Win More Clients with This Business proposal Email Template

Are you hesitating to write a business proposal email? No need to panic cause you are not alone. Although it is essential to write business proposal emails, we all get cold feet while doing so.

By completing this article, you will know how to create a business proposal email and generate clients successfully. We present the dos and don'ts of business proposal email writing and a sample template. Feel free to use it if you please.

Let's get started.

Ace Business Proposals with This Email Template

Along with the business proposal email template, let's learn a few tips and best practices to convert your prospects into customers. Also, we have added a FAQ section to answer all your queries.

Sample Business Proposal Email Template 

Subject: {Recipient Name} I have a proposal for you

Hi {recipient name},

This email is to introduce our company, {company name}, and to introduce you to our proposal. We want the opportunity to work with you on your project.

{Company Name} is a leading provider of services for {product/industry}. We have been continuing in this field for ten years and have a stellar reputation for customer satisfaction. 

If you are considering outsourcing your project, consider us. Our company is committed to excellence and working with you to provide the best solution possible.

We would wait for the opportunity to work with you on your project. We will be in touch soon! Thank you for considering {Company Name}.

Best regards,

{sender name}

Why Does This Template Work?

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Best Practices for Business Proposal Emails

Take Away Tips for Business Proposal Emails


1. What are the steps of writing a business proposal email?

Here are the following steps for writing a business proposal email:

1.    Polite address your targeted client

2.    Brief introduction and information about what you do

3.    Proposal of your business plan

4.    How the collaboration will help you both grow

5.    Call to action

2. Should you follow up on business proposal emails?

Following up is one of the essentials of marketing. Yes, you can follow up on your business proposal. Instead of making it long, add value (bog, webinar, meeting for assistance) to the email.

3. How do you introduce your business to a new client?

After addressing your client, explain your business and how your service/product can impact your client. Add the key points and attach a brief brochure for further reference.