Grow Your Client Base with This LinkedIn Cold Email Template

LinkedIn is one of the most popular lead generation platforms for businesses. If you are looking to grow your customer base through LinkedIn cold outreach, you must send well-versed LinkedIn cold emails to your prospects. 

Don't worry, cause we have come up with an all-in-all guide for writing excellent LinkedIn cold email content. 

A Guide to LinkedIn Cold Emailing

Looking for a better way to compose your LinkedIn cold emails? Say no more because we have included a sample email template. Feel free to use it as you want (don't forget to customize it). We have also discussed the best practices and added a few tips to help you get better at cold emailing. 

Sample LinkedIn Cold Email Template

Subject Line: 

Hello, {first name}

I hope you are doing great! 

I have been closely following your work for quite some time now on LinkedIn. I love your work as {job position} at {company name}, and I found your posts and comments extremely informative. 

Given your profession and educational background, I understand our {name of the service/product} would benefit your company. 

{USP and highlights the product/service}

You can visit our website for more info:

{website link}

If this sounds promising, let me know so we can schedule a quick call. 

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!


{sender's name}

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Best Practices for LinkedIn Cold Emailing

Take Away Tips for Writing LinkedIn Cold Emails


1. Is it okay to cold call my prospect on LinkedIn? 

Yes, cold calling on LinkedIn is okay. However, take permission before doing so. Cold calls are not just about sales pitches, but it's more about networking, and it works great. 

2. How do you approach a professional on LinkedIn? 

While approaching a professional on LinkedIn, always send a cold email introducing yourself. Mention what you expect from that person and what you are offering. If you don't get a reply, drop a follow-up email within 24 hours. 

3. How do you start a conversation on LinkedIn? 

Sending an icebreaker is the best way to start a conversation. Always mention the reference where you have seen their profile and congratulate them on their latest professional/personal success.