11 Best AI Tools To Boost Your Sales in 2023

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February 23, 2023
11 Best AI Tools To Boost Your Sales in 2023

No one can deny the fact that artificial intelligence is going to change our world forever. While it still seems a bit futuristic, artificial intelligence is all around us. We use artificial intelligence in one way or the other without even knowing it.

However, how can Artificial intelligence assist and increase your sales reps?

One may argue that sales is a profession that machines can never replace because it relies heavily on human interaction. Indeed effective communication is needed to convince fellow humans That they need to buy what you’re selling. While artificial intelligence can never replace a human seller, it can undoubtedly assist the sales team in making effective sales. 


By providing humans with essential tools and valuable insights, AI can prove extremely helpful in increasing the sales and revenue of a business manifold. So basically, AI reduces the workload of a salesperson and allows them to concentrate on effectively achieving their goal, which is to make sales. 

So, are there any statistics to prove the effectiveness of the sales process?

A study done by Harvard Business Review revealed that:

  • The companies which use AI to assist their sales were able to increase their sales by 50%
  • They were also able to reduce their call time by 60-70%
  • Lastly, the study revealed that such companies were able to reduce their costs by 40-60%

These statistics reveal the importance of using AI to make more sales. Let’s move ahead in this blog, and know more about the top AI tools that you must know in 2023!

How Does AI Help Businesses in Making Better Sales Operations?

Time is money when it comes to sales. It is seen that sales teams waste a lot of time on tedious, time-consuming tasks like manually entering information. A Research has shown that salespeople only use one-fourth of their time to perform their jobs. This is where AI comes in. Artificial intelligence automatically tracks important sales activities and automates tedious tasks like data entry, leaving the sales managers with ample time to focus on actually selling their product and building long-term relationships with their customers.

Another way in which AI helps sales is by providing business owners with immediate and precise insights about their customers to understand their needs and requirements better. This helps in building a relationship of trust and loyalty between the customers and the business owners. 

AI also establishes the most critical accounts based on the customer's activity, which proves helpful in prioritizing leads.  It also helps businesses to come up with the best prices because of all the sales data that machine learning optimizes.

So, what should sales leaders look for while choosing the perfect AI sales assistant tool for their business?

The market is full of AI sales assistant tools which are all unique and beneficial in their ways. While some tools will help your business increase leads, others will help your team improve their efficiency and effectiveness. So before choosing any AI tool, you need to identify your needs and then start looking for the right fit.

Top & Trending AI Tools You Must Know in 2023

Now that we have discussed the importance of AI in sales, let's discuss some of the best AI sales tools that are available in the market right now.

  1. Smartlead

Emails are powerful, especially when we talk about sales emails. This is because sales emails are one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospects. Smartlead is an AI tool that is going to help you in generating engaging and interactive cold emails in real-time, which will ensure that you gain maximum clients.  

Your business emails are the first impressions of your business and need to be as effective and powerful as possible. However, it's very common for business emails to end up in the spams folder. To avoid this you can use Smartlead which is a tool specially designed to make sure your emails reach their intended targets. Making sure your emails reach the recipients can improve your sales by three times. 

The service can also improve your revenue and sales by tracking the relevant data of your clients. It also increases your chances of booking meetings with leads by seven times. It also lets you automate your entire sales funnel by providing you with actions like connection requests, retweets, etc. 

Some other benefits of using Smartlead AI:

  • It automatically sends follow up emails to people
  • It keeps cold emails out of the spam folders
  • It tracks email delivery, open, and closure rate
  • There's a 7 time increase in chances of booking meetings with leads. 
  • It tracks relevant and useful data of your clients 

Thus, Smartlead AI will change the way your Sales team works by equipping them with tools that save their time and help them close as many deals as possible. 

  1. 6Sense

6sense is one of the best sales intelligence tools for Revenue Teams. It allows you to get into deals early and close more business while giving you access to account and contact insights. Such sales intelligence data lets companies form precise and personalized outreach, have access to the best opportunities, and close deals much faster than their competitors.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that 6sense has completely reinvented how marketing teams work together to achieve the best possible sales results. It has done so by providing its users with the ability to utilize the intent of each buyer and act on it in real-time. The predictive intelligence of the AI gives its user the advanced ability to not only net-new prospects but also cross-sell opportunities to the right team member at the right time. Making the buyer's behavior visible, 6sense becomes an incredible asset to optimize marketing and sales for any business.

  1. Veloxy

If your main concern for your business is improving your outreach and engagement with your customer, then Veloxy is the right fit for you. Veloxy helps in increasing sales by using machine learning. It gives you the tools to help you understand your customers better. By understanding your customers efficiently, you'll be able to create Targeted and effective engagement plans which yield the best sales.

Veloxy increases your chances of retaining maximum sales by shrinking the sales cycle. This Ai software focuses on customer success and is the perfect tool to increase customer retention rates. The software is highly convenient since it allows users to log Salesforce activity on autopilot. It also notifies its users with inbox alerts ensuring that you never miss anything. One of the software's best features is its geo-location feature which allows you to discover prospective clients in and around your area. 

The email visibility feature lets you keep track of whoever is viewing or forwarding your emails.  The software also gives users access to a simple and comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard, using which you can keep a close eye on your progress. 

  1. PriSync

Prisync is an artificial intelligence program that helps e-commerce business owners improve their sales and revenue by finding out the pricing,  and profit margin of their competitors. Prisync is highly effective, efficient, and easy to use. Anyone can set it up by following these steps. First, you need to add your products and define them. After that, you need to add your competitor products to the same dashboard. After that, you need to check the dashboard to see any price changes in the market. These two simple steps will allow you to check not only your competitor's or business strategy but also lose past pricing trends. 

