Mastering Sales Automation: The Clash Between Smartlead vs Mailshake vs Lemist. Who Will Win?

If you are in the world of online business, then marketing your business must be the immediate priority for you. If you have come here, you are surely on a quest for an Informed decision about the best-suited online sales tool for you, maybe for your upcoming marketing campaign. 

Where Cold email campaigning is yet the most powerful technique to boost sales, are you tired of searching for tools that best suit your requirements from the vast pool of options?  

Worry not; we have saved you from spending countless hours jumping from one website to another. We bring you all the information and comparison analysis of all the tools in one place to choose from the best. Considering it is not easy to choose and stick to one tool in this competitive market, one requires something that can smoothly fit in and boost the sales like never before.  

With deep research, we bring you all the updated information like:- What the tool is all about, comparing – what they are best known for, and last but not least, its pricing, Pros, and Cons. 

Join us as we navigate through the features of all the tools, and by the end, you will have a clear understanding of what will help you best to scale your business. 


  • Smartlead is a very handy and comprehensive tool for managing email marketing for your business. It helps you conduct your marketing drives smoothly with features like auto-rotating email accounts, a centralized master inbox, email warm-ups, email personalization and validation, Spintex, custom CRM and dynamic IP address. It has quite an impressive pricing, and its main benefit is its support system which provides quick responses to its customers for any problem they face.

  • Mailshake is a cloud-based email marketing tool that helps to manage email automation and the generation of leads. It is used by businesses to manage cold emails or email marketing. It generates customized responses and follow-up emails, increasing the effectiveness of the businesses. It also manages business outreach and is a useful tool for generating leads effectively.

  • Lemlist enables personalized outreach at scale. It allows users to personalize text variables, images, and videos, making communications more personalized. Additionally, Lemlist supports the creation of personalized landing pages with calendar links and customized CTAs. It offers omnichannel outreach options, including cold email, LinkedIn, and cold calling. 

Why Smartlead? 

It is a powerful and comprehensive email marketing tool with the most features and the best support, trusted and validated by clients. 

Smartlead is considered best when it comes to easy and smooth deliverability, Email outreach, and growth of a business.  

It provides some of the best features, such as auto-rotating email accounts, a centralized master inbox, email warm-ups, email personalization and validation, spintex, custom CRM and dynamic IP address. 

It has all in one place so that any business does not lose another conversion. 

It helps the most in creating business-to-business leads as businesses use cold email as a defined strategy to acquire customers.  

What’s Smartlead Best For? 

Unlimited rotating emails

  • It provides unlimited rotating emails, increasing efficiency and saving a lot of time. 

Centralized master inbox

  • It helps to manage everything from one dashboard.
  • It provides a Shared Team Inbox for increased team collaboration, prospect & non-prospect categorization, and reply sentiment reports.
  • A shared team inbox helps avoid conflicting situations, such as two sales executives chasing the same lead.
  • One can easily track email open rate, reply rate, etc., to measure the response better and make the necessary changes.       

Unlimited Email warm-up 

  • It provides unlimited AI-automated email warmups, ensuring that the emails always land in the lead's inbox, increasing outreach. 

Email personalization

  • It provides highly personalized emails making sure to convert potential prospects into customers.    

Multichannel outreach  

  • It provides Multichannel outreach via channels such as LinkedIn, Email, WhatsApp, SMS, and Calls, leading to the generation of customers and expansion of the business.     

Email validation 

  • It provides Email validation detecting any invalid and undeliverable email addresses and detecting if the domain provided is reliable or not - adding efficiency to businesses.  
  • It also improves the sender's reputation by automatically detecting and moving mail send to the spam inboxes in the primary inbox.


  • Provides Spintex for personalizing boring cold emails with unique email content during the email marketing campaign
  • The emails are auto-customized for each prospect during campaigns, increasing the chance of lead conversions. 

