What is SMTP Error? Steps to Decode & Resolve the Error

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July 19, 2023
SMTP Error

Do you ever wonder why the mail servers are canceling your marketing emailing? And you get some SMTP error code with some small message? It must be clarified because the error code needs to give an easy-to-understand definition or message. 

So let us move ahead in this article and learn a lot more about the SMTP error codes along with all the details of the error codes. 

What is an SMTP Error Message in the Mail?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Simply put, this is the mechanism used between the mail servers for exchanging emails. 

Any email sent from a mobile device or a laptop uses an SMTP server to allow that email to be delivered to the destination email server. Or you can also think about SMTP as your postal service that ensures your emails or messages reach the right person and location. 

Whenever a mail is received appropriately at the destination, the destination email server will generate and send an SMTP error code back to the email sender as a confirmation message of acknowledgment. This shows that all SMTP error codes are not technical or delivery failure codes.


What are Gmail SMTP Settings?

When you first time set up an email account as a Gmail account, the system asks you for SMTP configuration details, so you need to provide and use the settings as mentioned below:

  • Gmail SMTP server IP address: smtp.gmail.com
  • Gmail SMTP username: Your Gmail address (for example, example@gmail.com)
  • Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password
  • Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587
  • Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes


Accurate Meaning of the Common SMTP Error Codes

We all know that all the SMTP error codes are not wrong or failed. So let us go through the below and understand this error codes better.

SMTP 101: The sender server unable to connect to the mail server.

SMTP 111: The SMTP connection to the server is refused.

SMTP 211: Generic system status message.

SMTP 220: SMTP service is ready.

SMTP 221: SMTP service has a closing connection.

SMTP 250: The mail or message was delivered to the destination email server without errors.

SMTP 252: The server cannot verify the recipient but will deliver the mail or message.

SMTP 354: The recipient mail server is ready to take the mail or message from the email sender.

SMTP 421: The SMTP service is unavailable, and the connection to server failed. 

SMTP 441: The recipient's mail server is not responding.

SMTP 449: This is a routing error message.

SMTP 450: The given SMTP sequence of commands failed.

SMTP 451: The given SMTP command aborted because of a recipient server error.

SMTP 500: Server unable to recognize the command due to syntax errors.

SMTP 501: There is a syntax error in the command arguments.

SMTP 502: The given command is not implemented.

SMTP 503: The server encountered a wrong sequence of commands.

SMTP 510: Recipient email address is a bad email address.

SMTP 441: The recipient's email address denied receiving your mail or message.

SMTP 550: The given or requested command failed because the recipient mailbox was service unavailable.

SMTP 551: The recipient server is not locally connected.

SMTP 554: The transaction failed.

SMTP 552: The recipient mailbox needs more space to receive your mail or message.

How do I Reset my SMTP Server?

There could be several reasons behind resetting the SMTP client, such as the following:

  • Suppose you encounter the "System Error" Failure Sending mail" error message. This error comes when linking bulky attachments with your emails or messages.
  • If you encounter the "License information could not be updated" error message. This error comes when you try to update the permission keys' details.
  • If you encounter "Error 5.7.1,". This error message comes when the destination email server does not receive the mail or message.
  • If you see that the portal notifications are neither being sent to receive.

The above symptoms could occur if the SMTP client stops running, works correctly, or needs a reboot.

What is the Resolution?

When resolving this issue, you need to restart the SMTP service with the below steps:

  • Open Windows services
  • Scroll down till you see the "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" icon
  • Right-click on it and click "restart."

How do I Enable SMTP in Gmail?

If you are looking to set up SMTP service in your Gmail inbox, you need to follow the below configuration settings for SMTP:

  • Open and login into your Gmail account
  • Go to "Settings"
  • Select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" setting from there
  • Click on the "IMAP Access" section, and under that, toggle on the option to "Enable IMAP."

  • Now, click on the emails received at the top of your accredible dashboard.
  • Click on “SMTP overrides” from the sidebar menu on the left side.
  • Enter your Gmail account correct email address and password here. 
  • Further, the details need to be mandatorily filled in as below:
  • Outgoing Server - smtp.gmail.com
  • Port - 587
  • Encryption - TLS
  • Authentication - Base64 encoded

Now, click on “Save changes.” You can also test the same by sending a testing email from your custom email address.

How do I Fix the SMTP Error on Email?

There could be various reasons why you would be facing email delivery issues while sending emails through the SMTP server, such as

  • Internet issues
  • Default Post 25 problems, and much more.

So the simple steps to fix or rectify this error message on email are:

  • Login into your Gmail account
  • Open the “settings” of your email account
  • Look for “outgoing SMTP server” and click on its “settings.”
  • Check the mentioned current outgoing port, and change it to 587 or 26.
  • Ensure to re-enter your Gmail correct email address or username and password again here.
  • Click on “Save changes” and then test again.


The above guide explains what SMTP error codes are and how to resolve them. SMTP error codes are like informational errors so that they can be easily and quickly rectified. The main reason behind them is switching the internet network connection port on your laptops or mobile devices. 

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