The 5 Best Pipedrive Alternatives for Sales Teams in 2023

Did you know that a reliable CRM tool and its proper utilization can result in a 245% yield in ROI?

Amazing, right?

The sales team in any business organization bridges the gap between the customers and the business. CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools play a crucial role in the success of an organization.

If you are a business executive or an entrepreneur, you may have encountered Pipedrive several times. Pipedrive may have been a great CRM tool ten years back, but not anymore.

Nowadays, most CRM tools are integrated for sales, marketing, and customer support, whereas Pipedrive only focuses on sales. If you are looking for better Pipedrive alternatives for fast-changing business needs, you have come to the right place.

To help you out and save your precious time, I have compiled the 5 best Pipedrive alternatives for sales teams in 2023.

Let's dive in!

Overview of Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM software that automates your sales funnel and pipeline, lead generation, communication tracking, insights, and daily reports. The mobile-friendly app makes things easier for small and medium business owners, as they can continue business operations even on the go.

Although it is an excellent CRM tool, it doesn't come with the updated and valuable features that most all-in-one CRMs offer. Pipedrive is easy to use and provides custom reporting and dashboard customization.

According to its website, businesses can increase their sales by 28% with Pipedrive. Despite its long and successful run in sales automation, Pipedrive lacks email campaign automation, one-tap calling, and intuitive revenue forecasting.

Why Is It Important to Look for Pipedrive Alternatives?

1. Affordable Pricing

Pipedrive offers forecasting, automation, and pipeline building only for higher-paid subscriptions. Unlike its competitors, Pipedrive doesn't offer a free subscription plan.

Choosing a relatively affordable CRM would be wise if budget is a constraint. Some of the Pipedrive alternatives offer even better service and seamless outreach automation experience at quite a lower cost.

2. Ease of Operation

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use tool, but it won't be suitable for all kinds of businesses. If you are using Pipedrive CRM, even if it's not ideal for your business, it is bound to decrease productivity.

As Pipedrive offers less customization to the dashboard and lacks many vital sales features, it is inevitable to find a replacement for Pipedrive.

3. Better Client Service

Pipedrive has repeatedly disappointed its users with poor customer service. It only offers after-sales onboarding support for higher-paid subscription plans.

It is one of the significant reasons you should look for Pipedrive alternatives. Most sales automation CRMs offer reliable and fast customer service and user assistance.

4. Intuitive Features

The sales process entirely relays on analysis and forecasting.  Pipedrive's reporting and analysis features are less efficient than expected.

Since it takes time to generate custom reports and doesn't offer the forecasting feature for all, you may look for an alternative CRM tool that offers detailed and actionable insights and intuitive predictions for your business.

5. Seamless Collaboration

In time of remote working, collaboration among your teammates is an utmost necessity. In Pipedrive CRM, you will find the feature a bit restraining. In such cases, it is better to opt for a Pipedrive alternative CRM tool.

Home Pipedrive

What to Look for in Pipedrive Alternatives?

Well, if you have already decided to go for a Pipedrive alternative, this question is bound to come to mind. Honestly, there are countless key features to look out for, which is confusing.

To help you guide through it, I have chosen the top picks based on these categories:

  • Customizable and predictive pipeline management system
  • All-in-one integrated CRM
  • Scalable platform for growing businesses
  • Workflow automation and management
  • Multi-source lead collection and authentication
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Timely reports and analytics

5 Best Pipedrive Alternatives for Sales Teams

1. SmartLead

Here I present the first pick for the Pipedrive alternative - Smartlead. This tool is way more affordable than Pipedrive, with many essential features that Pipedrive lacks.

With the Inbuilt CRM, email marketing tools allow you to generate leads, create cold email campaigns, and keep track of them within one platform. It offers detailed reports on sales performance. You can also write personalized email copies for your prospective leads.

