Make Events Successful with This Pre-Event Email template

Have you ever wondered what makes people open a pre-event email? Well, unless, of course, you are selling tickets for the Beatles reunion.

Of course, it all depends on the email you create–from the catchy subject line to a well-written email copy.

A sold-out seminar/event is every organizer's dream. So, if you want to see your events get fully packed, learn how to send a pre-event email. Let's get started!

Pre-Event Email: Introduction

An event requires lots of prep and planning, such as sending out pre-event emails to your prospective clients. Learn how to write a pre-event email that makes the event a hit.

Also, we have answered FAQs and added a few tips and best practices that you can follow.

Sample Pre-Event Email Template

Subject: {event name}

Hi {recipient name},

Hope you're doing well!

We're getting ready for {event name}. If you're planning to attend, we encourage you to RSVP for our webinar on {date} at {time}. 

This webinar will give you a walk-through of what to expect from the event and give you the online tools to get the most out of {event name}.

We want it to be a memorable experience for you and your clients.

Kindly spare a few minutes to let us know what you think of this email and share your feedback to make the event even better!

Thank you,

{sender name}

Why Does This Template Work?

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Best Practices for Pre-Event Email

Take Away Tips for Pre-Event Email Template


1. What are the things I should mention in a pre-event email?

A pre-event template should contain all the information about the event. After starting with a courteous greeting, mention the date, time, duration, notable speakers (if any), and registration details. Also, ask your recipients to RSVP before the event.

2. When to follow up for an event?

Once you send the pre-event registration email to all the clients, follow up on the same after 24 hours to consider the event. Also, you should follow up and send a reminder 24 hours before the event starts to all the clients who RSVPed.

3. How to professionally customize an email?

Do not copy and paste email templates. Take time to edit the email body and tune it to your brand voice. Customize the email with your brand logo, templates, tagline, images, and newsletters.