Auto-Generated Email Guide & Templates to Land 8x Customers

Did you know automated mails have a 70.5% higher open rate than generic mails? 

That’s right! This is why businesses using automation software for sales are twice more effective in lead generation than the ones using only blast mail software. 

Also, according to recent stats, companies sending automated emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages regarding a customer’s purchase cycle. 

If you’re already using automation, take it to the next level with auto-generated emails. If you aren’t, I suggest you take a look at the stats and change your mind soon! 

Definition of Auto-Generated Emails

Auto-generated mails are a type of email automation in which an AI-driven tool creates messages for you

You can provide short snippets or bulleted information in software like, and the AI will craft that information into a meaningful mail.  

Difference Between Auto-Generated and Automated Emails

Automated emails or email automation is an effective method of creating mails targeting the perfect audience at the right time without wasting manual labor on each mail. 

Now, automated mails are primarily created for three purposes:

  • One, as responses to received mails
  • Two, as mails sent to a specific person on specific events 
  • Three, as mails sent to a set of people within a specific interval of time 

All the above messages can either be written manually or by AI. So, in a nutshell, 

“Auto-generated emails are a type of automated emails created by AI-driven tools.” 

Read ahead to check out the best automated email templates. 

6 Auto-Generated Email Templates for Your Business Needs

1. Welcome/Confirmation 

Common scenarios: 

  • A new user
  • A new newsletter signup
  • A new app/resources download
  • A new webinar signup

Subject: Hello from {business name}!

Hey {recipient name},

Welcome to the {business name} family! We're thrilled to see you here!

We’re confident that our {product/newsletter/app} can help you {service}. Some of our clients have seen over 20% improvement using our {product/newsletter/app} for {service}!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on accessing our {product/newsletter/app} to ensure your convenience.

We're just a mail away in case you have any doubts!


{sender’s name}

2. Customer-Support 

Common event triggers: 

  • Complaint 
  • Help in operating the product
  • Help in purchasing the product
  • Inquiry

Subject: Help is on the way!

Hey {recipient name},

Thanks for reaching out to us! I understand you’re upset. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and I’m sorry we couldn't meet your requirements.

We have {name of an employee} to help you with the {problem} issues. He/She/They will be with you shortly.


{sender’s name}

3. Discount 

Intentions can be: 

  • Sale 
  • Discount on a product
  • Discount on subscriptions
  • Special discount after recent purchase

Subject: I come bearing gifts!

Hey {recipient name},

Thanks a lot for {subscribing/signing/buying}. We have decided to offer you a special discount on our {product name} as a return gift. 

Please use the below code at the checkout to activate your X% discount:


The offer is valid until [date].

We're just an email away in case you have any doubts!


{sender’s name}

4. Follow our Social Media Invite 

Goal: To invite your audience to follow you on LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram, or any other social media platforms. 

Subject: I heard a rumor!

Hey {recipient name},

Do you know {a latest industry stat/fact}

Yep! That’s true! 

Our subscribers say keeping up with the industry helps them remain updated and grow their businesses. 

Follow us on {LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Facebook} for more interesting facts/news. 

Let’s grow together! 


{sender’s name}

5. Customer Feedback Request  

Subject: We need to talk, {recipient name}

Hey {recipient name},

It’s been a pleasure having you in {business name} family! It’s been an incredible journey so far, and to keep doing so, we need your help! 

We would like to know your views on the following {products/feature/service}:

Review your [purchased service/product no. 1]

{on a scale from 1 to 10}

Review your [purchased service/product no. 2]

{on a scale from 1 to 10}

Thanks in advance,

{sender’s name}

6. Announcing New Feature/Product  

Intent: Announcing new

  • upgrade
  • Feature
  • App
  • Service
  • Newsletter

Subject: {New product/feature/service} is here!

Hey {recipient name},

We’re thrilled to announce that our {new product/feature/service} is finally here!  

