Smartlead Vs. Woodpecker Vs. Klenty: Which is Best for Your Business?

Are you confused between Smartlead, Woodpecker, and Klenty for lead generation and sales engagement? 

We get it–choosing the right platform for your business growth can be quite challenging (and confusing). Review sites can be, infamously, deceiving sometimes. That’s why we’re here to offer you an in-depth comparison of these three tools. 

We’ll look deep into the features, best use case, customer reviews, pros & cons of each tool, and last but not the least, their pricing plans. Whether you are a small business, a sales leader, a lead generation/marketing agency, or an individual marketer trying to scale their outreach, we’ll help you pick the right tool that perfectly fits your needs.  

Let’s get right into it. 


  • Woodpecker is a powerful tool for cold email automation, offering personalized email sequences and scheduling. It provides analytics, real-time tracking, A/B testing, and custom variables for targeted campaigns. Woodpecker integrates with LinkedIn for omnichannel outreach and offers an Android caller app for calls and follow-up reminders. CRM integration supports smooth sales processes, while collaboration features enhance team efficiency. This tool prioritizes email deliverability with warm-ups, Bounce Shield protection, and deliverability monitoring.
  • Klenty is an email automation tool that offers customizable templates, fields, email campaign management, and domain blacklisting. Klenty lets you gain powerful insights like email analytics, open rates, bounce rates, deliverability rates, and even link and attachment activity. You can save time by email scheduling and customized templates. Klenty integrates with workflows, email automation, and CRM systems, enabling effective task management and converting prospects into loyal customers with highly tailored email sequences. 
  • Smartlead is a sales engagement tool that excels in email deliverability, lead generation, cold email automation, and LinkedIn outreach. It offers unique IP servers and unlimited warmups to optimize deliverability. Smartlead enhances sender reputation with natural AI conversations and moves emails from spam folders to the primary inbox. It offers cold emailing API infrastructure. Custom-conditional email triggers and sub-sequences based on lead behavior can be set up. It provides a centralized master inbox, email tracking, and time-saving features like mailbox rotation and full whitelabel capabilities.
  • If you are intrigued by the amazing features Smartlead offers, start your free trial today.


Woodpecker Homepage

Woodpecker is a comprehensive cold emailing tool that helps B2B companies scale their outreach. With a range of powerful features like email automation, personalization, follow-up automation, team collaboration, etc, it empowers sales teams to automate and personalize their email outreach, track recipient engagement, and manage their leads effectively. You can also perform A/B testing to your email campaigns to ensure optimal outreach. 

What’s Woodpecker Best for?

Woodpecker for Cold Email Automation 

  • Woodpecker enables you to create and schedule personalized email sequences, allowing for efficient and automated outreach. You can ensure a targeted approach by deciding the timing and cadence of emails.
  • It offers analytics and real-time tracking. You can monitor email opens and click-through rates to measure campaign performance and optimize follow-ups. 
  • Woodpecker allows you to insert custom variables, such as recipient names or company details, into their emails to give them a personal touch. It also offers intelligent follow-up reminders and automation. It means you can set up reminders based on recipient behavior or specific time intervals.
  • The A/B testing feature allows you to experiment with different email subject lines, content variations, and call-to-action (CTA).

Woodpecker for Sales Assistance

  • You can integrate LinkedIn activities automation. Moreover, you can combine email, phone call, and LinkedIn activities to ensure omnichannel outreach. 
  • The dedicated android caller app lets you cold/warm call to your prospects. You can also set follow-up reminders. 
  • Woodpecker integrates with popular CRMs and other tools to ensure that your data is synched and the sales process is smooth.
  • The platform facilitates collaboration within sales teams with features like shared email templates, email campaign sharing, and user roles and permissions. 

Woodpecker for Deliverability 

Woodpecker stresses on maintaining high email deliverability rates for its users. It can predict and protect your deliverability while building sender reputation. It performs warm ups and protects deliverability with Bounce Shield. The deliverability monitor lets you keep track of your mailbox health. 


Klenty Homepage

Klenty is a sales engagement platform designed to help businesses automate processes related to email marketing, lead management, drip campaigns, cadence tasks, and prospect activity tracking. Key features include event-triggered email, customizable fields, template management, image library, email campaign management, domain blacklisting, admin controls, and a CRM plugin.

What’s Klenty’s Best for? 

Best for personalized and automated emails that help in increasing email outreach.

Key features such as templates, customizable fields, email campaign management, domain blacklisting, etc, help increase effectiveness. 


It leads to the effective management of large campaigns by providing detailed email analytics. It helps track the metrics such as open rates, bounce rates, email deliverability rates, link, and attachment activity.