Dynamic IP address per campaign 

  • Smartlead offers unique IP servers for every new campaign that it sends out. 
  • This feature helps to add security and feasibility for its users as they can access it from anywhere. 
  • It also improves deliverability because of the high email volume and shared domains. 
  • It also helps contain the impact of a mistake made by a business, as there are multiple users of dynamic domains. 

Smartlead has been highly valued by its customers in terms of the support and quick responses they get from the team. 

It is super easy to set up and has almost every necessary feature making the client stick to it. It’s the best in advancing its features from time to time and making it more relevant for its customers according to their requirements. 


Mailshake is a versatile tool for omnichannel outreach, combining cold emails, LinkedIn, and cold calling. It offers follow-up automation, customizable templates, and trigger-based emails. Mailshake enhances deliverability, analyzes spam and sender scores, and optimizes domain settings. It integrates with popular CRM and productivity tools, provides real-time data metrics, A/B testing, and a Data Finder tool for prospecting. Mailshake includes an AI email writing tool, SHAKEspeare, and a user-friendly Chrome extension.

Mailshake is an email automation tool that helps sales teams to supercharge their email campaigns and drive meaningful connections with their audience. This tool offers an intuitive campaign builder to create and manage personalized email campaigns. You can also access customizable email templates and integration with popular CRMs and productivity tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Workspace. With its campaign builder, advanced personalization options, analytics, integrations, email deliverability tools, and automated follow-ups, empowers you to execute effective email campaigns, nurture relationships, and drive more sales.

What’s Mailshake’s Best for? 

Mailshake for Omnichannel Outreach

  • Mailshake lets you run multichannel outreach combining cold emails, LinkedIn, and cold calling. You can send LinkedIn messages, create sequences, visit profiles, and send connection requests to your prospects. 
  • Mailshake allows you to set follow-up automation for your cold outreach campaigns. It also offers you a repository of customizable follow-up email templates. Moreover, you can set trigger-based follow-up emails to automate the entire sales flow. 
  • Within Mailshake, you can add recipients to a campaign individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file/Spreadsheet.

Mailshake for Deliverability

  • Once you connect your existing/new email account, Mailshake’s warm up tool automatically works on increasing the sender reputation by opening, replying, and removing emails from spam. 
  • You can analyze your spam score and sender score to ensure landing in leads’ inboxes. 
  • The email deliverability setup tool checks your domain for optimal delivery such as DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records. 
  • SHAKEspeare, the AI email writing tool, can write personalized email copies for you in minutes. It can generate up to 3 variations of the same email.  

Mailshake for Prospecting and Integrations

  • Mailshake offers a plethora of native integration with other CRM and productivity tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, GSuite, Outlook, Calendly, Zoho, SMTP, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.
  • This cold outreach tool also offers a Chrome extension. 
  • Mailshake offers real time access to data metrics such as opens, clicks, and replies for every campaign. Moreover, you can A/B test (split test) your individual emails as well as entire campaigns to ensure better results. 
  • The Data Finder tool lets you find prospects based on company names, locations, and job roles. Within Mailshake, you can identify your leads and start cadences in one place.


Lemlist enables personalized outreach at scale. It allows users to personalize text variables, images, and videos, making communications more personalized. Additionally, Lemlist supports the creation of personalized landing pages with calendar links and customized CTAs. It offers omnichannel outreach options, including cold email, LinkedIn, and cold calling. Lemwarm, the 'email warm-up' feature, helps maintain natural activity and improve sender reputation. Lemlist automates LinkedIn profile visits, invites, and messages, and integrates with Aircall for cold/warm calls. 

Lemlist is a powerful email automation platform that empowers businesses and individuals to create highly personalized email campaigns. The platform offers a comprehensive set of personalization options, including dynamic variables, custom images, and text spinners, allowing you to tailor each message to the recipient's needs. Lemlist helps you build a positive sender reputation with its email warm-up feature. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can effortlessly design visually stunning emails that capture your recipients' attention. The platform also provides a library of pre-designed email templates and GIFs. 

What’s Lemlist Best for?

