25+ Ultimate Cold Email Stats You Must Know in 2023

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February 2, 2023
Cold Email Stats

Are you using generic cold email templates to send cold emails? Stop right there. 

Sending generic email templates to win customers in the age of personalization is as irrelevant as Orkut today. In fact, by doing so, you are potentially harming your company’s goodwill and a lot of valued customers. 

By now, you must be thinking what’s in anyway? Do marketers still use cold emails? If yes, how to write cold emails to generate prospective customers? 

In this article, we bring you 25+ ultimate cold email stats you must know in 2023 to write cold emails that supersedes your competitors. We have also added pro tips to step up your cold emailing game up a notch. 

General Cold Email Statistics

Let’s start with some general cold email statistics before delving deep into subject line, preview text, follow ups, deliverability, open rates, and more. 

1. Sending cold emails to multiple prospective clients from the same email address increases reply rates by 93%. 

A Backlinko study stated that bulk cold cold emails sent from the same email address improves repl rates by 93%. 

Mainly because it improves deliverability rates, increasing the chances of reaching your prospects’ inboxes. The more your emails land on the primary folder, the more reply rates they will generate. 

Despite the popularity of social media platforms as marketing channels, email offers a significantly higher ROI. If we talk about percentage, it comes down to an astounding 4400%. Whereas, social media marketing has a significantly lower ROI generation rate of 28%.  

Here is an informative guide you must read: B2B email marketing best practices to improve ROI

2. 1.5x more people use email over social media platforms. 

Statista survey shows that around 2.5 billion people use social media/month. It means that businesses should use social media platforms as a high-converting marketing tool. 

But this sodesn’t mean email has gone out of fashion. In fact, another stat from Satista proves that there are approximately 3.7 billion active email users worldwide/month, which is almost 1.5x the number of social media. 

It means that marketers can reach a wider audience base than social media with email. 

3. 80% of consumers prefer email as their primary business communication channel.

If you think about it, it makes total sense. People are too busy to spend 30 minutes on cold calls hearing about products/services they might not need and social media DMs seem too personal (and intrusive) for sales pitches. 

These factors make email a perfect communication channel for marketing and sales processes. 

Email leaves room for personalization, gives the prospect time to think about the offer, and get back to you at their convenience. 

4. Sales reps spend one fifth of their day writing emails. 

According to HubSpot data, an average sales rep spends 21% of their day writing cold emails. It means they write cold emails, reply to prospects’ queries, and set up meetings. 

The same study also revealed that in work hours, a sales rep spends 17% of their time in data entry, 17% in prospecting/researching leads, and 12% in scheduling meetings. 

There are many automation tools and cold email tools that can perform all these jobs more efficiently and in less time, letting sales reps actually focus on selling.

Smatlead lets you set custom conditional email sending triggers and it writes human-like personalized emails with its AI-powered writing tool. It also 7x your chances of booking meetings with prospects. 

Cold Email Subject Line Statistics

The subject line of your cold email can decide the fate of your cold outreach campaign’s success. Let’s take a close look at some important stats: 

5. Personalized subject lines generate 50% higher email open rates. 

Any marketers would agree that personalization greatly impacts the result of a cold email outreach campaign. 

A Yes Lifecycle Marketing study reveals that personalized subject lines in cold email campaigns see 50% more open rates, confirming the above speculation. 

The same report also confirmed that only 2% of emails use personalized subject lines. It means a big array of opportunity lies there for email marketers. 

Besides your email copy, personalize your subject lines if you want to improve your open rates, increasing reply rates and conversions. 

Here are some tried and tested examples: 

  • “{Common connection} suggested we connect”
  • “Nice talking to you at {event name}”
  • “Did you get what you were looking for?” 

For more excellent subject line ideas, check out 80 Cold Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Response Rate.

6. 33% of people open emails based on the subject line. 

This data again proves the authority of the previous stat: as a marketer, you need to focus on subject lines to get more email open rates, replies, and conversions. 

Cold email stats
Source: superoffice.com

So if your email subject line is generic and spammy, no prospect will bother to open them. Make sure you personalize your subject line based on pain points, demographics, and Ideal Customer Profile. 

For example, you can trigger FOMO, create urgency, or use humor to convince your audience. 

7. Prospect’s company name in the subject line improves email open rates by 22%. 

This is the most popular way to personalize your cold email subject lines. An Outreach study has revealed that email subject lines with prospects’ company names can increase email open rates by 22%.

Prospects immediately identify these emails related to their jobs, which means they will be more likely to open them.

