Jesse Ouellette

Founder, Lead Magic

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Jesse is a titan in the email sales & marketing world and a beacon for sales strategy innovation. Celebrated as an exclusive member of LinkedIn's Top Voices Program in Sales, Jesse's insights and strategies have lit the path for sales content and strategy, making him a luminary for professionals across the globe. With a knack for guiding the fastest-growing start-ups and growth organizations, Jesse's wisdom is sought after by the world's leading chief revenue officers, chief marketing officers, and visionary Founders/CEOs.

His expertise doesn't stop there; venture capital and private equity portfolio companies flourish under his guidance, adopting more efficient growth strategies to scale new heights.

Jesse's influence is at the heart of his role as a Strategic Advisor to Smartlead's CEO, where his advice powers the deliverability systems of some of Smartlead's largest customers. Jesse's journey from a standout enterprise software representative to a VP of Sales Strategy is a tale of relentless achievement, marked by a trail of quotas smashed and sales territories expanded companies to billion-dollar exits and publicly traded companies. He also ran and led Enterprise Sales Organizations to the top of the Sales World.

The challenges of the COVID era sparked a remarkable pivot in Jesse's career, transforming him into a SaaS Founder who, against all odds, bootstrapped a profitable company in the fiercely competitive MarTech space. Taught himself how to Build and Architect Software in MarTech.

While he wasn't learning to code, he also assisted Winning by Design, the world's top SaaS Sales Consulting firm, further underscoring his pivotal role in reshaping sales strategies and operational efficiencies for the SaaS industry. He taught himself to code and build products and services that Sales and Marketing Professionals needed to do their job. On top of that, he was helping the World's Top Sales Community for Technology Chief Revenue Officers level and building a deeper understanding of how to build scalable Sales and Marketing Systems.

Today, Jesse is pioneering a revolution in sales and marketing, offering professionals a platform to access validated, live data for their email campaigns at unprecedented costs. His focus on growing his Data Services business and ensuring top SmartLead customers achieve primary inbox success showcases his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in email marketing.

Outside of reshaping the digital marketing landscape, Jesse leads one of the largest private, invite-only groups for Growth Experts, sharing his passion and knowledge with a select community of innovators. A proud girl dad calling Boston home, Jesse's expertise in Automation/AI Systems, Inbox and Infrastructure Management, Data Services, and SmartLead's internals and security all rate a perfect 10/10, reflecting his unparalleled mastery in the field.

Jesse isn't just an expert; he's a visionary driving the future of email marketing and sales strategy with unmatched enthusiasm and expertise.

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