It provides email scheduling and customized template features that help save time and increase effectiveness. An email can be sent according to a set date and time through email scheduling. Already composed emails and drafts can be used as a template to enhance future campaigns. 


Helps in Workflow effective task management, email automation, and CRM integration. It increases engagement by email automation follow-ups and converts the prospects into loyal customers by sending out sequences of highly tailored emails at scale. Also helps in managing marketing campaigns and automating the sales process. 

Growth of Business

Helps in the growth of the business by monitoring the performance of the campaigns and email automation, various customizing features, and analyzing reports directly from the dashboard. 

Woodpecker Vs. Klenty Vs. Smartlead – Is Smartlead the Best Choice?

Smartlead Homepage

Smartlead is a comprehensive cold emailing tool for omnichannel outreach. With its unlimited mailboxes and automated email warmups, this sales engagement tool ensures your emails always land in your prospects’ inboxes. 

It offers auto-rotating email accounts, so you don’t need to worry about daily sending limits and sender reputation. Smartlead’s omnichannel outreach lets you automate your entire sales flow with LinkedIn activities, cold emails, and follow-up emails. You get a full whitelabel experience at Smartlead. Moreover, its useful integrations and the master inbox for managing all conversations makes it an all-in-one cold outreach tool. 

What’s Smartlead Best for? 

Smartlead for Deliverability and Lead Gen Process

  • Smartlead offers unique IP servers for every campaign it sends out. 
  • This outreach tool offers unlimited warmups to maintain optimum deliverability
  • Smartlead improves a high sender reputation with natural (human-like) AI conversations. It also protects your reputation by auto-moving emails from spam folders to the primary inbox. This tool uses unique identifiers to cloak all warmup emails from being recognized by automation parsers. 
  • Moreover, it offers Smart-Adjust, which defends your live campaigns against low reply rates. 
  • You can automate your lead generation process with Smartlead’s powerful cold emailing API infrastructure, which allows you to auto-create and manage campaigns. 

Smartlead for Cold Email Automation

  • Smartlead offers unlimited sender accounts for its users. You can create campaigns and auto-rotate mailboxes in one click. 
  • It lets you create omnichannel outreach comprising cold emails, follow-up emails, and LinkedIn interactions. Also, you can scale your outreach across WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. 
  • You can set up custom-conditional email sending triggers and create sub sequences based on lead behavior. 

Smartlead for LinkedIn Outreach 

  • Just like Smartlead’s cold emailing feature, you can send unlimited Connection Requests on LinkedIn by auto-rotating multiple LinkedIn profiles.
  • You can perform other activities such as visit profiles, send messages, and like recent posts. Besides, you can also reply to all your connections from the master inbox.

Smartlead for Sales Engagement Automation

  • Smartlead presents a master inbox to maintain and reply to all conversations from one dashboard. 
  • You can track email open rates, click-throughs, and reply rates so you can measure what works and implement necessary changes. 
  • SDRs can save hundreds of hours with Smartlead’s auto mailbox rotation. This tool also offers a full whitelabel experience.  

So Which Tool Should You Choose – Woodpecker, Klenty, or Smartlead? 

By now, it’s quite evident that Woodpecker, Klenty, and Smartlead fit in for most of the use cases lead gen & marketing agencies and sales leaders look for. However, there are some differences on how these SaaS tools execute the use cases to address (execute) them. 

So if you are still reluctant to pick the right tool for your business, let’s have a quick look at two major deciding factors – pricing and the customer reviews. 

Woodpecker Pricing

Woodpecker offers a 7-day free trial for every customer. 

Woodpecker Pricing Plan
  • Cold Email: $49/month/email slot
  • Sales Assistant: $59/month/email slot
  • Agency: $54/month/email slot 

Klenty Pricing

Klenty offers a 14-day free trial to all customers. It has two separate plans, annual and quarterly, which differ slightly in pricing. 

Klenty Pricing Plan


For small teams, getting started with sales email outreach.

  • $50 annually per user, per month
  • $60 quarterly per user, per month


For growing teams scaling outreach with multi-channel sales engagement.

  • $70 annually per user, per month
  • $85 quarterly per user, per month


For bigger teams use advanced outreach strategies and coaching.

  • $100 annually per user, per month 
  • $125 quarterly per user, per month 


For mature teams, who need advanced reporting and access control.

  • Custom pricing

Smartlead Pricing

Smartlead Pricing Plan

Smartlead offers four pricing plans for marketing agencies, sales teams, and lead generation agencies. You can start for free with its 14-day free trial (no credit card required and email warm ups included) and choose the right plan based on your needs. 

