Press Release Email Template for Maximum Media Coverage

A dash of media attention to your organization can do wonders for your business. Increased website traffic, more conversions, and more significant revenue–media coverage of your press release can do free publicity to your benefit.

Well, if you have ever organized a press conference, you know garnering media attention is uncertain. Even after sending press resale emails to journalists, there's always a chance of not showing up.

So, if you want maximum media coverage of your press conference, you need to learn how to write impressive press release email invites for journalists.

Everything You Need to Know about Press Release Email Template

This short article has added a detailed guide on writing a press release email, best practices, and a few tips to follow. Feel free to use our free press release email template and customize it as you please.

Let's get started!

Press Release Email Template Sample

Subject: {press release title} 

Hi {first name},

I have read your article on {topic} for {company name}, and I must say I was impressed by the way you covered the topic.

I am writing this to enlighten you about a press release of {company name} and hoping it would be worth covering by {media house name}.

We just launched {product/service name} last week, and we have decided to donate $2 from every sale to an education program for {charity name}.

We are announcing this charity program on {dd/mm/yy}.

Do you think your subscribers will be interested in it? Check out this {Dropbox/Google Drive link} for more details on the launch.

You can reach out to me in this email if you have any concerns. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


{sender name}

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Best Practices for Press Release Emails

Take Away Tips for Press Release Emails


1. How to email a press release?

Start your email with an attention-grabbing subject line. Greet the recipient by their first name (Hi Stacy) and congratulate them on their latest achievement/personal success.

Briefly include all the information about the press release in a concise manner. Also, don't forget to add a small CTA at the end of the email.

2. Is press release still important to businesses?

Yes, be it a product launch, new release, or exciting news, press releases work wonderfully to generate online and offline business traffic. In the era of digitalization, companies look up to press releases and media coverage to build brand awareness.

3. What should be the tone of a press release email?

Press release emails are formal invitations for journalists to the press release event. So, the tone should be professional. But do not forget to add a personal flair to the email. Research your prospect and write personalized email content to attract your prospects.