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Searching for each client's email id and additional data and verification takes a lot of time. That's why most businesses these days use email finder tools, most likely, as it has been in the market for a long time.

Although is still an excellent tool for marketing, it might not fulfill your growing business needs anymore. If you are looking for alternatives, search no more cause I have come up with the six best alternatives.

Before jumping right in, let's take a quick look at why you need a alternative.

Why Do You Need a Alternative?

Launched in 2015, is an email finding and verification tool. With a wide clientele base, it is one of the most popular among its competitors. However, it is limited to a few functionalities only.

Although it offers five different plans (Free Plan, Starter Plan, Growth Plan, Pro Plan, and Business/Enterprise plan), none of them is inexpensive.

Here are the crucial reasons why you should consider a alternative:

  • Expensive pricing plans
  • No premium consulting or integration service
  • No mail tracking
  • Poor customer support team
  • Limited features

Best 6 Alternatives in 2023

With the growing needs of businesses, simply lags behind its competitors in marketing needs. However, finding out the right tool for your business is no easy job. Here's a list of the six best alternatives with detailed reviews. 


Smartlead Homepage

The first choice for alternatives is Its fast and reliable email sourcing feature makes it stand apart from the crowd.

Smartlead performs in-depth research and collects prospects' data from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It ensures you verified ids (no invalid emails or invalid contacts) so that you can rest assured about your campaign's success.

This platform is not just an email finder tool, but it also offers a plethora of features. The end-to-end outreach support helps you create a sales pipeline and automate the cold outreach workflow to minimize bounce rates.

Smartlead offers an AI-integrated writing service that helps you generate personalized email content for your leads. Also, the warmup feature ensures your campaigns land directly in your client's inboxes for maximum deliverability.

The master mailbox brings all your mailboxes to one place, making outreach easier. Unlike, Smartlead offers all these powerful features within reasonable pricing plans. It is one of the best platforms for end-to-end mail marketing needs.

Smartlead Features

Standout Features

  • Multi-channel lead generation
  • Lead verification
  • AI personalization
  • Master mailbox
  • Warmup
  • Email integrations
  • Email templates
  • 360 customer message view
  • Automated follow-ups
  • In-depth analysis and reports


  • Basic Plan: $29 per month for 2000 leads
  • Popular Plan: $49 per month for 10000 leads
  • Pro Plan: $94 per month for 30000 leads
  • Custom Plan: Customizable


The second choice for alternatives is If you are looking for a CRM-integrated mail finder and lead generator, then Snov can be the ideal fit for your business.

The best thing about Snov is that, unlike, it can generate leads from social media platforms and verify them to keep accurate emails and maintain the sender reputation.

You may not find many significant differences between and, but Snov offers more authentic lead generation through the MX record checker and SMTP authentication checker. Also, is affordable, so it is ideal for even small-scale businesses. The CRM integration feature makes it stand out from the crowd, making a marketer's job easier by bringing everything within a single dashboard.

Snov Homepage

Standout Features

  • Multi-channel lead generation
  • 7-tier mail verification
  • Mail warmup
  • Sales CRM
  • App integrations


  • S: $33 per month for 1000 credits
  • M: $83 per month for 5000 credits
  • L: $158 per month for 20000 credits
  • XL: $308 per month for 50000 credits
  • XXL: $615 per month for 100000 credits

3. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is an excellent alternative in 2023. Trusted by over 25,000 customers, Anymail Finder only generates verified leads (personal and corporate emails) from various platforms. It uses API to transfer verified leads to your CRM.

It also claims that the list is free for you if it provides you with fake/made-up mail ids. This mail finder tool searches for verified mail ids from various sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and weeds out duplicate emails.

The greatest thing is that you can use it as separate software and a plugin for your mail marketing CRM. Another excellent feature of Anymail Finder is that it charges you only for the verified mails it will generate.

Anymail Finder Homepage

Standout Features

  • Real email or free (guarantee)
  • Mass search
  • Free test credit
  • CRM plugin


  • 20 verified mails per month for free
  • 1000 verified mails per month for $49
  • 5000 verified mails per month for $99
  • 10000 verified mails per month for $149

4. GetProspect

If you are searching for an email finder tool to generate leads specifically from LinkedIn, GetProspect is the tool for you. You can search mail ids (contact details) directly through your prospect's name and organization.

GetProspect searches for leads within billions of web pages and provides you only verified email ids. You don't require a credit card to buy any of its plans, and you can opt-out anytime.

The customizable workflow system lets you create various sales cycles for seamless operation. The chrome extension and CRM plugin make optimizing your CRM easy.

Not only does it find mails, but it also offers cold email campaigns, sales prospecting, and mail finder features. GetProspect offers you a B2B database of over 200 million up-to-date contacts.

GetProspect Homepage

Standout Features

  • Chrome extension
  • CRM plugin
  • Bulk email verifier
  • B2B database with 50M companies
  • Google Sheet add-on


  • 50 valid mails per month for free
  • 1000 valid mails per month for $49
  • 5000 valid mails per month for $99
  • 20000 valid mails per month for $199
  • 50000 valid mails per month for $399

5. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a trusted name in the field of mail marketing. With reputed clients such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Mailchimp, Voila Norbert claims to provide you with a 99% success rate for your email marketing campaigns.

It can perform in-depth research and find your prospect's email address and crucial information. You only need to provide your client's full name and their company's domain name, and you will get their verified email address in no time.

Besides email lead generation and verification, Voila Norbert also offers end-to-end email outreach automation.

Voila Norbert Homepage

Standout Features

  • Email lead generation and verification
  • Mail outreach support
  • List enrichment
  • API integration
  • Browser extension


  • Valet: Upto 1000 leads per month for $49
  • Butler: Upto 5000 leads per month for $99
  • Advisor: Upto 15000 leads per month for $249
  • Counselor: Upto 50000 leads per month for $499

6. FindEmails

We have come to the last alternative in 2023; FindEmails. It offers anyone's mail id in seconds and verifies them to provide you with qualified leads and prospect lists.

You can directly reach any company's decision-makers with the excellent mail-finding features of FindEmails. If you already have a list, upload it to the platform, and it will verify the professional email address within seconds.

Not just any email list, but FindEmails offers you verified leads based on your targeted audience.

FndEmails Homepage

Standout Features

  • Targeted mail lists
  • Lead generation and verification
  • Chrome extension
  • API Access


  • Basic: $29 per month for 1000 credits
  • Better: $49 per month for 2500 credits
  • Best: $99 per month for 10000 credits


Folks, now we have arrived at the end of this article. Business emails are still the highest revenue-generating marketing medium. So, you better use any of these alternatives and get started with email campaigns.

Although all of these tools are excellent for generating verified leads, I think Smartlead stands out from the crowd with its excellent all-in-one email marketing features.

See you next time. Take care, goodbye!


1. Does work with LinkedIn?

It used to, but doesn't work with LinkedIn anymore. If you are looking for an email-finding tool that will generate business email addresses from LinkedIn and other social platforms, then Smartlead would be the best choice.

2. Which is the best alternative? is the best alternative. It is not only a mail finding and verification service (weeds out fake accounts) but also offers dealstage automation, verified emails, B2B emails, and B2C emails, ensuring mail deliverability.

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