Smartlead Pricing Page
  • Basic Plan: $39/month 
  • Popular Plan: $79/month
  • Pro Plan: $94/month 
  • Custom Plan: Fully customizable pricing

Additionally, as add-ons, you can avail 1 client at $29/month and 1 LinkedIn at $59/month. Smartlead offers a great money-traction for all kinds of businesses among all its competitors. And the pricing differentiation happens mostly on service level (e.g., custom CRM, webhooks, API access and integrations, active support, unlimited seats, etc.). 

What do Users Say About Woodpecker Vs. Klenty Vs. Smartlead? 

Woodpecker Reviews

Woodpecker G2 review
Woodpecker G2 review

Klenty Reviews

Klenty G2 review
Klenty G2 review

Smartlead Reviews

Smartlead G2 Review
Smartlead G2 Review

The Final Analysis: Pros & Cons of Woodpecker, Klenty, and Smartlead

Woodpecker Pros

  • Intuitive user interface and real-time analytics tracking
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Automates cold email outreach and allows you to customize even the first message
  • Unlimited team members/multiple team members per slot 

Woodpecker Cons

  • Day wise campaign report is only available for a month
  • The task of changing sequences is a manual and daunting task
  • Limited to 7 follow-ups 

Klenty Pros

  • Easy to set up and intuitive user interface
  • Responsive support team
  • Easy campaign personalization
  • The ability to move a prospect through a new cadence based on key triggers

Klenty Cons

  • Accuracy problem in terms of showing hot leads
  • The dialing feature has bugs and doesn’t work optimally

Smartlead Pros

  • Offers unlimited sender account and unlimited warmups
  • Unique IP servers for campaigns
  • A/B testing 
  • Custom CRM, webhooks & integrations, and API access
  • Omnichannel outreach across email and LinkedIn
  • End-to-end whitelabel experience – you can have the app under your domain
  • Auto-rotating email accounts to maximize email outreach 
  • Auto-categorization of lead intent and subsequences
  • You can track your campaigns’ performance – open rates, clicks, and reply rates 
  • Master inbox for managing all conversations in one place
  • Responsive support team and smooth onboarding

Smartlead Cons

  • Smartlead won’t run on mobile devices/applications
  • There are webhooks and API access, but not any native integrations (HubSpot integration is coming soon) 


In this article, we analyzed how Woodpecker, Klenty, and Smartlead vary in terms of the features, product use cases, pricing plans, and customer feedback. We have also discussed the best features and pros & cons of each of the platforms. 

We hope this comprehensive comparison makes decision-making easier for you. If you are looking to grow your business at scale and nail outreach and 7x your chances of meeting bookings, we recommend giving Smartlead a try. 

You can avail a 14-day free trial (no credit cards required) to explore the platform and only pay for what you actually need. 

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What are active leads?

Active leads are the contacts you upload in Smartlead, similar to contacts in HubSpot; if you upload 1000 leads to a campaign, they are considered 1000 active leads. If you upload similar leads to a new campaign, they are not considered a “new active lead” as they already exist in our system.

Do you provide mailboxes, or do I need to connect my own?

We don’t offer mailboxes yet. You need to get your own dedicated list of mailboxes using popular providers like Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, and others that exist in the market. Once you get them, follow our detailed guides to connect them quickly.

Do you offer guides and articles on succeeding with cold emails?

Absolutely, one of our most popular guides can be found right here. It's been used by a large percentage of users to go from zero to cold emailing experts. Covering all topics from email infrastructure to copywriting and lead sourcing.

Is another tool needed for warmups?

No, Smartlead has over 200,000 highly reputed mailboxes connected. The advantage you get along with naturalized AI conversations is access to aged domains you will never find in any warmup tool.

What is the API commonly used for?

It is used popularly by agencies to automate their entire lead generation process as well as to connect Smartlead to external tools to push and pull data from. You can also connect to 1000s of apps using Zapier.

What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

Anyone that can close deals from demos will succeed with Smartlead. It works for Sales companies, Marketing agencies, SaaS businesses, Recruitment, and offline companies (like construction).

Do you provide me with lead sources?

We do not provide you with leads. You will need to use other data providers. These leads can be automatically added to Smartlead using our API or bulk uploaded via our CSV upload system.

Do you integrate with any CRMs?

We're building native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive, and many more. The best part, due to our open API and Webhook infrastructure, you can connect to any CRM in the world without an issue.

How many team members can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of team members, as well as assign them roles and authority access.

Do you have custom plans beyond the Pro plan?

Yes, it's common for many people to move to Custom plans after a few weeks. You can view all the options for up to 10M leads on the subscription page once you sign up for free.

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