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Email communication has become one of the easiest and fastest communication modes. With growing times, it has completely taken over the traditional way of sending letters to everybody and talking or asking them to meet. But nowadays, email communication even allows us to communicate with everybody. This mainly gives an exciting option to request appointments with people to meet them. As everybody is busy and has a packed schedule, seeking and confirming an appointment has become the best way to conduct any sessions, meetings, or even get-togethers.

Appointment scheduling via email is common in private and public businesses. There can be a variety of reasons for scheduling upcoming appointments, like setting up an interview, the need to discuss any project with the client, or following up with any business leader. Requesting a meeting via email clearly and correctly is a communication skill that can help you throughout your professional career.


What is an appointment request email?

An appointment request email is a kind of service request email request for a meeting. In simple words, we can call it a formal email in which you can ask an individual or a group of individuals to meet. These emails are needed to arrange meetings and upcoming appointments with clients, managers, supervisors, or business partners. Such request emails are typically written when you need to meet other people to discuss some business opportunities or any other vital issues.


What should the appointment request mail include?

In the request letter below, only essential things should be mentioned. And how it should be mentioned, or what should be the format; we will discuss it later in the article.

The reason for the appointment

Whenever you request an appointment, whether you already know the client or not, you should always include the reason for the meeting in the letter.


The length of the meeting

You should always inform the recipient how long the meeting will take.


How will the client benefit from this appointment?

You should always ensure that you understand the help of the appointment request forms when writing them.

"Would you be available for a small 15-minute conversation to see and discuss how much we can cut over these extra expenses for the company?"


Place of the meeting

Even if the recipient already knows the address of your company and he or she knows where the meeting is going to be held, you should make sure to mention the details of where this meeting will be held.


How to politely ask for an appointment?

There are several formal ways of proceeding with all business or non-business virtual appointments. One such important way is how to ask for an appointment from somebody in a polite manner. This can be formal or informal, depending upon the recipient's personality and your relationship with them. So below, we are going to discuss the three main ways in which we can politely ask someone for a meeting:

How to ask for an appointment over the phone.

How to ask for an appointment over email?

How to ask for an appointment in person?


How to politely ask for an appointment over the phone?

Seeking a conversation or a meeting when you contact them via phone is a tough nut to crack because you need to think about many constraints when you call the person. So below are the steps you should follow when you call a person for an appointment to ensure you do not get a rejection on the phone itself.

  1. Firstly, you need to understand the occasion of the phone call. With this, you will easily communicate your thoughts to the other end.
  2. Keep in mind that the other person might be busy when you call them. Before starting your conversation, you should politely ask them if they are available to talk.
  3. If they are willing to speak with you, simply introduce yourself briefly.
  4. Directly get into the purpose of the phone call and explain to the person the reason for your call.
  5. When introducing yourself or explaining the purpose of the phone call and the visit, make sure you do not leave any room for any kind of basic questions from the other end. So just be fluent in your language and words.
  6. End the call with a call-to-action effect that helps you get zero rejections.


How to ask for an appointment over email?

This is the most important and most commonly used technique in today's world in both personal and professional life. We are going to learn more about this later in the article. So below are the steps you should follow while you write an email requesting an appointment with one or more people:

  1. Compose a short and simple email message.
  2. Make sure you are highlighting the subject of the email properly.
  3. Give a conclusion at the end of the email asking for a reply or course of action from their end.
  4. Appreciate the person's time to confirm the meeting or the visit.


How to ask for an appointment in person?

There are situations when you have to meet a client or any person to ask for an appointment. So below are the steps you should follow while you get in touch with someone you need a current appointment with:

  1. Stay calm and composed.
  2. Briefly state the purpose of your in-person conversation and the appointment details.
  3. If the person asks questions, answer them politely and convincingly.
  4. It emphasizes a call to action or response.
  5. Appreciate the time they gave you.  

How to write an appointment request letter?

This request letter should be well written and always include all the critical elements to get the recipient's attention and interest.

