How will Email Announcements for New Employees Be a Hit?

Transitioning from one employment to another is a challenging task for professionals. Every professional is also excited and nervous on their first career day. And here comes the company's task: they need to make the new employee feel welcomed and happy. To do this, companies always welcome their new employees with the help of welcome emails. A well-written welcome email to the new hire makes them happy to be part of the new team.

A hire welcome letter includes the details of what the employee has to do on the first day, their onboarding process, their induction ceremony details, with whom the employee should go ahead and meet, and much more. So let us move ahead and understand how welcome emails are a hit on the first day for new employees.

What is a new employee welcome email?

Once the employee formally accepts the job position, the subsequent communication between the company and the employee is known as the welcome email. This hire welcome mail is sent to the employee by their direct manager, along with some extra relevant information from the HR department.

Such emails mainly include the requirement for some more paperwork for HR or administrative purposes. The employees do not have to work much on their first day; they are better asked to go and meet and spend time with their co-workers and try to understand their work environment. For an example, you can refer to the below list to know what can be included in a hire welcome letter:

  • The office address and other special instructions about login hours
  • parking, as well as desktop or laptop data
  • Reminder about the start date and time of the employment
  • The working hours and schedule for each
  • The first day's schedule includes the welcoming events and the lunch as well.
  • Contact person: Urgently
  • What should you bring and what not to bring to the office?

Who does this onboarding process?

Sending welcoming emails or commencing this onboarding process is done by the employer. That can either be the HR member or the manager. Sometimes they work together to welcome the new hire and introduce them to all the various aspects of the business culture.

It is common in organizations that new hires should have one mentor assigned during their onboarding process. This helps ease the process for the employees to understand and feel comfortable while going through the new rock environment. The onboarding process majorly helps with employee engagement.

Why is it necessary to welcome new hires?

It is extremely important to welcome the new hire to the team so the employee can be excited to join and be ready to dive into the work. As per the reports, it is proven that a reasonable remote employee onboarding process leads to improved retention by 82% and increases the employee's productivity by 70%.

When you are personally welcoming new hires or sending them welcome emails, think about what you can tell them to keep them calm, to get them to speed up on their work in the team, and, most importantly, to express how happy you are to have them on your team.

Why send a "welcome to the team" message?

Sending a short and simple note to the new hires encourages them to participate in the team from the first day. It demonstrates the company's character, integrity, and willingness to collaborate with the new employee. Sending warm, welcome messages to the new hires displays a positive business culture and appropriate support for the employees.

The format of the welcome email for new employees

So, if you have hired new employees in your organization and are unsure how and what to write in their hire announcement message, Below is the appropriate and straightforward template or format of a welcome email for new hires. The four main elements to be included in any welcome email are:

  • The subject line of an email
  • Email greeting
  • Email body
  • Email sign-off


Next, let us look at how that works and does wonders and enhances the organization’s first impression.

Employee announcement message subject line

This subject line should be positive and personalized to give the employee a personal touch. You can create it in a profound, creative, or funny way. It's all up to you! The main importance is that the subject line should showcase your culture positively and clearly.

How to greet a new hire?

You should always use their first and last names when addressing new employees. Or you can use the format and take tips from the biggest email software, SmartLead AI, about how you can write business emails.

How to write the body of the new employee welcome email?

Unlike formal emails to clients, welcome emails are a little more flexible. You can simultaneously be creative and funny and use a formal approach while writing to make the remote employee understand their business culture and work. The body mainly consists of two parts:

  • Welcome greeting
  • Self-introduction

Sign-offs for the welcome messages

When understanding how to end a hire letter. you should always go back to the tone with which you started the email. Below are some samples you can add while signing off:

  • I look forward to working with you.
  • Thank you for joining us, and welcome aboard.
  • I am excited to have you on board.

Welcome phrases that can be included in the new employee introduction emails

Are you also thinking about what to say or write when someone new joins the ABC company or your team?

