Prepare your Company's Invoice with an Invoice Email Template.

So, are you hurrying to make some of your company's invoices? Come here and learn how to make invoices using the invoice email template.


Well, you have given your services or product to your customers and are waiting to get paid. If so, generate your invoice using the invoice email template to send to your respective customers. The templates below will benefit your company and help increase your subscription or purchase.

Sample Invoice Email Template

Subject: Invoice for {client name}

Dear {customer name},

We hope you've been enjoying your trial of {product name}. We hope you'll be interested in purchasing it to continue your trial and get access to the full version for a discounted price!

We're happy to send you an invoice for the purchase; please find it below.


{sender name}

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Invoice Email Template

Best practices for Invoice email 

Here are some best practices for Invoice email to follow:

Take away tips for invoice email campaign creation

  1. Email templates can generate plenty of invoices for your campaign. It will save you plenty of time, and you can send each invoice very quickly and easily.

  1. It is better to let the Smartlead invoice email template prepare the email to prevent missing any vital information. It will avoid the generation of a second invoice at the client's request.

  1.  For the client's understanding, keep the mail simple and friendly to make the payment at the right time if your client understands it without much effort.

  1. There are often chances of mail ending up in the spam. So, sending your invoice in advance is better to avoid delays in payment for your campaign.


1. Can an email be used as an invoice?

It's terrific news that you may send invoices through any email client or platform. So feel free to utilize your preferred service if you have one. Email invoices have several advantages over paper invoices too.

 2. Does Word have a free invoice template?

Additionally, Microsoft Word provides a few free te

mplates. You can locate them by choosing File > New, browsing through or choosing from the available invoice templates.


3. Does Excel have invoice templates?

From sales invoices to service invoices to shipping invoices, Excel provides a variety of invoice templates. Choose a perfect template for your purposes and have a look that matches the branding of your business.

4. What is an invoice email?

A freelancer or small business could send an invoice email to remind customers to pay only for the products or services they subscribed to or received.