The {business name} team has spent the last year working really hard on developing {new product/feature/service}. It will help you {mention how it’s better/different than the existing ones}

We feel overwhelmed to share this news with you. 

Thanks for using {product/feature/service}. Here’s to the journey ahead!

Thanks again,

{sender’s name}

Practice These to Generate the Best Results from Automated Mails

The best auto-generated email practices are:  

  • Sound human
  • Use “I’, not “we”
  • Mind the timing
  • Send one mail at a time
  • Use catchy subject lines
  • Use attractive CTA
  • Always check the mail before clicking the “send” button
  • Test send the message
  • Crosscheck with the anti-spam acts’ guidelines

Sound human

Using an AI-driven tool often makes the sender sound like a bot. After creating a mail with the AI tool, a marketer must read and edit it. For instance, 

Instead of saying: ❌Thanks for signing up for {product name}. 

You can say: ✔️Welcome to the {product name} family! 

Another example. 

Instead of saying: ❌We regret the inconvenience. 

You can say: ✔️I am sorry we couldn't meet your requirements! 

Use “I’, not “We”

Your clients want to talk to a person when they contact you. They don’t expect or want to talk to the whole company. 

Using “I” instead of “we” in automated messages provides a sense of human-to-human interaction with customers. 

Mind the timing

From sending bulk emails to a customer support message, timing is the most important factor. After all, no client would like to see your mail after two days of raising a complaint or an employee to get a welcoming mail after a week of joining. 

In case of cold-emailing, try to send it between 11 am to 1 pm. 

Send one mail at a time

While it’s easier to create auto-generated messages, it’s advised to send only one at a time. Never bombard a client’s inbox with automated mails. 

In an extreme scenario, the client might end up blocking you or, worse, mark you as “spam.” 

Make the Email Content Interesting

Use interesting subject lines and eye-catchy CTAs to make the mail-body interesting. 

Crosscheck Before Clicking the “Send” Button

After auto-generating the messages, test-send them to your employees or to yourself to check how it looks. 

Also, don’t forget to check the content before sending it to the targeted mail address. 

Check the Anti-Spam Acts & Laws

Anti-spam acts such as the Can-Spam act have guidelines set for emails. As a business owner, you must check if your email follows the guidelines. 

Please note that automatic emails aren’t exempted from anti-spam acts. 

Perks of Using Automated Emailing Software 

Keeping-Up with a Customer’s Purchase Cycle

Thankfully a customer’s purchase cycle doesn’t take as much time as the weather cycle. They buy all around the year, and they buy anytime. 

So, you need to keep up with them with automatic response emails. Every time they leave an item in the cart, you must have cart emails reaching their inbox. Also, you should also be able to send a birthday email to make them feel connected to the brand. 

Here swoops in automation to make conversations easier with your customers.  

Finding Customer Base

Many automation software, such as Smartlead, provide an email list of active leads. One of the benefits of email automation is that you will find your clientele with just a click. 

Increase Your Revenue by 10% or more

Survey shows that offering discounts and well-timed responses can increase a company’s revenue by 10% or more. So, sign-up with email automation software if you haven’t already to ace email marketing. 


Gone are the days of manually-written emails! 

One must be ready with several email campaigns targeting a range of events. From welcoming new recruits to offering discounts, a successful business runs with an uncountable email series. 

Communicating with auto-generated emails is time-saving and effective in many ways. So, any day is a good day to start using email automation tools. 


How do I create an auto-generated email?

You can create auto-generated emails using ESPs (email service providers) such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, etc. You will find this feature in the “user setting” of an email program.

For crafting auto-generated messages in bulk or to create, one should opt for AI-based automation software such as 

To gather an email list of your targeted clients, check out

What do you put in an auto-reply email? 

Inform the sender that you've received their messages and are looking into it. Mention when you or the team is available to work on the desired action.

Provide an estimated time of how long they will be waiting. Don’t forget the names of those to contact in case of urgency. 

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