Here are some examples: 

  • “{Prospect’s company name} + {Sender’s company name} = Higher revenue”
  • “Collaboration with {company name}”

8. Including numbers in subject lines increases open rates by 113%. 

Numbers offer assurance, that’s why it’s very effective to get attention. This is one of the reasons you opened this blog post, didn’t you? 

The same applies for email subject lines. A YesWare data proves that cold email subject lines including numbers get approximately 113% more email opens. 

Cod email stats
Source: Yesware

So, if you are looking to improve email open rates for your cold email campaigns, strategically include numbers in your subject line. 

For example: 

  • “X tips to improve customer engagement”
  • “X minutes to get {result}”
  • “Get X% higher conversions”

9. Questions in subject lines get a 21% increase in email open rates. 

Questions intrigue curiosity, that’s why it works for cold email subject lines. Asking a question to your prospect is a great way to make them open your email and respond. 

The same study published by Yesware stated that questions in subject lines get a 21% increase in open rates. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • “Is this a good time to talk?” 
  • “Have you checked {product name}?”
  • “Are you satisfied with {competitor company}?”

Cold Email Open Rate and Reply Rate Statistics

The success of a cold email campaign is measured by its email open rate and reply rate. Let’s take a close look at the interesting email open and reply rates and see how you can improve them. 

10. 23.9% of all sales emails are opened. 

As per the subject line stats, it’s established that only a few sales emails are opened and read. In fact, a huge number of your cold emails will land in spam folder/ junk (detected by spam filters) or get deleted by the email recipients.  

On that note: read how to stay away from spam filters for maximum deliverability

cold email stats
Source: Klenty

A Gartner data shows that only 23.9% of all sales emails are opened worldwide. Considering this data, it’s obvious that you need to put extra effort in crafting your subject lines so they can generate a higher email open rate. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can improve email open rates to increase conversion rates

11. 24.45% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. 

Although most of the email opens happen on computers, the number of emails opened in mobiles is going up. 

According to GetResponse, 24.45% of all emails are opened in mobiles. This data indicates that your emails have to be optimized for mobiles to see a higher response rate. 

12. Only 8.5% of cold emails get responses. 

As only 23.9% of all cold emails are opened, it’s expected for cold email response rates to be lower than that. According to a Backlinko survey, only 8.5% of all cold emails get responses. 

However, this number is not absolute. Your prospects might not reply because they are busy, your offer is not applicable for the time being, or may have overlooked them.  

Whatever the reason might be, you must follow-up with your prospects to convert them into customers. 

13. Multi-point personalization improves cold email reply rates by 142%. 

Adding multiple personalization fields in your cold email can convince your prospects to take action, thus increasing reply rates. 

A Woodpecker study has shown that highly personalized cold emails (personalized messages and subject lines) can increase reply rates up to 142%. 

There are many ways of personalizing an email message, including fields like: 


Designation and duties

Mutual connection



Favorite sports

Cold Email Follow-Up Statistics

14. 80% of all sales take at least 5 follow-ups.

According to a HubSpot survey, 80% of all sales happen after 5 follow ups and more. This clearly indicates that if you don’t get a reply from your prospects after your initial email , you shouldn’t get disappointed. 

Keep following up with your prospects and value add for them. Here are a few ways you can follow up: 

Case studies

Customer testimonials

Limited period offers

Humorous break up email

Read How to write the best-performing follow-up emails for step-by-step guidance. 

15. Saying ‘I never heard back’ reduces meeting bookings by 12%. 

The last thing you want to make your prospects feel is guilt. Your prospect is in no obligation to reply to your email or book a meeting. 

Saying ‘I never heard back’ can have a negative impact on your meeting booking rates and can reduce it by 14%, says data from Gong.  

Your follow-up emails should follow the ‘no-pressure approach’ and instead of pushing your prospects, you should constantly add value to their queries to build trust and credibility. 

Cold Email Best Timing and Date Statistics

16. 75 out of 100 cold emails are opened within the 1st hour of sending them. 

As emails are directly linked to people's jobs and businesses, it’s normal for an average person to check their inbox multiple times a day. 

According to Yesware data, 75% of all cold emails are opened within 1 hour of sending them. 

17. Best day to send emails: Monday and Tuesday

As weekends work as a cooling-off period for businesses, the first two days of a week are the most effective for email outreach. 

According to a Yesware survey, emails sent on Monday and Tuesday see the highest reply rates. 

Emails sent on Wednesday and Thursday also receive a relatively higher reply rate than the weekends. 

18. Emails sent between 1 pm - 3 pm see highest replies

As we have already decided on the best days to send cold emails in a week, let’s see what is the perfect time of the day to send emails.

