Create a Proposal email for Collaboration with the Influencers

Are you a content creator looking for amazing collaboration opportunities with popular and verified accounts on social media? Here is what you need to know.


Influencers and content creators on social media platforms constantly seek collaboration to increase outreach. Therefore, an excellent pitch is required to ask other creators to collaborate via an influencer collaboration email template.

We have enlisted some practices that will help you nail the collaboration emails:

Sample template to curate best proposal emails

Subject: {company name} and {influencer name}

Hi Influencer,

We're very eager to collaborate with you on this project. Our aim is to create content to help your followers learn more about our company and make them better entrepreneurs.

We believe that by using our platform, we'll be able to help your followers grow their businesses.

If you come across any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out!

This is an easy way for us both to benefit from the exposure. We can't keep calm to see what we have in store for this collaboration!

Sincerely, {sender name}

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Influencer Collaboration Email Template

Best practices

Planning to collaborate? Click here and get access to collaboration email templates.

Pay attention to these tips while asking for collaboration in the emails:


How do I write an email for a collaboration?

Choose the clients you want to interact with. Choose the right partners. Recognize the interests of the competing company. Make your subject line compelling and create a personalized email.

How do I send a collaboration request to an influencer?

The most direct way to approach an influencer and request a partnership is via email or social media.

How do you write an influencer proposal?

Be explicit right away. In a pitch, your opening line must be attention-grabbing and clear from the get-go. Send a hook their way. Promote Yourself. In your influencer campaign proposal, give an example of your best work.

How do you approach someone for collaboration?

Select either closed or open collaboration. Your decision will be influenced by the issue you are trying to resolve. Get the Right People Involved.