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A heads-up email is written informally to remind the clients about the proposal. A heads-up email template is created to deliver your confirmation over certain information or an issue. Let's look at some ideal ways to make your heads-up email more helpful.

Sample Heads-Up Email Template

Subject: Heads up

Hi {recipient name},

I just wanted to give you a heads-up about  the upcoming project. 

It's nothing to worry about, but I wanted to make sure you were aware.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on anything else that might happen. Thanks for being such a great customer!

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Heads-up Email Template

Best practices for heads-up email

Best practices to get fluent with heads-up emails.

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How do you send a heads-up email template?

When you want to offer or receive knowledge, another way to say it is to use the term "let": Tell me how much time you'll need for that project, please. Consider receiving an email from your manager as your business relocates to a new location.

How to express a heads-up in the email?

When you want to share or receive information, you can use the term "let" to indicate a heads-up email.

Can you just say heads-up?

No, you should offer a warning before something happens so that you can generally prepare for it.

Is it correct to say, 'Hey! Just a heads-up' in emails?

When you need to alert someone, you use the interjection "heads up." The actual caution you provided the person was a heads-up. Giving someone a heads-up is a phrase that frequently uses this.