Utilize This Email Template for Resignation

Resignations from the workplace can be overwhelming sometimes. A well-written resignation letter can make the process easier and, of course, less awkward.

While resigning from a position, it is more appropriate to tell the boss in person and submit a resignation letter. Still, it may not be possible for remote workers or digital nomads.

In those cases, it is best to articulate your decisions in a concise resignation email.

Resigning? Try This Resignation Email Template

In this write-up, we have brought you a sample resignation email template (feel free to use it if needed). Also, we'll be discussing a few tips and best practices on how to write a respectful and polite resignation email.

Sample Resignation Email Template

Subject: Resignation

Dear {recipient},

I am writing this email to notify you about my decision to resign from {company name} due to personal reasons. {date} will be my last day.

It's been a pleasure working with you; I have learned a lot. Thank you for the opportunity and experience.

Best regards,

{sender name}

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Best Practices for Writing Resignation Emails

1.    Write a precise subject line. Don't beat around the bushes while writing a resignation email (or any email, for instance). You can write 'Resignation – Your Name'. Your employer will instantly know what the email is about.

2.    Don't give detailed information about your plans or which organization you are joining next. If you prefer, keep it simple by adding a short explanation. For example: 'Leaving for health reasons', 'I want to take a break', 'Changing my career path', etc.

3.    Expressing gratitude goes a long way. Add a short note on how grateful you are for all the opportunities. In another case, if your experience wasn't good, do not complain. You may meet or work together again; you never know.

4.    If possible, give at least two weeks of notice in advance so that your employer gets the time to look for a replacement. Clearly state the date you are planning to leave the company.

Take Away Tips for Writing Resignation Email


1. Is it okay to email a resignation letter?

In ideal situations, you should tell your boss about your resignation. However, it is not possible for remote workers or digital nomads. In such scenarios, you should write and send a short and polite email to the concerned persons in your company.

2. What should you say in your resignation email?

Mention the following things in your resignation emails:

1.    The date of leaving

2.    Notice period

3.    The reason for resignation

4.    Gratitude note

3. How to write a short resignation email?

Feel free to use the short email template given in this article. Also, check out Smartwriter for amazing (simple, polite, and to-the-point) resignation email templates.