10 Best Link Trackers to Increase Conversions in 2023 [Paid + Free]

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December 17, 2022

Which marketing campaign is generating the most traffic? Which demographics are more likely to engage with your Facebook ad campaigns? 

These are the most common questions a marketing expert or a business owner faces while assessing their marketing campaigns' performance. 

That's where link trackers come in. These are an integral part of your marketing campaigns, helping you understand which platforms and campaigns are generating more engagement and return on investment and offering you valuable analytics. 

So, if you are still not using a link-tracking tool for your business, it's time you invest in a good one to track your URLs. 

Today's blog post has researched, tested, categorized, and reviewed the best link trackers for your business in 2023. We've also added the best free link-tracking tools in case you still need to be ready to invest in one. 

What are the Benefits of Link Trackers? 

People from marketing backgrounds benefit from link-tracking software. Here's how it helps professionals in various marketing niches: 

For Marketing Individuals/Content Writers/Social Media Experts

Marketing individuals working in both SMBs and big corporations benefit from link-tracking services. It offers:

  • Better control over marketing campaigns
  • Increased click-through rates
  • Higher conversion rates

Link tracking helps content writers and marketers understand relevant content trends, which kind of content generates more engagement, and which might boost conversion rates. These analytics make it easier to create personalized content based on customer demographics and split test content. 

With a useful link tracker tool, a social media expert can learn about social media trends and which account generates more engagement. It also helps understand trending products and services and preferred communication channels based on the audience's demographics. 

For Digital Marketing Agencies

Link tracking is an essential part of any digital marketing agency's workflow. Link tracker tools help them provide their client's accurate figures (engagement, conversion rates, and click-through rates). 

Link trackers also enable digital marketers to perform multi-channel attribution analysis. Moreover, these tools come in handy for ad operation teams as they can easily track response rates and generate detailed reports. 

For Affiliate Marketers/Vloggers/Influencers

We all know that e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay collaborate with online affiliates to generate traffic to their sites and increase sales. Naturally, it is important to track which affiliate sites are generating how much traffic. 

Link tracker services offer individual (unique) tracking URLs for each affiliate site, so e-commerce platforms can accurately track incoming traffic from individual affiliate sites. 

Not just affiliates, you can also track which vlogger or influencer is generating more traffic to your e-commerce site.

10 Best Link Trackers for Businesses in 2023 [Paid + Free] 

1. ClickMagic

If you go through any review article on link trackers, the chances are that you have seen this tool on top. It is one of the best and most popular link marker sites. 

The all-in-one platform allows you to track conversions and multiple marketing model links and optimize them accordingly. 

What makes it stand out from its competitors is its capability to track an entire sales funnel, which is an advanced feature for businesses that rely on automation. Moreover, ClickMagic comes with an in-built package of advertising campaigns. 

You can use it for almost all the popular ad channels currently in use. 

Clickmagic Homepage

2. Bitly

Iconic brands like The New York Times, Disney, and ESPN put their trust in this free link tracker tool. Other than link tracking, you can use Bitly to shorten your promotion links. 

It comes with a powerful all-in-one dashboard that lets you look closely at your clients' sales journey. Much like ClickMagic, Bitly allows you to optimize your digital marketing campaigns. 

This tool offers super impressive content research for future campaigns as well. Also, you can get timely updates and live engagement metrics on organic traffic tracking.

Although it offers a free plan for businesses with a stringent budget, you have to subscribe to the paid plan if you want to use a custom domain name. In that case, we'd suggest you go for the monthly plan (billed annually) as it's much cheaper than the monthly plans. 

Bitly Homepage

3. Voluum

Voluum is the third pick on our list and one of the most reliable link trackers out there. If you are looking for specialized affiliate link tracker software, Voluum is the perfect platform for you. 

You can streamline your entire affiliate campaign management. Whether you are launching video ads or email marketing campaigns, Voluum can perform all kinds of ad tracking and conversion tracking. 

Also, it can store up to 30 real-time engagement metrics (site visits and link clicks), ensuring a seamless follow-up process. 

