How to Write Sales Pitch Emails for 8x Conversions: Detailed Guide

A study published by McKinsey & Company states that email, or specifically sales email is 40 times more effective for business communication than social media. McKinsey & Company revealed that 80% of consumers prefer sales reps to reach out via email. 

Sales pitching (and convincing) is indeed a daunting job, especially when your competitors are also reaching your prospecting customers. Don't worry; we've got you covered. 

In this blog post, we'll discuss how to write sales pitch emails and increase your business's conversion rates (read more ROI). 

Read on to nail sales pitch cold emails. We have included ten effective and free sales email templates at the end. 

Stay tuned. 

How to Write Sales Pitch Emails for 8x More Reply

Although 21% of all prospecting emails get opened, only 2% of them see success (conversions). You may be wondering what makes the 2% stand out and succeed. Well, let's find out. 

Subject Line

The first impression is the last one; such is the case with subject lines. The subject line is the first thing your potential customers will read, and they must get hooked. 

Keep your subject line short, preferably at most nine words (60 characters). A great way to hook your prospects is by adding emojis, a touch of humor, or simply invoking their curiosity. 

Here are a few examples of eye-catching subject lines: 

  • You are running out of time
  • {Prospect’s name}, please help 🥺
  • Did you know that…👀
  • Let's grab a cup of coffee
  • Hot deal alert 🥵🔥 Peek inside

On that note, never confuse your audience with misleading subject lines. I will negatively impact your brand's goodwill. 

Structure and Length of the Email Body

An impressive sales pitch email is structured like this: 

  • An introduction
  • Pointing out the pain points
  • Offering solution; why is it beneficial
  • CTA

Research your prospects before composing your email content. Figure out the pain points, highlight why your service can be of help, add social proof, and add intent-based calls to action. 

Length of Email 

Let's face it; any sales prospecting email has a maximum life expectancy of 8 - 11 seconds. It means if your sales pitch email doesn't hook your audience within this time, it's never going to see replies and conversions. 

Keep your email body short and concise, ideally around 50 - 125 words. Sometimes it can be 200 words as well, but make sure you stay within it. Also, break your content down into small paragraphs to minimize visual clutter. 

Personalization is Everything

Are you sending a generic cold email template? Stop right away. Your prospect receives hundreds of emails in a day, so you have to personalize your content to make an impact. 

According to LinkedIn data, 72% of email recipients only reply to emails personalized for them. 

So, personalization is the key to success in sales pitching. You can use email marketing tools to generate prospect data and create personalized content based on each of your customer's needs. 

On that note, segmenting your email list can help you send targeted emails to your cold prospects and subscribers. 

Calls to Action

The three qualities of a compelling call to action are: 

  • Persuasive
  • Sense of urgency
  • Subtle

Once you are done writing the email body, it's time to add the CTA. It is the section where your prospects take action. The CTA should be positively persuasive, short, crisp, and intent-based. 

Effective Time and Days for Sending Sales Pitch Emails

Your email open rates and click-through rates are directly proportional to the timing of sending emails. 

A Yesware study in 2020 has revealed the best time to send emails are

  • Morning (6 and 7 am)
  • Evening (preferably around 8 pm) 

Reply rates are around 45% during these times, compared to the average response rate of 10%

You can also use email tracking tools to get an idea about the best time to send emails. 

According to marketing experts, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send cold emails. In fact, emails sent on Tuesday see the maximum number of email opens (18%), click-through rates, and conversions. 

Although Monday is the first working day in a week, they report significantly lower email opens. Contrary to popular belief, some experts also suggest sending business emails during weekends. 

As these data fluctuate according to your business type, you can run an A/B test to determine the most impactful days to send sales pitch emails for your organization. 

10 Effective Sales Pitch Email Templates to Get More Replies

1. Reaching Out to LinkedIn Prospect

Subject line: You got your way with words! 

Hey {prospect's name}, 

Read your post about {reference post title} on LinkedIn. You have some excellent skills to engage your readers.

I totally agree with you on {the key point from the post}. It reminds me of the {specific task} process we go through in {sender's company's name} for our customers – {the method/process}. 

Given that we both are in the same industry, our {product/service} can help you in {pain points} and bridge the gap between your organization and your customers. 

Wanna know how it works? 

Let's get on a call next week, and I will give you a brief walkthrough. 


{sender's name}

{Contact info}

{Designation and business address}

2. Advice to Improve 

Subject line: Do you mind my help? 

Hi {prospect/s first name}, 

I hope you are having a super productive week! I am {sender's anime}, working as {job role} in {company's name}. 

I was checking your website and couldn't help but notice that {specific feature} needs to generate optimal results. 

Here are a few ways you can solve the {pain points}: 

{Tip 1}

{Tip 2}

{Tip 3} 

In {financial year}, we have helped {number of clients} to improve {pain points} and generate {sales figure, revenue added}. 

