A Fortune 500 CEO Replied To This Follow Up Email Template

Are you a salesperson who created an email campaign and is waiting for a response? Getting a response from clients or customers in the Initial email is not easy. You must think from your customer's point of view. Daily, the primary mail inboxes of the prospects get filled with tons of unsolicited promotional messages. 

You must send a compelling follow-up to grab the ideal buyers' attention. Follow-up is a powerful email marketing strategy that gets the maximum response rate. Sending out the follow-ups after the initial mail to get more conversions is mandatory for any business. It allows one to connect with potential customers and help seal the deal. 

Without further delay, let’s dive in to find how effectively you can implement a follow-up and industry-tested follow-up email template to get a high reply rate.

Why is following up a must?

Following up on leads is helpful as it increases your chances of getting a reply. It is a crucial step if you're struggling with low response rates from your cold campaigns. 

It incredibly affects unanswered emails and helps you get replies from the recipient. According to a study, the follow-up message can skyrocket your response more than ever. But creating personalized emails for a large audience is tedious. So to help further, here is the proven take-a-way template to boost your conversion rate.

Are you ready to master follow-up? 

Sample Follow-up email template to client: From Smartwriter

Subject: Any update for us?

Hi {{First_Name}},

Me again, not sure if you saw my last email! 

I wanted to offer you a free trial of our [Product/Services]. 

Our [Products] creates the [Highlights] and helps businesses to get a 10x Open rate.

Let me know if this interests you?

We'll be in touch soon.



Why does this template work?

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Best Practices for the Follow-ups:

1. The follow-up email subject lines play a major in response rate, so make sure you use eye catchy and short subject lines.

2. Understand the customers' pain points and provide an instant solution or offer in your email.  

3. Immediately get to the point and start your pitch without delay, or you may miss the opportunity.

4. To create a perfect follow-up, use personalization to reach customer inboxes directly.  

Take Away Tips for follow-up email campaign


How many follow-up emails should you send?

There are no definite counts on how many follow-up emails you should send. The number of emails you send entirely relies on the target audience, product or service type, industry, and more.

How can I automate my follow-up sequence?

Try the best tool: SmartLead for your businesses that helps you automate sales and marketing activities.

It can create a follow-up sequence for your leads and contacts. It also helps you set up a series of emails to automatically send them emails at the right time to keep in touch.