Do You Know What "CC" Means in Gmail?

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January 31, 2023
Gmail CC Emails

Carbon Copy feature in gmail

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Email is one of the most preferred modes of communication in any business as it is meant to be a straightforward, secure, and simple channel to communicate in real time. However, just like all the various forms of communication, some rules are also involved in emails so that the communication stays decent between you and your recipients. 

One of those email etiquettes uses the most exciting feature, "CC" (carbon copy), while sharing emails with your potential customers. 

So let us move ahead in this article and explore how to use "CC," its best practices, and the importance of using this feature. 

What Does "CC" Mean in an Email?

Whenever you send emails to anybody, you come across a field next to the "To" field, that is, "CC." This field in Gmail allows you to send a "carbon copy" of that particular email to somebody else apart from the recipients whose names are in the "to" field of the email. 

The "CC" field allows you to keep other recipients in the loop. Or, in simple words, you can say that the "Cc" feature is used if you wish to send a copy of your email to someone who needs to be physically involved in that conversation or email without needing to participate in that one actively. 

For example, if you are applying for leave via email to your manager, you can add the rest of the team members in the "CC" field so they are informed about the same. 

Some of the basics of the "CC" feature are:

  • CC stands for carbon copy.
  • CC helps you contact multiple people in one email
  • CC is a part of the appropriate email etiquette.

CC in Gmail Meaning

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When to Use the "CC" Feature in Gmail?

The main reason behind using the "CC" feature is to add multiple recipients to your email, which can be done in the "To" field. Then, it would help if you considered what is so special about using the "CC" field.

 So, here is the answer; using the "CC" feature in your emails gives the recipients a positive impact on your email etiquette. So basically, if you receive any email where your name is in the "CC" field, then there is no action or response expected from you. Below are some of the most common reasons to know when to use the "CC" feature in your emails:

  • Introducing Anyone

If you send an email to introduce your contacts to each other, then use this feature. This way, you compose your introduction email and add both contacts.

  • Keep Other People in the Loop

Let it be your team member or your manager; when there are situations when you would like to inform any one of them about anything, you can use this "Cc" feature and add them here. 

  • Internal Newsletters

Mainly in large companies, this feature sends mass emails internally. Because using this "Cc" feature states that the email is to inform everybody, and no response is required from anyone. 

  • When you are Representing Your Team,

Suppose there is a situation where you have to represent your team and speak on their behalf. So you can use this feature and add your entire team to this "Cc" field. 

How to Use This "CC" Field in Gmail?

Below are the steps to know how you can send an email with "CC":

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and click on the "Compose email" icon.

Step 2: Add the primary recipient of your email in the "To" field.

Step 3: Right next to the "To" field, you can also see the "CC" field; click on it.

Step 4: Add the recipients in the "CC" field whom you want to send a carbon copy of this email.

Step 5: Draft the context of your email and click on the "Send" icon.

What to do if You are "CC" d in Gmail?

There can be situations in your personal or professional life where you would come through an email in which you are in the "Cc" field. So below are the three most important things you should keep in mind while going through that email:

  • You do not have to either respond to that email or take any action on that email.
  • Everyone else in that email knows about your name and your email address.
  • If you ever "Reply" to that email, that will be sent to everyone visible on that email.

Gmail CC Meaning

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Do's and Don'ts of the "CC" Field in Gmail?


  • You can use this “Cc” feature to introduce two or more people or team members to each other, as this allows you to share their contact details in one single email. 
  • You can use this “Cc” feature in any existing email thread. 
  • You should use this “Cc” field when sharing any updates or events with your other team members. 
  • You can use the “Cc” feature to keep others in the loop in that email. This is the best way to keep an “FYI.”
  • If you receive any email in which you are “Cc”d, click on “reply all” to address the entire group in that conversation. 


  • If anybody wishes to remain private, you should never put their email address in the “Cc” column. 
  • It would help if you did not micromanage your team, so do not overuse this feature. 
  • You should never use the “Cc” if you share any updates or event details with anyone outside your company. 
  • It would help if you never were passive-aggressive with this feature. 
  • If you wish to speak privately to just the sender of an email in which you were “Cc,”d then do not use the “reply all” icon. 


After going through the above article, now that you know the functions and importance of this “Cc” feature in Gmail, you will also be well aware of its usage. This is mainly an email-sending best practice that can be used while sending emails to multiple people. This is a versatile way to engage more than one person in any conversation through email. 

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