This vital information can prove to be very useful for you to create your business strategy and increase your market share. This invaluable information can help you keep your system up-to-date according to market trends. The service also offers highly flexible pricing options to its customers, who start at 59 dollars per month. 

  1. Clari

If you are looking for AI software that will use infographics to present sales forecasts, then Clari is the right fit for you. The visuals provided by clari are highly innovative and comprehensive. The graphical representation of data makes the processes involved in your business very simple which in turn leads to better sales and revenue. 

The data-driven insights prove very beneficial for the users to make better-informed decisions and highly engaging presentations. Clari will use the company's data to forecast channels, product lines, regions, etc., automatically. It also gives its users access to a transparent UI which allows them to look freely into all aspects of their business, including deal status, prospect engagement, etc. 

The software uses artificial intelligence to produce precise quarterly projections. Not only that, the software is excellent for identifying any risks and revenue changes which in turn helps the users to minimize the chances of losses. If you use their services, you'll also be provided with a complete overview of helpful information like your rep's time expenditure. However, Clari doesn't disclose their prices on their website. To obtain information regarding their costs, you need to contact their 24×7 open services.

  1. Saleswhale

Saleswhale is another artificial intelligence tool that can benefit its users by improving their sales and revenue since it increases the count and quality of leads. SalesWhale is a software that focuses on the aspects of deals ignored by other AI tools. I

t’s an e-mail-based assistant that helps sales reps by reducing the work strain on the users, thus resulting in more value. Ivaluetool enables its users to configure email reply scenarios. It does so by customizing the email's natural impact. It integrates with various CRMs and ERPs and gives automatic CRM updates. Some other features which make this software stand out among its rivals are the "out of office" notifications and “referral handling." 

  1. Murf 

Murf is a fantastic text speech generator AI highly recommended for all businesses. It's one of the most precise and accurate AI voice generators in the market and is very popular among business owners all around the globe. It is used by several professionals, including educators, content creators, and developers, to carry out their day-to-day activities.  It can be used for several functions like voiceovers, dictations, etc. The easy-to-use interface allows you to choose from various sounds according to your preference. 

There are over 100 AI voices and  15 languages that you can choose from. You can also select your preferences, such as Speaker, Accents/Voice Styles, and Tone or Purpose. You can also use the voice changer feature to record without using your voice. You can customize the voiceovers according to pitch, speed, and volume. It also allows you to add pauses to your voiceovers and even change the pronunciation of specific words. 

  1. Troops

If you're lacking visibility, you need to check out Troops. It's a software that's not only going to help your business gain more visibility but also help you in making the best collaborations in the market. Help your team function at their best capacity by empowering them with this tool, enabling them to connect the right people with the correct data at the right time. The troops can easily be combined with CRM and other messaging platforms. 

This tool will help your team members to save a considerable chunk of their day by identifying critical moments during which they can pitch to the customer to ensure maximum sales.

  1. Rev

If you're looking for tools to help convert your B2B prospects into paying customers, look no further; Rev is the perfect AI tool for making sophisticated sales developments. This software uses artificial intelligence to target 'lookalikes,' which are those prospects that have similarities with their best current customers. This allows them to come up with new opportunities. 

It's another of those tools that can effectively help your business by reducing the prospect time, making your sales processes consistent, and maximizing your funnel's revenue potential.  You can use this software if you want to discover new prospective clients.  To learn about their pricing policies, you can contact them. 

  1.  NeuralText 

NeuralText uses AI to create content from start to finish from generating the idea to executing it. It is basically an Artificial intelligence content writer which can be used for keyword researching as well as SEO generating. 

Now if you're a business owner this tool will help you in creating effective copy for your campaigns. This tool will create well researched content for you that is going to help you in generating more sales. You will get access to almost  50 ready-to-use templates which can help you come up with your personal slogans, Facebook ads, blogs and so on. 

All you have to do is insert a keyword, and the tool will automatically pull out the top 20 results on Google Search. After that it will give you a list of suggested keywords to use, what topics to cover, what questions to answer, and statistics. This will save hours of your time by giving a brief outline to work on. 

  1. Notion.AI 

To make the writing processes of your business more accessible and less time-consuming, you can use the notion.ai. From writing business emails to research proposals, this is a tool you shouldn't miss. While working on a creative project for your business, you might feel stuck or find it difficult to start.

Notion AI can help you deal with these problems. You can use notion AI to create precise summaries highlighting the critical points of your written content. These summaries can come in handy for quickly recapitulating notes or forming other essential documents. The Ai has also been developed to help you brainstorm ideas. If you ever need help generating a list, this AI tool can come in handy. It can also help you form a rough draft while writing something.

It can consolidate several sources and create a rough draft for you which can be the starting point for your content. It also has a built-in grammar checker to fix all your spelling and grammar mistakes. You can also use the tool to translate your content from one language to another. 

Key Takeaways

The digital ecosystem we deal with in 2023 depends wholly and solely on user satisfaction. E-commerce websites, apps, or service providers need to engage potential customers to turn them into actual clients. Therefore its user experience is more important than ever for increased sales and revenue generation. 

The tools mentioned above will help you improve your sales and revenue by making your business as user-friendly as possible.  They will enable you to make the essential changes in your approach or business plan to ensure that you make more significant sales.

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