Around {percentage} of our clients are satisfied with our {product/service}. It will bring positive changes to your website's {topic in discussion}. 

Do you want to get on a call and discuss this further? 


{sender's name}

{email signature} 

3. Mutual Connection

Subject line: {mutual connection} was talking about you! 

Hi {prospect's first name}, 

I heard great things about you from {mutual connection}. He/She/They recommended we should get in touch. 

I work in {company's name} as {job role}. 

Upon thinking about your position as {job role} in {company's name}, I should introduce you to our {product/service}. 

Our {product name/service} has been well received in {specific industry} industry, and we have helped {number of clients} grow their businesses. 

Is it something that interests you? Let me know. 

Best regards, 

{sender's name} 

{email signature and business address}


4. Over a Cup of Coffee

Subject line: Let's grab a cup of coffee! 

Hey {prospect's first name}, 

I found your website a few days back. And the design is absolutely brilliant. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation definitely grab website visitors' attention. 

I have forwarded it to a few friends and colleagues who can benefit from your service. 

Upon scrutinizing the details, I have found a minor issue regarding {specific topic}. 

We at {company's name} have been working in the {industry} industry for more than 10 years, and we can easily solve the {pain points}. 

Let's talk over a cup of coffee next week. What's your favorite coffee place in town?


{sender's name}

{email signature}

5. Congratulating a Prospect

Subject line: You are killing this year!

Hi {prospect's first name}, 

Congratulations on your recent promotion at {company's name}! 

I have read your story on the {website/magazine/post} and am mesmerized by how you have brilliantly managed difficult situations. 

As the new {job role}, I bet you are thinking of ways to bring impressive changes soon, and I can help you with that. 

I have helped {industry name} industry professionals grow their businesses, and here's what they said: 

{customer testimonial}

{customer testimonial}

{customer testimonial}

Let's talk about how I can help you bring positive changes and streamline the workflow. Are you free sometime next week? Let me know. 

Best regards, 

{sender's name}

{email signature}

6. Nurturing Mutual Interests

Subject line: Finally, I've found my golfing partner

Hi {prospect’s name}, 

I am {sender's name}, working in the {specific industry} industry as {niche role}. 

I was going through your LinkedIn profile, and we both are in the same industry. 

The most exciting part is that you play golf {any mutual interest}. Have you ever played at {golf course}? Let's play someday. 


{sender's name}

7. Business Collaboration Request

Subject line: {prospect’s company} + {senders company} = {sales figure} 

Hi {prospect' first name}, 

I hope you are having a great week! 

I am {sender's name}, the founder and director of {company's name}. 

I am a big fan of your {specific department} department strategies. I hear from my peers that it is making positive changes. 

We have been collaborating with businesses since {year} to solve {pain points}. Here's what our clients have achieved: 

{sales figure #1}

{sales figure #2}

{sales figure #3}

With the new changes in your company, it must be hard to {pain points}. We can help you solve {pain points} and increase your revenue by {percentage}. 

If it's something that interests you, let me know. We can get on a call and discuss the workflow. 


{sender's name} 

8. Curiosity Triggering

Subject line: Did you know that…

Hi {prospect's first name}, 

Did you know that {company's name} has recently generated {sales figure} with our {product/service}? 

Well, it seems unbelievable, right? 

Here's the proof: 

{article link} 

Do you want to know the secret and achieve {sales figures}?

I am just an email away; let me know. 


{sender's name} 

9. Quick Question Method

Subject line: {prospect's first name}, can you help? 

Hi {prospect's first name}, 

I have a quick request for you, and I promise it will take up to five minutes. 

I'd like to know who is responsible for {specific department/work} in your company and how I can reach them. 

It seems they are facing {pain points}, and I can help solve the issues. 


{sender's name}  

10. Concise Sales Pitch

Subject line: Why {sender's company name}?

Hello {prospect' first name}, 

I hope you are doing great this week. I was talking to {prospect's colleague/friend}, and they suggested we should connect. 

I am [sender's name}, the {job role} at {company's name}. {Company’s name} just launched a platform called {platform name} that helps in {specific pain points}. 

{A brief pitch about the benefits of the platform} 

Are you available for a quick call? Please send me a few dates and times of your convenience. 


{sender's name} 

Final Words

Here we conclude the article. The sales pitch email templates and the email writing guide should guide you in successful customer generation. We suggest you use a sales-generating platform and an email marketing tool like Smartlead to automate the workflow. 

Before you send out an outreach email, check the following: 

Whether it is short, crips, intent-oriented, and personalized? Does it pinpoint your prospect's key issues and offer solutions? Is it looking all right on mobile devices? 

If the answers are yes, hit 'send' right away. 

*Remember to send follow-up emails within 24-8 hours of sending the sales prospecting email. Remember it takes at least five follow-ups to persuade your potential customer to take action.* 

Check out the Follow-Up Email Templates blog post.

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