Marc Gasser

Founder, Cotide

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Identifying the Challenge: Entrepreneurs and B2B tech sales teams face the daunting task of achieving more with fewer resources.

My Role:

As CEO of Cotide, I focus on identifying sales-ready leads for mid-market tech companies, enabling sales teams to concentrate on these prime opportunities while we actively nurture all other relationships. I provide software that identifies the most promising contacts so you can focus on the essentials while the robots nurture the remaining relationships automatically with Industry Reports and Benchmarks.


Founder & CEO, author of "Sales & Marketing Automation for B2B Entrepreneurs" (2022 Springer Gabler), and publisher of the Marketing Automation & Sales Efficiency Report.

Hello, I'm Marc Gasser – a B2B software entrepreneur, lecturer, and Innosuisse expert in Sales & Marketing Automation in B2B sectors. With my M.Sc. in Business Informatics, I am dedicated to merging automation with the challenging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to propel B2B companies on a growth trajectory.

Thanks to my international experience in Sweden, South Korea, and Slovenia, I bring a diverse perspective to my work.

Passions Beyond Work:

My enthusiasm for Hike & Fly mirrors my professional pursuits, both demanding adaptability, continuous learning and relearning, meticulous planning, data-driven and effective decision-making, and profound passion. These parallels serve as a fitting metaphor for the entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

I started my entrepreneurial path at age 16 and have since founded numerous software companies and consulted internationally operating B2B businesses. My projects range from HubSpot CRM integrations to comprehensive b2b marketing solutions across the entire buyer's journey, always focusing on prioritising key strategies for automating sales and marketing activities to maximise output.

Connect with Me:

Link up with me on LinkedIn and drop me a message with "MacGyver" if you're a fan of creative solutions. This way, I'll know you came from here.

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