Out of Office Email Templates for Clients in Your Absence

The festivities are knocking on the doors. If you have planned your vacation (or probably planning to do a staycation) already, the first thing to do before you head off with your family is to automate out-of-office emails.

Before you leave the office, handing over your duties and writing out-of-office emails to your colleagues and clients are of utmost priority. Whether it's a staycation, a long weekend getaway, or a full-blown tour, you can't derail the projects or cause inconvenience to your clients.

Sending an out-of-office email to the concerned is always a good option to maintain a smooth workflow. So, how do you write an engaging out-of-office email template?

Utilize This Out of Office Email Template

Let's learn how to write out-of-office email templates. Here we present you a sample template, best practices, deliverability score, and the dos and don'ts for you.

Sample Out of Office Email Template

Subject: Out of Office

Dear {recipient name},

I'm out of the office till {date} for vacation and will be checking my email once a day.

Please reach out to {contact name} in the following days if you need anything urgent. {contact name} is available: {days and times}.


{sender name}

Why Does This Template Work?

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Best Practices for Out of Office Emails

1. Clarify the exact dates of your absence, including when you will get unavailable and return to work again. It will give your client/colleagues a clear idea of when to reach out to you again.

2. Always mention why you are absent from the office in those emails. Mentioning a vacation always results in fewer callbacks or emails.

3. Do not mention a substitute contact if the person hasn't agreed upon it. Also, writing a funny or interesting email to your clients is tempting, but refrain from bragging about your vacation in your out-of-office email template.

Take Away Tips for Out-of-Office Emails


1. What is an out-of-office email?

Out-of-office emails are automated responders specifically created by employees/service providers for people who try to reach you when you are out of the office.

2. How do you set up an out-of-office email?

Setting up automated out-of-office emails is easy:

1.    Go to your email settings and click on the file option.

2.    Click on the automated replies from the dialogue box.

3.    You must write the auto-response out of the office email, click OK, and save it.

3. Should you always set up an out-of-office email when you are sick or away?

The simple answer is yes. If you are a responsible worker or a service provider, you should always set up out-of-office emails for anyone who tries to reach you. It is polite and helps the recipients reach out to the substitute contact in your absence.