How to Schedule the Send Time of an Email in Gmail 

Did you know Gmail has a total of 1.8 billion users

Yep, you read it right. The total number of email users is around 4.3 billion, and 1.8 billion out of that number choose Gmail as their ESP. It’s more than one-fourth of the total number of users. Interesting, isn't it? 

There’s a reason why you, me, and everybody we know have at least one account with Gmail–it’s super easy to operate. 

Be it managing your inbox or forwarding a message, you can do it within seconds, without any tutorial or help. But, scheduling an email in Gmail can be a little tricky for new users. Read these simple steps till the end to understand its scheduling features and how to schedule email.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Scheduling an Email in Gmail

Gmail is a very popular free email service provided by Google. A user can access it via the web or its app on Apple and Android devices. You can change its settings or schedule an email both on a mobile device and desktop. 


  • Open Google or any other web browser
  • Type Gmail in the search bar
  • Log in using your email address and password
  • On the top left corner, you will see an option “Compose” with a pencil sign. Click on that to write the mail
  • After you have written the email body, go to the send button. There’s a small upside-down triangle on the right of the send button (check the pink circle in the below image). Click on that
  • There will be a pop-up box on your screen after clicking on the tiny triangle (as shown in the below image). You set the timing when you want to send your mail to the recipient. 

Voila! You have written an email in advance and scheduled it successfully. Please note that you can schedule up to 300 messages at a time. 


You can either download the app on desktop or your mobile phone (both Apple and Android devices) to schedule an email. My suggestion is schedule the email send time on whichever device you use regularly. If you use desktops for your work, schedule it from there. And, if you are more of a mobile person, schedule the mail using your phone. 

The best part is you can see the message you have scheduled in any device, regardless of the device in which you have scheduled the send timing. 

Desktop Gmail App

  • Double click on the Gmail app in your desktop
  • Click on the “Compose” button on the top left
  • Type in the content. Add the attachments, upload the signature if you want to
  • Go to the send button and click on the dropdown arrow 
  • Then, schedule the time on the pop-up

Mobile Gmail App

  • Double click on the Gmail app in your phone
  • Click on the “Compose” button on the down right
  • Type in the content. Add the attachments, upload the signature if you want to
  • After that, click on the three dots on the up-right


  • Next, touch on the “schedule send” option
  • Now, set the time on the pop-up, and you are done. 

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Learn to Edit or Change Timing or Cancel Scheduled Mails on Gmail 

Web & Desktop App

  • Login to your Gmail account using your credentials (mail address and password)
  • Find the “Scheduled” option on the left of the screen. It’s below the “sent” and above the “draft’ option. Click on it
  • The “scheduled” tab will display all the scheduled emails
  • Select the mail you want to edit, cancel, or change the scheduled time for
  • Click on the “cancel send” option shown on the top of your screen
  • This message will go to draft. To edit the scheduled message, go to DRAFTS. 
  • Edit the draft and repeat the “email scheduling” process given above. 

Mobile Gmail App

Repeat the same process to cancel, edit, or change timing for a scheduled message on Gmail. 

  • Open and log in to the Gmail app on your phone, if you haven’t logged in yet 
  • Touch the “three bars” on the top left of your screen
  • This action will lead to the menu. There will be several options on your screen–Inbox, Sent, Draft, Scheduled–touch on the “Scheduled” option
  • It will show all the scheduled messages
  • Select the message you are trying to cancel, edit, or change the timing for
  • After selecting, you will see a “cancel” symbol on top of the screen (as shown in the below image)
  • Click on that and your scheduled message is canceled
  • To edit or change the timing (schedule once again), you can follow the instructions given above. 

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