Pace up Marketing Strategies with Business Email Template

Are you in need of some new customers? Well, then, you need to set up your emails for your potential customers with the perfect business strategy, and these business email templates will help you do that.


The market is a very fickle place, and even one wrong word can ruin your career or business. Therefore, you need the help of business email templates to avoid any kind of error with professional emails. Here we are teaching you how to use these templates for your benefit.

Sample Business Email Template to improve your sales

Subject:  Are you ready for a partnership with?

Hi {recipient name},

We are a company specializing in {x} and {y}. We have been doing business for {Z} years.

Top brands like [Competitors] already use the [Product/Services].

Will you send me over [Get Sample], and I'll send you the [Solution]?

What do you think about this offer?



Why does this template work?

  • Anyone in the office can create a professional email by using simple business email templates.

  • Templates like these are necessary for business because they save time and improve efficiency. 

  • It guarantees that emails maintain a professional voice and style in a planned manner.

Rate your template

Template rating on a few factors:

  • Number of words (metric)
  • Social proof (8/10)
  • Introduction (9/10)
  • Fluff (1/10)
  • Large paragraphs (2/10)
  • Single CTA (8.5/10)
  • Potential to convert (8/10)

Deliverability Score scale

  • Spam word use (1/10)
  • Complex sentence use (metric)

Business Email Template

Best practices for Business emails

Here are some best practices for your emails.

  • Business emails are always very formal and carefully written. Thus, it is advisable to use business email templates to avoid any errors.

  • Write the email with only relevant information and ideas. Avoid any unnecessary lines in the email. It will decrease your credibility.

  • Add a bit of personalization in the emails while keeping certain boundaries to attract the audience’s attention and interest.

Take away tips for business email campaigns:

  • The first impression of any mail is of the subject line. Also, The research shows that about half the people open their emails solely based on their subject line. Hence, you need to set some powerful subjects to get the views.

  • There are also psychological tricks to get the customers. Making people curious and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can help the campaign.

  • Instead of going with some common call to action, something unique can do the right set of personalization of email.

  • Several templates are available in the market to help you with the campaign. Smartlead provides one of the best business email templates to create and maximize your campaign growth. 


How long should my emails be?

Short, scannable content that delivers in bite-sized amounts is preferred. Recipients skim emails in seconds to identify common subjects and phrases. They will take their time and attentively examine your message if they notice something pertinent.

What Is The Ideal Size Of An Email Template?

Best practices for email design state this. The ideal email dimensions are 600–650 pixels wide and 1100 pixels tall. Make sure the height is 1500 pixels or less. Major email clients may trim the template if the size exceeds the limit.

How To Use An Email Template

Your email's subscriber count, revenue potential, and click-through rate can all increase when it is visually appealingly crafted. Having intriguing content for the email is one aspect, but having a design that sticks out is another.

How to Get Started with Email Templates

Choosing your campaign's objectives is the first step when you're ready to start using email templates. An email template can assist you in sending the appropriate content, whether you want to increase engagement or advertise an event. Using a template can reduce the time it takes to launch a campaign, regardless of the one you select.

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Can I import a CSV file into an already running campaign?

Yes, you can import a CSV file into an already running campaign. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the campaign that you want to import the CSV file into.
2. Click on "Edit campaign" to access the campaign settings.
3. Look for the option to upload a CSV file and click on it.
4. Choose the CSV file from your computer that you want to import.
5. Map the fields and Choose/associate a client. The system will process the CSV file and import the data into the campaign.

By importing a CSV file, you can update the campaign with new leads without interrupting the campaign's flow.

Is it possible to connect Outlook via OAuth?

Yes, it is recommended to connect Outlook via OAuth. OAuth (Open Authorization) is an industry-standard protocol that allows applications to access user data on various platforms, including Outlook, without requiring the user to share their login credentials. By connecting Outlook via OAuth, you enhance security and ensure a seamless and secure integration between your application and Outlook.

How can I connect Outlook using OAuth?

To connect Outlook using OAuth, follow these steps:

1. Open your email accounts module in Smartlead
2. Look for the option to add accounts and select it.
3. Choose Outlook as the email provider you want to connect.
4. Clicking on the Outlook logo will redirect you to the Outlook login page.
5. Enter your credentials and log in to your Outlook account.
6. Follow the prompts to authorize the application to access your Outlook account using OAuth.
7. Once the authorization is complete, your application will be connected to Outlook via OAuth, enabling secure access to your Outlook emails and data.

By following these steps, you can establish a secure and authenticated connection between your application and Outlook, ensuring seamless integration and access to your email account.

Why am I experiencing delays in fetching emails from my ESP to MI?

If you are experiencing delays in fetching emails from your Email Service Provider (ESP) to the Master Inbox (MI), there could be a few reasons for this. It is important to note that fetching emails from the ESP to the MI can take some time due to various factors such as network latency, ESP server load, and the size of the email inbox. Here are some points to consider:

1. Time interval: The Master Inbox usually fetches emails at regular intervals, which can range from 5 to 55 minutes. This interval allows the system to retrieve and process new emails periodically.

2. Fetch replies button: If you need to fetch replies immediately, you can use the "Fetch replies" button available in the Master Inbox. Clicking on this button triggers an immediate fetch of replies from your ESP's email inbox folder.

If the delays persist or you encounter any issues with fetching emails, it is recommended to reach out to the Smartlead support team for further assistance.Please note: 

Filtering or rules: Review any filtering or rules set up in your ESP that could potentially affect the delivery of emails to the MI. Ensure that emails are not being automatically sorted, archived, or blocked based on certain criteria.

Why doesn't categorizing leads, such as "Not interested," stop campaigns for them?

Categorizing leads, such as marking them as "Not interested," does not automatically stop campaigns for those leads. The purpose of lead categorization is to classify and organize leads based on their specific attributes or actions. However, categorizing a lead as "Not interested" does not halt the campaign because the system relies on replies from leads to determine if a campaign should be stopped.

In most cases, when a lead categorizes themselves as "Not interested," they may choose not to reply to the email or take any further action. As a result, the campaign continues until it reaches its completion or encounters other stopping conditions.

It's important to note that when a lead does reply to an email, the system recognizes the response and stops the campaign for that particular lead. Therefore, replies from leads serve as the primary trigger to stop campaigns rather than lead categorization alone.

In some cases,A lead might have to be categorized for various reasons even if they do not intend to reply, such as organizing their inbox or indicating their preference. Such categorization does not automatically stop the lead from receiving further emails in the campaign. In such cases the emails have to stopped manually

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