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Do you want to form a quote email template that never goes unanswered? We have got you covered. A quote email template will not only give positive results but will also give your business a much-needed boost. 


In the quote email template, you request quotations, write about the services and goods of the organization, and determine specifications. Requesting quotations humbly that get you a response within less turnaround time will be easy if you follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Sample Quote Email Template

Subject: Quote Request

Dear {name},

Thank you for your request for a quote on {product name}. Your request has been received, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,


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How do you write a quote email template?

The recipient's mail ID and the subject are required for a quotation mail. Be sure to include a list of the items for which you'd want to know the pricing and availability. Make sure to inform the recipient that you want a response from them by a specific date—gratitude for the recipient's time.

How do you send a price quote to a customer?

Pick a credible quote template and type the quote number. Add the details of your clients. Include your company's contact details. Include the issue date and the detailed list of the goods and/or services you offer. Give details about the conditions of your quote.

What do you say when sending a quote?

Give a thorough description of the goods and services you offer. Give your client a general understanding of everything you provide, including a price quote for each good or service. A brief explanation of each item, together with its quantity, cost per unit, and overall cost, should be included in the itemized estimate.

How do you send a professional quote?

A decent rule of thumb is to submit a quote as quickly as possible or as soon as the client contacts you to request it; ideally, it should be sent within 24 hours of the client's initial connection. Sending a quote to a client through email in PDF format is the best way to show it to them.