Hiring Email Template: To Find the Best Candidate

To help you hire some honest and hardworking employees for your business, learn how to send out hiring emails through templates.


Emails are the most preferred method for building trust and relationships. Despite this, it has been hardly seen that any hiring team uses emails for recruitment. Most of them even do not know how to use them. Hence, here you can learn how the hiring email template can help you find the most suitable employees.

Hiring email template Sample: A better way to notify your Candidates

Subject: Join us!

Hey {recipient name},

I hope you're doing well! We're seeking a skilled marketing professional to join our team. Check out the job description here and see if you have what it takes.

We'll get connected if we think you'd be a great fit.

Have a great day,

{sender name}

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Hiring Email Template

Best practices for Hiring Email

Enlisted below are some best practices for you to follow with using the hiring email template:

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Take away tips for campaign creation with hiring an email template


What do you mean by actively hiring?

It basically signifies that the recruiter is still accepting applications and seeking qualified applicants for the open post.

What is passive hiring?

A hiring manager or other HR specialist may actively seek out prospective candidates who are not actively looking for new employment.