Contribute your Bit with a Fundraising Email Template

Create an effective fundraising email template that can trigger emotions and appeal to the targets.


NGOs and other charitable businesses depend on fundraising for income. Therefore, the emails should be appealing and hook the readers till the end. Fundraising emails are most successful when it generates action from the reader. 

Let's discuss some strategies that can benefit nonprofit organizations for fundraisers.

Fundraising email template to hook the donors 

Subject: {project name}

Hi First name,

I am fundraising to [insert the reason why you're fundraising]. {Project description} is a nonprofit organization that provides critical resources, programs, and services to underserved communities.

{Project description} is currently raising funds to continue its programming. Would you like to help?

Donating any amount will make a difference for the people we serve. 

Your contribution will go towards the following:

{list of program costs}

Please consider donating today. Your contribution matters, and it will help us continue our work and provide critical resources to needy people. 

With Love/Sincerely,


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Fundraising Email Template

Best practices for fundraising email

Take away tips to make fundraising email templates actionable for campaign creation 


How do you fundraise emails?

Set your database to order. Make a compelling topic line and correct your formatting. Tell an emotional and genuine tale and include one call to action.

What is the best time to send a fundraising email?

Generally, it's best to send emails during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

How many emails should be in a fundraising campaign?

Only a portion of the emails your donor receives should be fundraising-related.

How do you write a fundraising pitch?

Begin by grabbing the reader's attention with an emotional narrative or motivational tale. Inform them of the issue you are attempting to resolve. Tell them about the resources and help you already have.