The recently launched advanced feature, Automizer, allows you to integrate this platform with your traffic source for quick operation. The only drawback of this amazing tool is its pricing, which is higher than most link-tracking tools. 

Voluum Homepage

4. ClickMeter

The next on our list is another popular (and trusted by big brands) ink-tracking tool, ClickMeter. As Voluum specifically caters to the e-commerce industry, ClickMeter boasts of having a few key features for digital marketers and publishers. 

This platform uses click-based link tracking technology, where you can even trace the viewer's location and categorize them according to demographics. This tool helps you create personalized content with in-depth market research and customer data. 

Affiliate marketers can cloak their links to hide the destination, and advertising experts can trace live conversion rates and sales figures. 

Clickmeter Homepage

5. Trck.me

Besides its amazing link-tracking features, you can also study and analyze your past marketing metrics and get a predictive analysis for your upcoming campaigns in Trck.me. 

Trck is a web-based link-tracking solution that lets you monitor each step of your customer's sales journey so you can reach out to them with personalized content. Also, it optimizes your URLs and offers a URL shortener for ugly links. 

You can auto-tag links (link tagging) to identify and categorize the traffic source to increase the traffic quality score. It also offers you a custom domain (branding) link-cloaking feature for your Brand (available with the premium plan). 

This amazing multi-channel tracking tool helps you track all your ads and campaigns for multiple social media platforms. 

6. TinyURL

Here comes another amazing free link tracker software. Apart from link tracking and link shortening (it's free but ad-supported), you can track a visitor's location to segment your audience based on their demographics. 

It offers some basic monitoring and accurate analytics of your past links. What's more, you can monitor each click a certain link generates, allowing you to understand and research your target audience better. 

This platform goes one step further to give you information such as the site visitor location and device type, all within the same dashboard. 

TinyURL is specifically recommended for small or medium-sized business owners. It also offers a paid plan along with its free plan for just $9.99, which allows you to save link history with a one-year data storage package. 

TinyURL Homepage

7. RedTrack

Another excellent link tracker, Redtrack, helps you keep tabs on each of your campaigns through multiple communication channels. It also helps you optimize your Google ads and offers an in-depth analysis of their engagement.  

You can monitor a diverse range of URLs, including custom domains, impressions, click tracking, conversion tracking, etc. Much like TinyURL, it provides you with traffic sources such as the location of the search and the devices used. 

Redtrack Homepage

8. Everflow

Everflow offers segmented tracking – its link tracking stat when someone visits your site, and it gives you live updates of every action till conversions. Also, it helps you track links generated for influencers and bloggers and stores them within a single dashboard. 

You can also better understand your customers through community activities, email newsletter signups, and pricing page visits. 

This platform gives you the opportunity to scale up your partnership programs in Everflow's marketplace through quick onboarding and motivation. 

Everflow Homepage

9. Rebrandly

If you are looking for an easy-to-use link-tracking tool, Rebrandly is the perfect solution to track and shorten links. 

Unlike many other competitors in the market, Rebrandly offers three types of custom links – shortened links, branded links, and tracking links. When you create an account in Rebrandly, you can customize your link or create an individual link to use on social media posts. Rebrandly offers accurate data on traffic routing, so you can choose the best sites to increase your conversions. 

Rebrandly Homepage

10. Snapt

Here's our final pick for link trackers, Snapt. Often considered an alternative to Bitly, Snapt is an amazing link tracker specifically built for the e-commerce industry. The best thing about Snapt is its cost-effective pricing plans. 

It offers smart retargeting based on your customers' demographics and purchasing behavior. It also creates rotating links so you can repurpose them as per your requirements. You can also integrate Google Analytics with this platform. 

Its customizable templates make it easier to create landing pages and increase conversion rates.  

Snapt Homepage

Wrapping Up

Link trackers serve as a bridge between your marketing efforts and research. These tools also give you detailed analytics and timely updates that you can use to create your future campaigns. 

Before deciding which link tracker tool to choose, take a look at your company's business model and choose the one that suits your purpose. If you are still unsure, you can choose a free tool from the list for the time being. 

Invest in link-tracking tools to generate custom links to get a better hold of your campaigns, meet your conversion goals, and speed up revenue generation. 

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