerns.
  • AI Warmups: Build and defend your mailbox sending reputation with diverse mailboxes and humanized sending patterns.
  • High-Delivery IPs: Exclusive IP allocation for every campaign, improving deliverability.
  • ESP Matching: Automatically match the lead's mailbox provider with yours, increasing deliverability.

Integration and Compatibility

Smartlead seamlessly integrates with popular apps like Gmail, Slack, Zapier, HubSpot, Zoho Mail, and Outlook, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Pricing Plans and Options

Smartlead offers two main plans: the Base & Pro Plan (available monthly and yearly) and the Expert Plan (previously known as Custom Plan, available monthly). The retirement of the Popular Plan has simplified the options, making it easier to choose the right plan for your business needs.

Moreover, Smartlead recently introduced some exciting updates to campaign hygiene in the Performance tab of each campaign. 

Here's what's new:

Campaign Progress Overview: You can now easily view leads that are not started, completed, or blocked, all in one place. This provides a quick snapshot of your campaign's progress and helps you identify any areas that need attention.

Campaign Sending Score: Smartlead has introduced a Campaign Sending Score to help you gauge the health of your campaign. Aim for a score of 10, which is divided into five key sections:

  1. Sent Time Discrepancy
  2. CNAME Not Working
  3. DNS Validation
  4. Disconnected
  5. Re-associated Accounts

Proper implementation of these sections guarantees seamless campaign delivery. If any issues arise, we'll immediately highlight the affected accounts, enabling you to address and resolve the settings directly.

GPT4 is now live in Smartlead. It is bringing a host of exciting updates to enhance your email outreach experience:

  • Master Inbox Reply: Manage your inbox more efficiently with AI assistance, making it easier to stay on top of your messages.
  • Mail Sequence Compose AI: Streamline your email composition process with advanced AI assistance, helping you craft more effective and engaging emails.
  • Campaign Settings GPT-4 Categorization: Customize your campaigns using your own GPT-4 prompts, allowing for enhanced targeting and effectiveness.
In addition to these updates, we've introduced a new feature called Pick Templates. This feature allows you to utilize community-generated templates based on ChatGPT prompts. You can also create and share your own templates, choosing to make them public or keep them private for your use. 

This feature is designed to foster a community of sharing and innovation among our users.

These updates are designed to make your email outreach more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. We can't wait to see how you use these new features to take your campaigns to the next level.

smartlead master inbox


Folderly is a comprehensive email deliverability platform designed to ensure that your email outreach campaigns consistently land in your recipient's inboxes.

 This powerful tool serves as a one-stop solution for boosting mailbox health, supercharging your inbox rate, analyzing email content, and fine-tuning your email infrastructure. 

Additionally, Folderly offers integration with major email service providers (ESPs) and supports custom integrations, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.

Folderly Homepage

Folderly's Key Features and Benefits:

  • Supercharged Inbox Rate: Folderly leverages advanced algorithms to enhance your sender score, ensuring that your emails maintain positive interactions with recipients and avoid spam filters.
  • Spam Trigger Checker: Folderly's comprehensive spam trigger checker analyzes your email content, reducing the risk of your emails being flagged as spam by ESPs.
  • Automated Warm-up Maintenance: Maintain high email deliverability with Folderly's automated warm-up maintenance feature, which helps build and maintain a positive reputation for your email domain.
  • Integration Flexibility: Folderly seamlessly integrates with major CRMs, ESPs, and marketing automation tools, including Microsoft Office 365, SendGrid, Google Workspace, Gmail, Outlook, and Amazon AWS.

With Folderly, connecting your mailbox is as simple as a single click. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless setup process.

  • Data Safety: Folderly prioritizes data protection, offering GDPR and CCPA-enabled solutions to safeguard your sensitive information.
  • SPF Generation: Folderly performs SPF (Sender Privacy Framework) checks and helps generate SPF records for your domain, further enhancing your email deliverability.

Folderly empowers you to locate, solve, and prevent email deliverability issues. With Folderly, every email counts, bringing in revenue and business opportunities.


Salesloft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that revolutionizes sales processes by automating and streamlining tasks. It offers a range of tools such as email tracking, cadence automation, and a sales dialer, all aimed at boosting productivity and improving sales efficiency.

Features and Capabilities of Salesloft

Cadence Automation

  • Salesloft helps you organize your email outreach through cadences, which are a predefined series of emails and tasks that guide your sales process. 
  • This feature ensures that your email campaigns follow a structured approach, helping you nurture leads effectively.

Email Tracking

With Salesloft, you can track the performance of your email campaigns with detailed analytics and reporting features. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates to gauge the effectiveness of your emails.

CRM Sync Integration

Salesloft offers CRM Sync integration with apps like Salesforce, enabling sales teams to improve communication and achieve higher conversion rates by keeping all customer data synchronized and up-to-date.