Lemlist for Personalization at Scale

  • Lemlist lets you personalize text variables such as first lines, CTAs, pitch, etc. You can personalize images adding your lead’s name, website, logo, etc. Moreover, it also allows you to to use video variables to make them more personalized. 
  • YOu can create personalized landing pages for your leads, including calendar links and personalized CTAs. 

Lemlist for Omnichannel Outreach

  • Lemlist offers omnichannel outreach, including cold email, LinkedIn, and cold calling. 
  • Lemwarm, the ‘email warm up’ feature of Lemlist, helps maintain natural activity in your mailbox and improves sender reputation. 

Lemlist for Sales Engagement

  • You can automate LinkedIn profile visits, invites, and messages with Lemlist. The Aircall integration lets you add cold/warm calls to your campaign. 
  • You can monitor key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and replies,with Lemlist’s advanced reports and analytics feature. This helps businesses and marketers continuously improve their email outreach strategy.

Explore The Pricing That Suits You Best

Smartlead Pricing 

It has two separate plans, monthly and annually. Both are slightly different in pricing and features provided in them. 

Free Trial is provided for both the Basic and Popular plan in the monthly and yearly plans. The free trial provides users with a pre-insight.  

  • Basic plan: $39/month
  • Popular plan: $79/month 
  • Pro plan: $94/month 
  • Custom plan: Fully customizable pricing 

Mailshake Pricing


  • Email Outreach: $58/month/user
  • Sales Engagement: $83/month/user

Data Finder

  • Free
  • Starter: $49/month
  • Pro: $99/month 
  • Enterprise: $249/month 

Lemlist Pricing 

Lemlist offers a 14-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card to access it. 

  • Email Outreach: $59/seat/month 
  • Sales Engagement: $99/seat/month 
  • For Agencies: Customized pricing

Wrapping Up

In this article, we bring the light on three different tools and how they are similar or unique from each other in features, pricing, and what to expect best from which tool. 

There are relevant reviews for you to provide real insight and take into consideration in making your choice. 

With this detailed analysis, we hope that it brings a slightly clear picture to your questions and requirement that will help you to make the best decision for your business. 

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What are active leads?

Active leads are the contacts you upload in Smartlead, similar to contacts in HubSpot; if you upload 1000 leads to a campaign, they are considered 1000 active leads. If you upload similar leads to a new campaign, they are not considered a “new active lead” as they already exist in our system.

Do you provide mailboxes, or do I need to connect my own?

We don’t offer mailboxes yet. You need to get your own dedicated list of mailboxes using popular providers like Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, and others that exist in the market. Once you get them, follow our detailed guides to connect them quickly.

Do you offer guides and articles on succeeding with cold emails?

Absolutely, one of our most popular guides can be found right here. It's been used by a large percentage of users to go from zero to cold emailing experts. Covering all topics from email infrastructure to copywriting and lead sourcing.

Is another tool needed for warmups?

No, Smartlead has over 200,000 highly reputed mailboxes connected. The advantage you get along with naturalized AI conversations is access to aged domains you will never find in any warmup tool.

What is the API commonly used for?

It is used popularly by agencies to automate their entire lead generation process as well as to connect Smartlead to external tools to push and pull data from. You can also connect to 1000s of apps using Zapier.

What type of businesses sees the most success with Smartlead?

Anyone that can close deals from demos will succeed with Smartlead. It works for Sales companies, Marketing agencies, SaaS businesses, Recruitment, and offline companies (like construction).

Do you provide me with lead sources?

We do not provide you with leads. You will need to use other data providers. These leads can be automatically added to Smartlead using our API or bulk uploaded via our CSV upload system.

Do you integrate with any CRMs?

We're building native integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive, and many more. The best part, due to our open API and Webhook infrastructure, you can connect to any CRM in the world without an issue.

How many team members can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of team members, as well as assign them roles and authority access.

Do you have custom plans beyond the Pro plan?

Yes, it's common for many people to move to Custom plans after a few weeks. You can view all the options for up to 10M leads on the subscription page once you sign up for free.

Powerful Automated Email Marketing that Drives Sales.

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