Maximize Conversions with This Reminder Email Template

Be it a payment request, subscription renewal, or task reminder, sending a reminder email can get your job done. Although writing a reminder email is tricky business.

The goal of a reminder email is to make the recipient act on something. And it has to be polite, to the point, and short. It should also add value to the recipient.

Do not waste time figuring out what to write in your reminder email. We have added a reminder email template to increase your conversion rates.

Reminder Email Template: Introduction

Here's a sample reminder email template for you. We have discussed why this template works best for your company and also added the best practices and a few tips to write excellent reminder emails.

Sample Reminder Email Template

Subject: Welcome to {product name}!

Hi {recipient name},

I hope you're enjoying your time with {product name}! I wanted to send a quick reminder about our product and how it can help you grow your business.

Recently, we've seen that {percentage of growth in conversions} of our customers have seen better conversion rates.

If you have queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


{sender name}

Why Does This Template Work?

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Best Practices for Writing Reminder Emails

1.    The best time to set up your reminder email campaign is two to three days. This gives your prospects enough time to think and respond to your first email, and also, it doesn't seem pushy.

2.    Do not sound hesitant or apologetic. Both the receiver and the sender know the purpose of the reminder email. A confident email body creates a sense of urgency and increases conversion rates.

3.    A clear email CTA optimization increases click-through rates by up to 90%. So, focus on writing clear yet short CTAs in your reminder emails.

Take Away Tips for Reminder Email Campaigns


1. How to write a polite reminder email?

Here are some tips for writing a polite and effective reminder email:

1.    Write an appropriate subject line

2.    Greet your recipient

3.    Make a specific CTA

4.    Keep it short

2. What to avoid in a reminder email?

First of all, you shouldn't add misleading subject lines. Do not apologize or hesitate in your email body. Also, pushy reminder emails are considered red flags. Do not pester your audience by sending 2-3 emails every day asking them to take action.