Workflow Performance

Salesloft's pipeline management features help managers and team leads identify deal gaps and other issues in the pipeline before they impact the entire team's workflow.

 This allows for real-time monitoring of individual team members and provides insights for improving overall sales performance.

With a 4.5 rating on, Salesloft is highly regarded for its amazing features and capabilities. It's a go-to platform for sales teams looking to streamline their processes, improve communication, and drive better results.

Salesloft provides a competitive advantage to organizations like 3M, Stripe, BioDigital, Greenhouse, IBM, Instacart, and Shopify. By leveraging AI technology, Salesloft transforms the way you sell, ensuring that every interaction with customers is meaningful and impactful.

  1. Enhanced Customer Lifecycle: From the first hello to the latest renewal, Salesloft enhances every stage of the customer lifecycle, helping you build stronger relationships and drive repeat business.
  1. Rhythm AI Engine: Rhythm, Salesloft's AI-powered signal-to-action engine, simplifies complexity and eliminates uncertainty by providing a prioritized list of tasks for your revenue team. 

This ensures that your team knows the right steps to take at the right moments, leading to faster deal closures and consistent revenue growth.

Use Cases and Benefits: Smartlead vs. Folderly vs. Salesloft

Smartlead Use Cases:

  • Automated Lead Generation: Smartlead automates lead generation processes, allowing businesses to scale their outreach efforts efficiently.
  • Enhanced Email Outreach: The tool streamlines email outreach campaigns, ensuring messages reach prospects effectively.
  • Improved Deliverability: Smartlead enhances email deliverability and response rates by utilizing unique IP servers and automated warmups.
  • API and Automation Infrastructure: Smartlead offers a powerful cold email API and automation infrastructure, enabling users to automate their entire outbound infrastructure.
  • Automated Campaign Management: Users can create, adjust settings, and push/pull data between software using Smartlead's API and webhook infrastructure.
  • AI Warmups: Smartlead uses AI warmups to build and defend mailbox sending reputation across diverse mailboxes, ensuring emails consistently land in recipients' inboxes.
  • Behavior-based Automation: The tool allows users to create sub-sequences based on leads' intentions, automating responses to various scenarios like "Out of Office," "Not Interested," and more.
  • CRM and App Integration: Smartlead's webhook and API infrastructure enable seamless communication with any CRM or app, allowing users to push or pull data between Smartlead and their favorite apps.
smartlead playbook

Folderly Use Cases:

  • Email Deliverability: Folderly ensures email deliverability and inbox placement, which is crucial for successful email marketing campaigns.
  • Spam Trigger Analysis: The tool analyzes email content for spam triggers, helping businesses avoid being flagged as spam by email service providers.
  • Integration: Folderly integrates seamlessly with major email service providers, simplifying the email marketing workflow.

Salesloft Use Cases:

  • Automated Sales Processes: Salesloft automates sales processes and workflows, enabling sales teams to focus on closing deals.
  • Email Tracking: The tool tracks email engagement and performance, providing valuable insights for optimizing email campaigns.
  • CRM Integration: Salesloft offers CRM integration with Salesforce, enhancing communication and data synchronization.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

If you're still unsure about which tool to choose—Folderly, Salesloft, or Smartlead—let's consider two key factors: pricing and customer reviews.

Smartlead Pricing

Smartlead offers flexible pricing plans designed to cater to various business needs. Whether you're a solopreneur, marketer, or part of a lead gen agency, there's a plan for you. Here's a breakdown of Smartlead's pricing:

Smartlead Pricing

Basic Plan

  • Price: $39/month
  • Ideal for: Trying out Smartlead, Solopreneurs
  • Features:some text
    • 2000 active Leads
    • 6000 Emails per month
    • Unlimited Email Warm Up
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Dynamic IP Addresses
    • Centralized Master Inbox
    • Dynamic Sequences
    • Detailed Analytics
    • General Support Within 24 hours

Pro Plan

  • Price: $94/month
  • Ideal for: Marketers, pre-scale businesses
  • Features:some text
    • 30000 active Leads
    • 150000 Emails per month
    • Unlimited Email Warm Up
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Dynamic IP Addresses
    • Centralized Master Inbox
    • Dynamic Sequences
    • Custom CRM
    • Email Guide Assistance
    • Detailed Analytics
    • Active Support
    • Global Block List
    • Webhooks & Integrations
    • API Access
    • Unlimited Seats
    • Add-ons available for 1 client at $29/month

Expert Plan (Custom Plan)

  • Price: Starting from $174/month
  • Ideal for: Lead gen agencies, scale-up businesses
  • Features:some text
    • Up to 12M Active Lead Credits
    • Dynamic Sequences
    • Up to 60M Email Credits per month
    • Custom CRM
    • Unlimited Email Warm Up
    • Email Guide Assistance
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • All other Features
    • Add-ons available

Smartlead also offers a free trial for you to try out the platform before committing to a plan. Plus, you can change or cancel your plan at any time, ensuring flexibility as your business grows.

