How to Generate Leads for Your SaaS Business With Cold Emails?

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December 16, 2022

According to research, only 3% of people worldwide show confidence in salespersons. And talking about the online world, this percentage further decreases. But don't look at the empty side of the cup. As a SaaS company, your eyes should be on that part of the cup which is filled with the potion of opportunities.

So, it's essential to attract that few people to your business.

Here comes the role of cold mail pitching. It's a two-way option. Knowing how to use it properly is no less than magic for you. But if your hard pitches are icy, this can ruin the image of your company.

What should you do now? Make your sales team expert at running cold mail outreach campaigns.

Let's learn about cold mail, SaaS Businesses, how they should run their cold outreach campaigns, what steps you should follow to increase your sales email conversion rate, and what not to do while writing hard pitches.

Introduction to Cold Emails

You can say that cold emails are one of the best outbound sales methods, where a sales rep starts the conversation via cold mail campaigns with the ideal customers to convert them into potential customers. It's one of the most conventional and best methods to make qualified leads and then convert them into potential prospects.

In short words, you can say it's a way to initiate a fruitful conversation in the online world for positive responses.

You don't need to rush the process of cold call mails that might result in the conversion of your potential prospects into cold leads. Yes, all in vain! But instead, you should build healthy relationships with your customers by giving a warm solution to their business pain points.

Has the Approach of Cold Emailing Been Altered?

Yes! The answer to this question is very straightforward; it's been altered.

And what's that mean?

Well, we all know that it is not new to use cold emails in the sales process. The process was very uncomplicated, make a generic message as a complex mail template and send this to hundreds or even thousands of ideal customers simultaneously.

But now, you can't win your ideal customer's heart by using this old cold mail strategy.

You need to be innovative in an ever-changing world!

You need to add a touch of personalization to your cold pitch by utilizing some complex mail tools. Unlike before, now you have to make an ideal research profile, prepare an mail list of all your potential leads, and then to start mutual connections, you have to send them appropriate and personalized cold mails.

At the start, it's tiresome, but it will prove to be a compelling method to increase your conversion rate in the future.

What is a SaaS Business?

Software that is provided as a service, or SaaS, is hosted on the cloud. It may be viewed through a web browser, a mobile app, or a desktop program. Users of most of the SaaS businesses have to subscribe to the service, which entails paying a regular cost either monthly or yearly.

How Does SaaS Business Work?

Software, server, and database are all managed by the SaaS companies while users access these services online by paying their charges. Yes, this is that simple. That's why the number of these companies and their users is increasing daily.

Their subscription rates depend on the following:

  • Technical support you need in your service.
  • How many people will use the service?
  • The volume of your data that the company will store.

Examples of SaaS Businesses

Every kind of business function can be controlled by SaaS business. Let's look at a few examples of successful SaaS businesses below.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

For big organizations, enterprise resource planning software (SaaS) are best.

  • eCommerce and Web hosting

SaaS businesses manage the website hosting that you purchased. These companies remotely store the customer's data on their servers.

  • Customer Resource Manager (CRM)

Customer Resource Manager (CRM) allows customers to manage their customers and sales further via sales funnels.

  • HumanResourcing

SaaS can also manage all the human resources, such as hiring people, scheduling payments, etc.

Steps to Write a Cold Mail Pitch Like an Expert in SaaS Business That Converts 

Every day, almost 300.4 Billion emails get exchanged between people. More than half of them are cold pitches, and many don't get a chance to be opened to present the treasure inside them to the recipient.

So, what magic do you should to your cold emails so that most of them can get opened?

Bear with me for a while and follow the below-mentioned magical steps to enhance your chance to 2X your SaaS company's revenue.

  1. Build an Ideal Profile for Your Customer

First of all, ask yourself a few questions, such as,

  • What type of value can I add to my customer's business life?
  • Who can be my customers?
  • What can be the pain points of my customers?
  • Why should they buy from me instead of other alternatives?

Once you get the answers to these questions, start your hunt for potential leads. Find where your customer type resides, what difficulties they are facing now, and their business goals.