No matter how lost you get while writing welcome emails, the following are some best phrases to use that will undoubtedly leave a good impression:

  • Welcome to our team.
  • Welcome to the firm.
  • Welcome aboard
  • Glad to have you aboard.
  • We are delighted to have you on board.
  • I am thrilled to have you with us.
  • I am looking forward to working with you.
  • Congartautions and welcome to the team.
  • We would like to extend our warmest welcome to you.
  • Let's welcome our new employee.
  • We are thrilled to have you.
  • All the very best for your new role.
  • I am very excited to be working with you.
  • Please join me in greeting
  • A warm welcome to our family

Tips for writing an excellent hire welcome letter that gets the new employees excited about

If you are unsure about how and what to write for a great welcome email for your new hires, just check out the below pointers:

Show your excitement

Tell the recruits that you are thrilled to have them on board and can't wait for them to join your team. Make sure you use friendly words. Most importantly, while writing these emails, ensure that you are writing in a way that makes them feel that there is a real person on the other side of the inbox.

Use proper formatting.

While the new hires are excited to work with you, that does not mean they are not anxious. So you should always keep the following things in mind while writing these emails:

  • Use lots of space in your messages.
  • Break your content into chunks.
  • Make the most of subheadings and bullet points.[important sections are highlighted]
  • Lastly, add special effects like photos, memes, or videos.

Let them know that it is okay to be imperfect.

All the individuals do wonders in their interviews. And when they join a casual company, they think that everybody expects them to be perfect, so while drafting your emails, try to make them understand that it is okay to make mistakes on the first day. Communicate with them in a way that helps to make them calm and more confident. They can slowly and gradually work at speed and implement new ideas in their job profiles, growing professionally. 

Be personal.

Just like mentioned above, that makes them feel that a real person is talking from the other side. Give a personal touch to the hire announcement message by using the employee's first name and addressing yourself as I and not WE. It helps in building a stronger connection with the employee.

Let them know that they will always have your support.

As we all know, everyone needs an ally. So let the new employees also know that you have their backs. This makes them feel valued within the team.

Ask them if they have any questions or issues.

Ask them if they are feeling good and not nervous. Here you can add some contact details they can use anytime they need help.

The Benefits of Sending a hire Welcome letter to New Staff

Welcome messages are an effective and simple way to leave a positive first impression on new hires. Below are some of the benefits of sending welcome messages to new employees:

  • The new team will also be aware of the new joiner.
  • With this, you can schedule meetings and events with the new teammates, and you will get to know them better this way.
  • It creates a special bond between the team and the company on the first day. So the new employees do not feel isolated or left alone on the first day.
  • New hires will feel confident about their first day at the office.
  • It leaves a positive first impression.

What can you write in your welcome messages?

Below are some basic examples of employee announcement messages for your new hires:

  • We are delighted to have you join our team. On behalf of all our current employees and the management, we would like to extend our warmest employee welcome message and best wishes to you!
  • The entire team at our company is thrilled to welcome you onboard. We hope you will be excellent here.
  • A warm welcome and lots of good wishes on becoming part of our growing team.
  • A big congratulations on your new role. We are excited to start working with you today
  • Congratulations on being part of our dynamic team. We hope to have a long and successful journey working together.
  • Having you in our company is an honor for us.
  • Welcome aboard! Our team is pleased to have you among us.
  • An intelligent, full of energy, and talented employee like you is like an asset to our ABC company. We can't wait to start working with you.
  • Thanks for choosing to be a part of our company.
  • We hope your new employee journey with us will be fruitful and exciting.
  • Getting into a new role can be overwhelming! But do not worry, we are always here for you!



Bringing in a new fellow employee should never be boring. You should have fun and ensure that the new hire does as well. All that matters is that the new staff are excited to join, prepare, and start running into the ground. Similarly, bringing someone on board your team is a fun task to complete.

Sending out fantastic welcome emails to new members is ideal, or should we say, the more, the merrier. So you can use the ideas presented above to draft and send the best welcome emails to your staff. The new employee on board joining your team is already nervous about their first day, so these emails act as a kickstart for their tough day, and they deserve to start the new job stunningly. In such emails, the two main components are demonstrating your company’s profile and introducing the hires to the other teams.

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