If you send a cold email at 10 pm on Monday, you shouldn’t expect higher reply rates. Likewise, a prospect is more likely to reply when it’s sent during business hours. As per a study by Yesware, cold emails sent between 1 pm to 3 pm generate maximum replies. 

So, it’s best if you send cold emails on Monday and Tuesday within 1-3 pm.

19. Emails sent on Friday see the lowest reply rates. 

The same study by Yesware states that emails sent on Fridays see the lowest reply rate and click-through rate. So, it’s safe to say that sending emails on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is a bad email marketing strategy. 

Miscellaneous Cold Email Stats

20. On an average, cold email unsubscribe rate is 2.17%. 

According to QuickMail data, the average unsubscribe rate for cold sales emails is 2.17%. 

On that note, business emails or bulk emails must contain an ‘Unsubscribe/opt-out’ button for the receivers according to the CAN-SPAM act, GDPR, and other internet regulations. 

21. On an average, 7.5 emails out of 100 get bounced back. 

Higher cold email bounce rate is a nightmare for email marketers. Although you should aim for keeping it within 4%, a QuickMail data shows that the average email bounce rate is 7.5%. 

Smartlead sends unlimited warm ups to your clients so your campaign’s bounce rate is lower than the alarming number. It also keeps your email lists clean (list of prospects), weeding out dormant, fake, and personal email addresses and keeps hard and soft bounces as low as possible. Also, segmented emails increase email deliverability rates

22. Including ‘Hope this finds you well’ increases the chances of meeting bookings by 24%. 

Although it sounds superficial and gimmicky, including ‘hope this finds you well’ or ‘hope all is well’ in a cold email significantly increases reply rates and your chances of booking meetings by 24%, no matter what your personal opinion is.  

Even when you are personalizing an email message for your prospect, make sure you add such phrases to increase conversions. 

23. A bit twisted, but emails that include ‘What is your thought on {topic}?’ garners higher reply rates but loses the chances of booking a meeting by 20%

This might be an excellent way of engaging with your clients, but luring them into the sales process is sneaky. If you truly want your prospects to engage in conversations, asking about their though makes sense. 

But if you are trying to engage them with sales reps with this technique, it will surely increase yoru reply rates, but decrease your chances of booking meetings significantly. 

24. Direct and interest based call-to-actions are twice more effective than asking for opinions/views. 

Interest based CTAs see a 30% success rate, which is twice the rate for any other types of CTA.

Here’s why: although your email is straightforward, the data you are using (ROI talk) to backup your claim might not intrigue yoru prospects. Also, as it doesn’t focus on soliving problems for yoru prospects, this kind of email fails to build trust among prospective clients. 

That’s why it’s important to focus on your rpsopects’ pain points and the solutions you can offer in the initial cold email. Always remember that customers buy/subscribe based on their emotions, not cold facts. 

Another interesting finding says that talking about ROI reduces the success rate of cold emails by 15%

25. Using emojis in your subject line can increase open rates by 8%. 

Although arguable, a Nielsen Norman Group survey states that uing emojis have the same kind of impact on a prospect’s eye as using questions in the subject line. 

In a prospect’s POV, this works a friendly way to engage with a client and it offer affirmative emotion towards the brand 

For example: 

“{prospect’s name}, ready for a call? 🤔”

“We have the solution to {pain point} 😁”

26. Subject lines that include cold prospects’ first names gerner an average of 43.41% reply rates

This is a no-brainer, as we all know that using a prospect’s first name in the subject line draws attention and works as a great personalization point, thus improving reply rates. 

For example: 

“{Prospect’s name}, are you the right person to talk?”

“{prospect’s name}, take a break from {pain point}” 

27. A cold email body with more than 4 sentences (around 150 words) see 15x average response rate than other types. 

This is a bit tricky. Many marketers are confused between the two terms: ‘concise’ and ‘short’. ‘Concise’ means brief and articulate, while ‘short’ is about the length. 

You can write a short email of 30-50 words and be relevant. But if you need to add value to your prospected customers, don’t shy away to write an email around 150 words. 

Longer emails work best if they are offering real value. 


Creating a cold email strategy based on these findings is a great idea, but here’s the harsh truth for you: if you are thinking of generating the same results by chalking a foolproof strategy from these data-driven findings, you are wrong my friend. 

Although these findings say a lot about cold emailing in general, your business’s success depends on a few other things. The success and most importantly, the numbers will depend on the industry you are in, target audience, brand identity, business model, customer demographics, etc. 

That's where A/B testing comes in as you can test your campaigns to see which one is working and which is not. So, follow your guts, research your industry and potential customers, and make use of your creativity to create excellent cold emailing campaigns. 

Cold Email Stats 2023

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