Cold Outreach Tool | SmartLead

Standout Features

  • The integrated master mailbox allows you to access all your inboxes from a single window. It ensures a smooth workflow and saves time. You can also set up custom email sending triggers to ensure our emails don't end up in spam folders.
  • Smartlead offers unlimited sender accounts to land directly in your prospect's inbox. It means better lead generation and more responses from your leads.
  • Creating personalized email content is easy with Smartlead's AI-optimized writing. Also, it offers an impressive email warmup feature to close top deals.
  • Smartlead offers all these unique features for sales teams and customer service teams at a low price. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, Smartlead offers customized pricing plans for all.
  • This platform adapts to your changing business needs and offers an immersive after-sales onboarding and sales process to simplify user jobs.
  • This feature-rich platform offers workflow management, pipeline building, and email marketing automation. Powered with numerous useful integrations, Smartlead allows you to generate leads from different social media platforms.
  • Features like connection requests, follow-ups, SMS, and retweets automate your entire sales process. The prediction-based reports indicate your next move for better conversion as well.

Winning email sequence with SmartLead

SmartLead Tool Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $29/month for 2000 active leads
  • Popular Plan: $49/month for 10,000 active leads
  • Pro Plan: $94/month for 30,000 active leads
  • Custom Plan: As the name suggests; customizable for unlimited users

2. Zoho CRM

The second pick for the Pipedrive alternative is Zoho CRM. It is one of the best sales tools for sales monitoring, lead management, and collaboration.

Zoho home

What sets Zoho apart from other Pipedrive alternatives is its mobile-friendly application. You can connect, operate, and monitor all your business needs, even on the go. Zoho offers AI-based writing assistance to create personalized campaigns, and its prices are affordable for even small-scale businesses.

Standout Features

  • Zoho offers multiple-platform access from the master dashboard. It helps you connect with your prospecting leads on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • This CRM platform offers sales automation features along with custom fields to personalize for an organization's needs. You can track and create reports on campaigns and KPIs.
  • Zoho allows multi-channel integrations so that you can connect plugins and cater to your business needs from one platform.
  • It offers detailed daily reports and analyses of sales activity. You can also create a sales pipeline funnel for the smooth execution of your email campaigns. Integrations such as Mailchimp and Google Drive make this a perfect Pipedrive alternative.

Zoho Pricing

Free Plan: $0/1 user per month; billed annually

Basic Plan: $49/3 users per month; billed annually

Standard Plan: $99/5 users per month; billed annually

Professional Plan: $249/10 users per month; billed annually

3. HubSpot

HubSpot might be the Pipedrive alternative you have been searching for if you are starting a business or running a startup. You can access most of its basic features with the free plan.

Hubspot helps sales teams to organize leads, send out campaigns, and track their success. It offers integration with different platforms to generate more leads for the business. With its intelligent AI, you can create personalized cold outreach copies and improve conversion rates.

Standout Features

  1. Hubspot offers a free subscription plan for small and medium-sized businesses. You can access most of its features with the plan. However, Hubspot paid plans are not on the pricey side.
  2. The live tracking feature lets you track your leads, queries, campaigns, and performances. Your team can also generate tickets and resolve any issue at your earliest convenience.
  3. With CRM software, you can control and monitor all your business needs within this platform. Also, the opportunity tracking feature guides you on email marketing.
  4. Features such as email tracking, live chat, prospect tracking, and meeting scheduler work make your job easier. The in-built calling feature lets you connect with your teammates easily for a smooth workflow.


  • Starter Plan: $45/month for 2 paid users; billed annually
  • Professional Plan: $450/month for 5 paid users; billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan: $1200/month for 10 paid users; billed annually

4. EngageBay

Although EngageBay is relatively new, it has become a solid Pipedrive alternative throughout the years. It is an email marketing tool and CRM software that fulfills all your sales, marketing, and support needs.

EngageBay is free for 15 users, and you can use all its essential features for free. It makes it an excellent choice for mid and small-scale businesses.