Folderly Pricing

Folderly offers a 30-minute demo call to help you determine the right plan for your business. This personalized approach ensures you choose a plan that aligns with your specific needs.

Folderly pricing page
  • Cold Email (for cold outbound campaigns): $200/month/mailbox
  • Email Marketing (for warm customer engagement): Customizable pricing based on your individual sending volumes.

Salesloft Pricing

Salesloft does not have a set pricing plan. You can reach out to their team to tailor a pricing plan that suits your unique needs.

Salesloft pricing page

What do Users Say About Smartlead Vs. Folderly Vs. Salesloft?

Smartlead Reviews

Smartlead G2 review
Smartlead G2 review

Folderly Reviews

Folderly G2 review
Folderly G2 review

Salesloft Reviews

Folderly G2 review
SalesLoft G2 review

Folderly Vs. Salesloft Vs. Smartlead – Which is the Best Fit for You?

When it comes to choosing the right tool for your email outreach and sales engagement, the decision can be challenging. 

Each platform offers unique features and benefits, making it crucial to understand your specific needs and goals. Let's take a closer look at Smartlead and why it might be the best choice for you:

Smartlead can be your tool for automating outbound infrastructure and enhancing your email outreach strategy. Here's why Smartlead could be the perfect fit for your business:

  1. Tailored Deliverability: Smartlead goes the extra mile by providing unique IP servers for each campaign. This means your emails are more likely to land in your recipients' inboxes, ensuring your message gets the attention it deserves.
  1. Unlimited Warmups: With Smartlead, you can say goodbye to worries about sender reputation. The tool offers unlimited warmups, gradually increasing sending volumes to establish a positive sender reputation and maintain optimum deliverability.
  1. Engaging AI Conversations: Smartlead uses AI to simulate natural, human-like conversations. This not only improves response rates but also helps protect your sender reputation by avoiding spam folders.
  1. Smart-Adjust Feature: Ever faced low reply rates in your campaigns? Smartlead's Smart-Adjust feature has got you covered. It automatically adjusts your campaigns to maintain effectiveness and impact.
  1. Powerful API Infrastructure: Smartlead's cold emailing API infrastructure is a game-changer. It allows you to automate lead generation processes, create and manage campaigns, and maintain multiple sender accounts effortlessly.
  1. Omnichannel Outreach: Reach your prospects wherever they are with Smartlead's omnichannel outreach capabilities. Whether it's cold emails, follow-ups, or LinkedIn interactions, Smartlead helps you scale your outreach efforts across various channels.
  1. LinkedIn Outreach: LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and lead generation. Smartlead lets you send unlimited Connection Requests, automate profile visits, messages, and post interactions, taking your LinkedIn outreach to the next level.
  1. Sales Engagement Automation: Smartlead streamlines your sales engagement process with a master inbox for all conversations, email tracking, and auto mailbox rotation. It's like having a personal assistant for your sales team, saving time and improving efficiency.
  1. Whitelabel Experience: Maintain your brand's integrity and professionalism with Smartlead's full whitelabel experience. Your email outreach campaigns will reflect your brand identity, helping you build trust with your audience.

While Folderly focuses on email deliverability and spam avoidance, and Salesloft specializes in automating sales processes, Smartlead stands out for its comprehensive approach to automating outbound infrastructure and enhancing email outreach efforts.


Based on the analysis, if you are looking to scale your business and improve outreach efforts, Smartlead appears to be the best choice.

With its focus on automation, deliverability, and engagement, Smartlead offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their email outreach and sales engagement efforts.

Additionally, Smartlead's simple pricing plans and free trial make it easy to get started and only pay for what you need.

The Bottomline

If you're aiming to scale your business and significantly improve your outreach, Smartlead is a compelling option. With a 14-day free trial (no credit cards required), you can explore the platform and pay only for the features you need.

Smartlead's comprehensive set of features and its focus on improving meeting bookings make it a strong choice for businesses looking to boost their sales efforts.

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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is Smartlead's cold email outreach software?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Smartlead's cold email outreach tool helps businesses scale their outreach efforts seamlessly. With unlimited mailboxes, fully automated email warmup functionality, a multi-channel infrastructure, and a user-friendly unibox, it empowers users to manage their entire revenue cycle in one place. Whether you're looking to streamline cold email campaigns with automated email warmups, personalization fields, automated mailbox rotation, easy integrations, and spintax, improve productivity, or enhance scalability with subsequences based on lead’s intentions, automated replies, and full white-label experience, our cold email tool implifies it in a single solution.