The following are the steps for writing a letter requesting a meeting:

Section 1: Choose the Format

Before starting to write the request letter, you should consider the format you will use. So while choosing the format, it is essential to know that it should be straightforward to read and understand. Hence, choosing the correct fonts and font sizes is essential for an appointment request email. Do not use too small or too large font sizes that strain the readers' eyes. The ideal font size of such emails should be between 14 and 16 points. And the general fonts that can be used in such professional letters are Calibri, Times New Roman, Verdana, Courier New, and Arial. Also, you should avoid writing the entire request letter in capital letters, which looks impolite. Also, below are the two main categories to be included in the format:

A letterhead

Using a letterhead in the appointment request letter helps quickly establish an individual's professional impact. And it even introduces the recipient to the company at first glance.


Proper business letter format

The request letter is a business letter, so it should be written in the proper business-letter format. You can also refer to SmartLead AI, the most enhanced email software, to get some business email tips that will surely get you business.


Section 2: Introduction

The introduction part of the appointment request letter should contact all the necessary and required elements of the meeting. Below are the elements that should be included:


The date on which the sender wrote the meeting or appointment letter should be written in the letter's first line.

Recipients details

Following that, the recipients' information, such as

  • Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • Organization

And of all these details, the most crucial part is that the sender should always commence with a salutation at the beginning of the letter. Because using a salutation to address the recipients gives a professional and official look to the request letter.


The meeting venue should be mentioned where all the parties involved will be.


Other appointment dates and time suggestions

The appointment or meeting request letter must contain a proposed date and appointment time for the meeting in case the client wants it to be changed.


The length of the meeting

The length of the meeting must be mentioned in the letter itself. It helps the recipients to pre-plan their business day in that manner and follows a prescribed schedule.


Section 3: Body of the Letter

The body paragraph of the request letter must contain the goal and purpose of this meeting. Therefore, this section is the most crucial part of the letter because it shows the central core of the meeting letter. Thus, the sender should include the following essential details in this section:

  • The reason for the meeting
  • The reason for this meeting should be clearly and briefly stated here.
  • The benefits of attending this meeting 

Any meeting between two or more individuals should benefit them, so mention the same in this section. For example, if your manager requests an appointment with a client for a project, the main focus should be on the benefits both parties will get after the collaboration.


Section 4: Final Thoughts

The conclusion section of the meeting email should round off all the details in the letter, just like a summary. The main elements that should be included here are:


A follow-up request

Requesting Follow-up from the recipients helps get the appointment attendance confirmation for the meeting.


Mentioning your signatures helps the recipients get to know you more.


Contact details

Mentioning the contact details, in the end, helps the recipients contact you anytime to discuss anything if they wish to.



Examples of requesting an appointment


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What not to mention in an appointment mail?

People often tend to make mistakes while writing appointment-requesting letters. Below are some don'ts that you should void:

  • Do not write too much; make sure to make your letter short and crisp.
  • Do not ever misspell the recipient's name.
  • Do not send a letter to anyone with many grammatical and spelling errors. That looks unprofessional.
  • Do not focus on yourself in the letters; keep your focus only on the letter's purpose.
  • Do not offer a very small meeting window.
  • Do not be impatient. Give ample time for the recipient to respond.


Tips on how to write a perfect appointment request email

Below are some tips you can use while drafting an appointment request message.

  1. Research your client's information.

While drafting this letter, it is important for you to know and understand your client, so do proper research on them.


  1. Clearly state the reason for this mail.

In this letter, ensure you correctly write why you request an appointment with the person.


  1. Make it short.

Make sure the letter is short, simple, and easy to read and understand. Do not write long sentences and go overboard with the words.


  1. Call to action"

Always include a request-to-action column to make your letter look professional.


  1. Be professional.

While writing a request letter, you can be friendly but still professional. Do not get over-frank with the clients.


  1. Your contact details 

Make sure to mention your contact information in the letter so the recipients can contact you if they need to.


  1. Proofread your email.

Make sure you proofread it and double-check all the spelling and grammatical errors.


  1. Attach documents

You must attach the valuable documents in the mail itself, if there are any so that the client does not come back to you asking for them. 


Appointment request forms are like the first communication mode with a person to make them your permanent prospect. Therefore, it becomes critical to make the tone and all the information leave a good impression on the reader. It is equally essential for the appointment-requesting emails always to get a "Yes" answer. So now, by going through all the above situations, you know how you can politely ask anyone for an appointment, let it be by any mode, especially email. You just need to stay positive, begin composing your letter politely, and pass it on to the person, and you will surely get a positive response.

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