Your SaaS can be used in different ways by different companies. So, just don't be done with one ideal customer profile but at least 3 to 4.

Yes, you have to brainstorm quite a lot to build several ideal customers profile. Just do it.

  1. Make a List of Prospects to Outreach.

Are you done making several ideal customer profiles? Quite tiresome but better results-generating.

If so, let's jump onto the next step: making a list of prospects.

  • The best way

There are many ways and places to find out your potential leads, but using specified tools is the best and most straightforward. These tools have databases of prospects. So you can access them and use them to identify your qualified leads., Zoominfo, or Uplead are the best tools to get access to prospect databases. But if you want to research manually, you can also use platforms such as Crunchbase.

Among the above mentioned tools, SmartLead is indeed the best tool available for cold emailing where businesses can write personalized and effective cold emails which do not end up landing in the spam folder. To know more about it, you can visit this blog of SmartLead.

  • Always format your prospect list.

Use Google spreadsheet to make a very understandable spreadsheet and add different information into different columns such as first name, location, company's name, and their present problem that you can solve by SaaS, and don't forget to add a personalized opening line there so that you don't forget about what to add to each tailored mail pitch.

  1. Explore Contacts of B2B Qualified Leads

Only highly qualified leads prove to be in the most qualified engagements. So, sieve out only qualified leads from a bunch of tips. How will you do this? How will you get rid of inactive or inappropriate tips?

For this purpose, you should use mail verifications before sending cold pitches. You can use the mail verifier for this purpose.

Then make personalized pitches according to their needs and your services for each customer.

  1. Craft Compelling Mail Subject Lines

The next step should be to craft a simple, short, personalized, and compelling subject line that can increase the chances of email opening rates. Keep in mind the following things while writing subject lines.

  • Be genuine
  • Don't lie
  • Don't add click baits
  • Always try to add value upfront
  • Don't ever let your subject line cross 6 to 7 words. The shorter the subject line, the more the possibility of opening.
  • Add compactness in your subject line.
  • You can add a touch of personalization even in your subject lines
  • Add curiosity
  • Avoid spam or buzzwords

Example: "Cruisin' 4 Critters is August 2nd. Register Today!"

Let's see some examples by Woodpecker:

{{FIRST_NAME}}}, there is a more efficient way to do X

I have an idea on how to improve your X

Have you thought about switching X?

Want to scale up X at {{COMPANY}}?

  1. Design a Personalized Email Body

Don't write like a robot. Add your feelings - personalize your mail body to resonate with your customer. The more you sound like a human, the more the chances of response rates. So, be very careful while writing an mail body.

You can use the following concepts:

  • Reference something that they shared on social media.
  • Compliment their business success, then add how you can boost it via your services.
  • Mention their goals.
  • Offer free trials.
  • Tell them how their competitors are advantaging from using these types of services.
  • Always highlight what you have with your customer in common.
  • Give them a piece of advice to solve one of the recent problems.

Actual well-written cold email pitches increase the opening rates and convert your prospect into a loyal customer.

  1. Add a Distinct Call to Action (CTA)

Do you know what successful cold pitches include that your cold emails don't?

Strong Call to Action.

So, never underestimate its importance. Even if you have included a great deal of personalization in your pitch, without CTA, it's nothing.

Tell your customers that you are always available to explain how efficient and essential your service is for their good. Always be polite while adding this.

So, always end your email with a solid call to action.

  1. Always Edit Your 'From' Line.

You might be surprised we mention the 'from' line here separately. Yes, because the 'from' line is as important as your subject line.

Your qualified lead gets the first impression by your 'from' line. On behalf of it, your email will be got opened or added to the trash. So, continually optimize it with your SaaS business.

  1. Ensure Your Cold Email Gets Open

Check your email step-up for cold Pitching. You can use free tools like CheckMXto check whether your step-up is correct. By adding your domain to this, you will get to know any issues if they exist in the first place.

If you are sending mass emails at a time, to avoid any suspicion from google, use Auto-warmer.

