Write a Promotion Email Announcement (4 Templates Included)

Acknowledgment in the workplace means a lot to employees, and sending a promotion email announcement to an employee makes them feel important and special.

This is an excellent way to communicate a position change in your company to your internal team and clients. This way, you can keep everyone on the same page about new changes in job titles. Besides the employee in the spotlight, it encourages the other employees to invest their potential in the job.

You have reached the right place if you've been looking for ideas to write an excellent promotion announcement via email.

What are we waiting for? Let's get started.

7 Impactful Steps to Creating a promotion Email Announcement

1. Precise Subject Line

A promotion email announcement is different from writing promotional/marketing email copies. Whether you send an internal promotion announcement email or a big announcement throughout all channels (applicable to larger companies), keep the subject line short and simple.

The standard practice is adding the employee's name and promoted position in the subject line. Although you can customize the email based on your brand voice, maintain a professional tone.

For example, "Meet {name}, our newly promoted VP" or "Welcoming {first name}, Executive of Sales" are good examples of promotion announcement email subject lines.

2. Proper Salutations for Recipients

Be it a cold email or a promotion announcement email; the proper salutation is a must.

If you are writing the email for all the employees in your company, using "Dear all" or "Dear {Company name} Employees" suffices.

To greet them, it is best to write each of the recipients' first names. You can use email automation tools such as Smartlead to fill up the custom fields and send personalized emails.

3. Start with a Warm Greeting

Start your email with a warm greeting. Something as simple as "I hope you are doing great," "Thank you for doing business with us.", or "Hope this email finds you in great health" can help you break the ice.

You can use Smartlead.ai to create personalized first lines for your prospects.

4. Introduce the Promoted Employee

Introduce the employee getting promoted by their full name. It is best if you add some background story of how they have managed to succeed in their previous position and bagged the promotion.

It helps your recipients connect with the person and also works as an inspiration for your employees. Write this part in a casual yet professional tone and use positive language.

5. Emphasize the Impact of Promotion

Adding a few sentences on how the new change in your company (the promotion) can benefit the company and its customers. Try to describe their job role and responsibilities briefly.

This is a vital section, specifically for your clients. It impacts positively on your brand's growth.

6. Give It a Closure

Lastly, end your email with a suitable closure. To add a positive note, encourage your employees to support and help the newly promoted employee.

If you are writing for your clients, encourage them to come up with any queries regarding the announcement.

7. Decide the Timing & Automate The Campaign

Once all the points mentioned above are checked, your email is ready to get sent. Before you create a pipeline for email automation, it is important to decide the right time to send the email.

You should send the announcement email a week in advance before the employee starts their new position. It will help in a smooth transition, and the employees & clients will get the time to congratulate the promoted employee.

Also, ensure you automate email sending during business hours for maximum email open rates.

Sending Promotion Email Announcement? Tips to Follow

Send effective promotion announcement emails by following these tips:

  • Keep the email short and informative. Stick to your point, and don't deviate from the topic.
  • Add the sender's and the promoted employee's contact details. It helps in a smooth transition and encourages communication between the business and clients.
  • Once you are done writing, proofread it repeatedly for typos and grammatical and factual errors.
  • Refrain from using spam trigger words. Smartlead.ai helps you set up custom spam triggers to stay away from spam filters.
  • Include all the necessary info related to the promotion, such as the full name of the employee, the reason behind the promotion, the exact starting date, and responsibilities.

Consider Email Automation for a Successful promotional Email Announcement

Email automation, as the name suggests, can automate your entire workflow in a short period. Here are the benefits of using email automation tools:

  • Email automation tools like Smartlead.ai helps you create personalized email copies based on your prospect's data. It makes personalization easier.
  • You can create emails with the help of Smartlead's AI-powered writing tool. It saves time and creates excellent emails for all kinds of campaigns.
  • Smartlead sends regular email warmups to nurture your leads. This way, you can ensure high deliverability rates.
  • Smartead offers unlimited sender email addresses and high-deliverability IP addresses to ensure your emails don't fall into the spam trap.
  • You can schedule campaigns with Smartlead and set up custom spasm triggers.

Promotion Email Announcement: Takeaway Email Templates

Promotion Announcement Email Template #1

Subject: Employee Update


Hello {recipient name}


We hope this week's been great for you!

{Sender name} would like to share the news of his promotion with you. As of this week, he has been promoted to {new position title}. This is an excellent opportunity for him to grow and develop his skills in this exciting new role.

We will be celebrating with a gathering next week, so please save the date, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Best regards,

{sender name}

Promotion Announcement Email Template #2 (Congratulating the Employee)

Variant #1

Subject: Congratulations on your promotion!


Hi {recipient name},


It's our pleasure to announce that you have been promoted to the position of {position}! We're excited to see the ways in which you'll continue to grow with our entire team. Thank you for being an enthusiastic and integral part of our company.

We propose you hand over your responsibilities by {date} to your current office and join your new position on {date}.

Congratulations on your recent success!



{sender name}

Variant #2

Subject: Employee Spotlight: {employee name}


Hi {recipient name},


As a thank you for your hard work, I wanted to take a moment to write and congratulate you on your recent promotion in the company. Since day one, you've been an integral part of {company}, and we're so proud of your accomplishments.

We're excited about your future with us and hope this is just the beginning of many more promotions!

From everyone here at {company}, congrats on your new position!


{sender name} 

Promotion Announcement Email Template #3

Subject: {name} is now {position}


Hi {recipient name},


We wanted to let you know that {name} has been promoted to the position of {position}. We believe she'll do a great job, and we're excited about her future with our company.

We took the decision based on her loyalty to the company and success in her previous roles. We believe she will play the key role in positively impacting the company.

She will head the marketing department and report directly to the managing director. Her well-deserved promotion will be effective from {date}.

Let us congratulate {name} on her new promotion and wish her luck in the future.

We're looking forward to working with her in her new role.


Thanks and Regards,



Making employees feel respected and heard for their achievements is a good way to spread positivity and encourage other employees. It holds up your brand image and positively impacts your employees' performances.

So, don't shy away from congratulating an employee on their recent success. Also, ensure you let all your team members and clients know about the changes in positions.

Automation can help you send seamless email campaigns, not only for promotional email announcements but also for marketing campaigns.

Smartlead helps you in creating personalized email copies and keeps deliverability rates high, making your campaigns impactful.

We'll be back with such informative blogs again. Goodbye.


1. When should you send a promotion announcement email?

Make sure the employee in question accepts the promotion before you make an announcement. Once your employee confirms, announce the news within your company and to customers at least a week before joining. It will give everyone time to adapt to the changes and help a smooth transition.

2. How do you announce a change in position to your clients?

Announce the change in position to your clients at least seven days before the employee joins the new position. Attach their contact information so clients can directly reach them with any queries.

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