Standout Features

  1. EngageBay offers unlimited templates to create sign-up pages and landing pages. You can take your sales game up a notch by creating cool GIFs and image templates to add to your email campaigns.
  2. Besides providing end-to-end email marketing solutions, EngageBay also offers a CRM. You can automate sales by creating a sales funnel pipeline. Also, live updates make lead generation and keeping track of your email marketing campaign easier.
  3. Just like Smartlead, Engagebay offers outstanding onboarding support for all its users. So, don't spend much time figuring out the application. Instead, you can focus on streamlining the workflow while EngageBay will take care of all your queries.
  4. The unique live chat feature makes it stand apart from the crowd. Besides sending out email replies, you can also answer your prospects' queries with this software.
  5. Not only email but EngageBay email marketing tools unify your marketing campaigns by integrating all your social media handles (and, of course, emails) into one space. You can write social media copies and run ad campaigns efficiently with EngageBay.


  • Free Plan: $0/user per month for 500 contacts
  • Basic Plan: $11.99/user per month for 1000 contacts
  • Growth Plan: $39.99/user per month for 10,000 contacts
  • Pro Plan: $79.99/user per month for unlimited contacts

5. Freshsales

The last Pipedrive alternative for you is Freshsales. With the motto of making it more straightforward and fun for sales teams, Freshsales has developed easy-to-operate CRM software.

Like a few Pipedrive alternatives, Freshsales can also make direct calls to prospective leads and generate ROI for the company. You can automate daily repetitive tasks and focus on essential leads selected by the AI-powered software, Freshsales.

Standout Features

  1. The all-in-one CRM makes the job easier for sales teams by providing live tracking updates, conversion notifications, lead generation, and Ai-powered writing guidance.
  2. With the auto-enriched social media social profiles, you can access all your social media handles and social media campaigns in a single space. For better tracking, you will get a daily summary of social media activities, leads, and conversions.
  3. Freddy, the AI-powered assistant, helps you write unique personalized content and creates a data-driven historical analysis of your sales and marketing results.
  4. You can set up automated email campaigns, replies, and follow-ups for your prospective leads. The high-tech AI generates email copies based on prospects' behaviors and increases the chances of conversion.


  • Free plan: $0/month/user; billed annually; 14-day free trial
  • Growth Plan: $15/month/user; billed annually
  • Pro Plan: $39/month/user; billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan: $69/month/user; billed annually


Well, with that, we have reached the end of this article. I hope you have already figured out the best Pipedrive alternative for your sales team.

After studying market reports and talking to customers and industry experts, I have gotten the most positive reviews for Smartlead. The All-in-one (power-packed, I would say) CRM and email marketing software is perfect for sales teams of all capacities.

I suggest you research and choose the platform that suits your business needs.

Alright, folks, I will now take my leave. Take your business to the next level!

Goodbye, see you soon.


1. Which one is better - Pipedrive or Smartlead?

Even though Pipedrive has been in the market for a long, Smartlead overpowers it with intelligent technology, valuable features, and integrated marketing and sales automation.

If you are looking for an all-in-one CRM for B2B sales teams, then Smartlead is better than Pipedrive. You can't scale your business in Pipedrive, whereas Smartlead offers unlimited scalability to your business.

It also offers email warmup, an AI-powered writing guide, sales and email marketing pipeline creation, automation of campaigns, an in-built calling system and many more.

2. Which CRM is best for small businesses?

Smartlead is the best CRM for small businesses. It ensures that your email campaigns land directly in your leads' inboxes to gain more replies. The AI personalization feature helps you create follow-ups and replies according to the prospect's response.

Also, it offers a master mailbox for all your email ids so that you can get back to your prospects promptly and increase the chances of conversion. The tracking and reports features give you timely updates and insights on your campaigns' results so that you can take timely actions.

These features help you build credibility and scale your business. That's why Smartlead is the best CRM and email marketing tool for small and medium-scale companies and large organizations.

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