  1. Automate Your Outreach System

Use email campaign automation tools to save time, and they are also cost-effective. B2B email automation tools are proven to be very efficient and increase SaaS businesses' productivity.

  1. Never Overlook the Follow-up Email

Not all cold pitching emails are fruitful. And this is how these cold outreaching campaigns run.

But the good news is that follow-up emails can increase productivity.

With a good greeting of the day, further explain your services and the value they can add to the customer's life. Mostly the follow-up emails after 2 hours are the most efficient ones.

You can not only follow up via email but with texts, calls, and social media interaction to convince your qualified lead to become your loyal customer.

 How to Avoid Your Cold Email Landing in Spam?

About 21% of daily cold-pitch emails go to the spam folder without knowing the inbox's owner. Let's see the role of technology here and how we can prevent our cold pitches from landing in the ditches.

  • Use of placeholders

Using placeholders in your cold emails reduces the chances of spam landing. Placeholders are also known as merge holders, such as brackets and characters, e.g., *[Pitching]*.

  • Don't add attachments and images.

If you are adding attachments and images in your cold pitches, then man, this is why you are not getting any results and new customers. Don't do this because email servers usually need to be more relaxed. It's always a best practice to make plain text-optimized cold email pitches.

  • Always use the business domain for Cold email outreach campaigns.

Why Does Cold Email Pitching in SaaS Businesses Differ From Others?

The main difference in cold outreach campaigns between SaaS businesses and other retail companies is free trials by cold email pitching.

You might also have experienced this cold pitching strategy without knowing. SaaS companies offer their customers a free trial for a few days or months. I know what you are thinking. But they still need to get spontaneous revenues but future loyal customers.

And how it works? Let me explain it to you.

When customers use your application for a month, they will try to experiment with the software. They might use it to achieve their business goals or use it in their business model to solve their problems. So, the following things can be deduced by their free trial.

  • Customer's company size.
  • The customer experience at your application.
  • Customer location.
  • Customer business pain points.
  • Email address of the business owner.
  • Customer's name.
  • Their schedule of software usage.

All this information will help you with customer value management, such as identifying your qualified leads, what value they need from you, and managing your cold email outreach.

But SaaS businesses still have the issues of retail companies, such as email deliverability rates, email opening rates, hard work of cold email marketing campaigns, or conversion rates.

SaaS companies have the advantage of giving free trials. So, they should use this wisely and repeatedly.

Why do all SaaS Companies Engage in Cold Email Outreach Campaigns?

There are many reasons for using well-planned complex sales emails in SaaS businesses. A few of them are given below.

  • Compared to other outbound sales strategies used in SaaS companies, cold emails are the least invasive.
  • It is one of the most successful campaigns which can maximize your revenues.
  • This can be effectively executed by using different automated cold email tools.
  • Cold email pitching is very cost-friendly; you can also use them at low costs, according to your need.

Things to Avoid in Cold Email Pitching in SaaS Business

So, what are the things you should avoid in your cold email outreach campaigns? Let's take a look at them.

  • Sending them to the wrong persons or least qualified leads.
  • Writing long and unclear subject lines.
  • Non-personalized pitch.
  • Forgetting to edit B2B sales email templates.
  • Bragging and fussing around.
  • Sending without double-checking.
  • Using generic messages.
  • Sending a marketing talk instead of a sales pitch with warmth.
  • No writing CTA at the end.

End Note

You can't deny the importance of well-written cold emails in SaaS Business and how they can help in giving the much-needed kick to your expectations. Hard-pitch email can do magic if it is short, to the point, well-tailored, and personalized. Let's summarize a few crucial steps here,

  • Building a profile for your ideal customers
  • Making a potential prospect's list
  • Designing perfect subject line and email body
  • Automation
  • Proper Follow-ups
  • Make sure to land in the inbox, not in spam.

Running cold email campaigns is as crucial as services in SaaS Businesses. Because if there is no customer to buy your services, you can't generate your profits. So, stay focused and goal-oriented to provide value in your customer's business life.

So, your SaaS business and cold email campaigns go hand in hand to multiply your revenues. 

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