How does the "unlimited mailboxes" feature benefit me?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Our "unlimited mailboxes" feature allows you to expand your email communications without restrictions imposed by a mailbox limit. This means you won't be constrained by artificial caps on the number of mailboxes you can connect and use. This feature makes Smartlead the best cold email software and empowers you to reach a wider audience, engage with more potential customers, and manage diverse email campaigns effectively.

What do you mean by "unibox to handle your entire revenue cycle"?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

The "unibox" is one of the unique features of Smartlead cold email outreach tool, and it's a game-changer when it comes to managing your revenue cycle. The master inbox or the unibox consolidates all your outreach channels, responses, sales follow-ups, and conversions into one centralized, user-friendly mailbox.

With the "unibox," you gain the ability to:
1. Focus on closing deals: You can now say goodbye to the hassle of logging into multiple mailboxes to search for replies. The "unibox" streamlines your sales communication, allowing you to focus on what matters most—closing deals.

2. Centralized lead management: All your leads are managed from one central location, simplifying lead tracking and response management. This ensures you take advantage of every opportunity and efficiently engage with your prospects.

3. Maintain context: The "unibox" provides a 360-degree view of all your customer messages, allowing you to maintain context and deliver more personalized and effective responses.

How does Smartlead ensure my emails don't land in the spam folder?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Smartlead, the best cold email marketing tool, ensures your emails reach the intended recipients' primary inbox rather than the spam folder. 

Here's how it works:
1. Our "unlimited warmups" feature is designed to build and maintain a healthy sending reputation for your cold email outreach. Instead of sending a large volume of emails all at once, which can trigger spam filters, we gradually ramp up your sending volume. This gradual approach, combined with positive email interactions, helps boost your email deliverability rates.

2. We deploy high-deliverability IP servers specific to each campaign. 

3. The ‘Warmup’ feature replicates humanized email sending patterns, spintax, and smart replies.
4. By establishing a positive sender reputation and gradually increasing the number of sent emails, Smartlead minimizes the risk of your emails being flagged as spam. This way, you can be confident that your messages will consistently land in the primary inbox, increasing the likelihood of engagement and successful communication with your recipients.

Can I integrate Smartlead with other tools I'm using?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Certainly, Smartlead is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of tools and platforms. Smartlead offers integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Clay, Listkit, and more. You can leverage webhooks and APIs to integrate the tools you use. Try Now!

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

No, there are no limitations on the number of channels you can utilize with Smartlead. Our multi-channel infrastructure is designed to be limitless, allowing you to reach potential customers through multiple avenues without constraints.

This flexibility empowers you to diversify your cold email outreach efforts, connect with your audience through various communication channels, and increase your chances of conversion. Whether email, social media, SMS, or other communication methods, Smartlead's multi-channel capabilities ensure you can choose the channels that best align with your outreach strategy and business goals. This way, you can engage with your prospects effectively and maximize the impact of your email outreach.

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Do you provide me with lead sources?

Smartlead distinguishes itself from other cold email outreach software by focusing on limitless scalability and seamless integration. While many similar tools restrict your outreach capabilities, Smartlead offers a different approach.

Here's what makes us uniquely the best cold email software:

1. Unlimited Mailboxes: In contrast to platforms that limit mailbox usage, Smartlead provides unlimited mailboxes. This means you can expand your outreach without any arbitrary constraints.

2. Unique IP Servers: Smartlead offers unique IP servers for every campaign it sends out. 

3. Sender Reputation Protection: Smartlead protects your sender reputation by auto-moving emails from spam folders to the primary inbox. This tool uses unique identifiers to cloak all warmup emails from being recognized by automation parsers. 

4. Automated Warmup: Smartlead’s warmup functionality enhances your sender reputation and improves email deliverability by maintaining humanized email sending patterns and ramping up the sending volume. 

5. Multi-Channel Emphasis: Smartlead places a strong emphasis on multi-channel outreach. You can reach your prospects where they are with the LinkedIn outreach feature.   With Smartlead’s cold email automation software, you're always one step ahead in your outreach efforts, enjoying the freedom to scale your initiatives and seamlessly integrate with other tools—all while maintaining a focus on maximizing the impact of your outreach.

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

How secure is my data with Smartlead?

Ensuring the security of your data is Smartlead's utmost priority. We implement robust encryption methods and stringent security measures to guarantee the continuous protection of your information. Your data's safety is paramount to us, and we are always dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security.

How can I get started with Smartlead?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

Getting started with Smartlead is straightforward! Just head over to our sign-up page and follow our easy step-by-step guide. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, our round-the-clock support team is ready to help, standing by to provide you with any assistance you may require. Sign Up Now!

How can I reach the Smartlead team?

Email automation FAQs- Smartlead

We're here to assist you! You can easily get in touch with our dedicated support team on chat. We strive to provide a response within 24 hours to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Powerful Automated Email Marketing that Drives Sales.

  • All Features Included
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Free Warmup Included