Case Study: How Achieved 5X Growth in Revenue with Smartlead

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July 11, 2023
How Achieved 5X Growth in Revenue with Smartlead

Dive into the remarkable journey of, led by Matt Herzog, and witness their unparalleled success with Smartlead. With strategic implementation and leveraging unique features, achieved remarkable results, including more meetings booked and lucrative deals closed.

Matt’s Success Story with Smartlead

Matt proudly says, "Smartlead has revolutionized our business, leading us to remarkable breakthroughs and positive outcomes."

Company Overview, a lead generation agency that works with B2B companies on a performance basis, faced scaling challenges and optimal deliverability concerns. However, with the integration of Smartlead into their operations, they conquered these obstacles and experienced a transformative impact on their business.

Challenges Faced

With two years of industry experience, Matt Herzog encountered significant hurdles that impeded his growth:

  • Limited scaling due to costly tools charging per inbox, hindering return on investment.
  • Increasingly difficult to maintain high deliverability rates amidst advancements in algorithms by Google and Microsoft.
"I struggled to expand the reach of my marketing efforts, hampering our business growth," reveals Matt.


Matt's encounter with Smartlead, facilitated through a connection, became the turning point for his business:

  • Unlimited Email-accounts: Smartlead's unlimited email accounts feature addressed Matt's scaling challenges, enabling him to reach a wider audience with zero additional costs.
  • Deliverability Focus: Smartlead's emphasis on deliverability, especially in light of evolving algorithms, provided with a crucial advantage.

Strategy and Implementation

Integrating Smartlead seamlessly into his workflow, Matt adopted strategies that propelled his achievements:

  • Efficient Workflow Management: Smartlead's features, such as sub-sequences and the master inbox, helped stay organized, ensuring important leads received the attention they deserved.
  • Quality and Quantity Enhancement: observed an upward trend in both lead quality and quantity since implementing Smartlead, contributing to his overall success.
"Smartlead solved my scaling challenges and delivered exceptional deliverability," Matt says.

The Unmatched Value of Smartlead

Matt's experience with various alternatives solidified his belief in Smartlead's superiority:

  • Revenue Engine: Recognizing Smartlead as his main revenue driver, Matt attributes its scalability, quality, and deliverability maintenance to his business growth.
  • Valuable Features: Matt appreciates Smartlead's master inbox and subsequences, which have significantly contributed to his success.


"Smartlead has transformed our business at With unlimited email accounts, improved deliverability, and efficient workflow management through subsequences, we achieved 5X revenue growth. Highly recommended for exceptional B2B results."- Matt Herzog, Founder,


Smartlead powered's remarkable achievements, fueling their growth, securing deals, and earning positive client feedback. With outstanding results and invaluable features, Smartlead ensures ongoing success.

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Author’s Details

Jyotsana Rawat

Jyotsana Rawat is a Business Development Rep at Smartlead, where she excels in cold outbound strategies and lead generation. Beyond her role, she shares her expertise through insightful industry content.


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Charu Mitra Dubey


Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What are active leads?

Active leads are the contacts you upload in Smartlead, similar to contacts in HubSpot; if you upload 1000 leads to a campaign, they are considered 1000 active leads. If you upload similar leads to a new campaign, they are not considered a “new active lead” as they already exist in our system.

Do you provide mailboxes, or do I need to connect my own?

We don’t offer mailboxes yet. You need to get your own dedicated list of mailboxes using popular providers like Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, and others that exist in the market. Once you get them, follow our detailed guides to connect them quickly.

Do you offer guides and articles on succeeding with cold emails?

Absolutely, one of our most popular guides can be found right here. It's been used by a large percentage of users to go from zero to cold emailing experts. Covering all topics from email infrastructure to copywriting and lead sourcing.

Is another tool needed for warmups?

No, Smartlead has over 200,000 highly reputed mailboxes connected. The advantage you get along with naturalized AI conversations is access to aged domains you will never find in any warmup tool.

What is the API commonly used for?

It is used popularly by agencies to automate their entire lead generation process as well as to connect Smartlead to external tools to push and pull data from. You can also connect to 1000s of apps using Zapier.

What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

Anyone that can close deals from demos will succeed with Smartlead. It works for Sales companies, Marketing agencies, SaaS businesses, Recruitment, and offline companies (like construction).

Do you provide me with lead sources?

We do not provide you with leads. You will need to use other data providers. These leads can be automatically added to Smartlead using our API or bulk uploaded via our CSV upload system.

Do you integrate with any CRMs?

We're building native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive, and many more. The best part, due to our open API and Webhook infrastructure, you can connect to any CRM in the world without an issue.

How many team members can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of team members, as well as assign them roles and authority access.

Do you have custom plans beyond the Pro plan?

Yes, it's common for many people to move to Custom plans after a few weeks. You can view all the options for up to 10M leads on the subscription page once you sign up for free.

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